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Recongoddess Blog

June 24, '07

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*sigh* ... another day of 95+ degree weather in Ga.. lol. Wow, summer time in the south is great yet exhausting.

In other news.. Overlord is coming out next week.. w00t! Now I can put my 'overlord' plans into action. :twisted: *pondering over picking up the The Darkness game also*

This concludes my drive-by blog.. *beep* *beep*

lol :D

June 18, '07

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Blech... Monday.. lol..

So, I'm making a huge mess trying to reorganize things.. why is it I always end up making a 'bigger' mess when I'm trying to clean up... lol

Over the weekend I managed to forget my xbl sign in/on password for my 'black box', lol :oops: My x360 is setup to sign in/on xbl automatically, so I haven't used my code for a while.. fun times.. lol To end my weekend of half-hazard mayhem.. I was up until 4am this morning gaming.. I'm actually embarrassed to admit that..

Hi, my name is Recongoddess.. and I have a late night gaming problem

... Hi Recongoddess ...

June 17, '07

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Happy Father's Day to all you 'fathers' out there.. :D

This is a friendly neighborhood reminder that tonight at 10:00pm on Cartoon Network, Robot Chicken Star Wars will premiere.. and according to the web site it will run every hour, on the hour, until 6am tomorrow..

linky poo

June 16, '07

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So I know you're all just dying to see if I had any luck with the mindless siccing my minions on every living thing in GW to get 'dye'... well, I did... lol.. but, sadly not many 'dye' drops.. just gold.. pfft, who needs gold.. lol. I really think someone missed the memo about this Tho, I do have to say to them, thank you for updating the game twice last night and causing tremendous lag for everyone.. lol.

I also broke down and bought a 'used' game today.. d*mn, I hate doing that. Don't get me wrong, it's cool to save money, but I have this thingy about 'new' in box.. unopened.. untouched by greasy little fingers.. lol.

This concludes my weekend drive by blog.. *beep* *beep*

June 15, '07

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wow.. Friday already :|

So, keeping the tradition that I have (getting new games, test driving them even tho I have 1000 other games going), I test drove Chulip this morning.. what a quirkly little game. :|

You're new in town, poor, everyone is gossiping about you and they call you 'the poor kid', you have a bad reputation, and you have to kiss everyone to make your heart grow so some snob little girl will like you.. oh, and you can only run around town during the day, at night a policeman will shoot you on site.. and if you run into someone mad, they pop you and you lose 'hearts', lose enough and you die.. game over.. yes, I died because a Godzilla wanna-be monster popped me... lol

Anyway, starting today at 3pm (est) is 'the weekend to dye for' (the dye drop rate will triple) on Guild Wars so I'm going to run around and try to achieve more 'dye' by killing everything on site.. dye is very hard to come by in the is game.. you can mix to change the color of your armor blah or make a profit by selling to someone in town or to a 'dye maker'... if you were wondering what I was babbling on about..

And.. don't forget this Sunday is Father's Day..

So, what's on tap for the weekend? Me? The usual.. gaming, partying, dying a thousand deaths on RS/Vegas, and spending my gift cards.. or whatever else pops up..

June 14, '07

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I test drove Dark Cloud (ps2) earlier.. what a surprisingly cute little addictive game.. lol It definitely has some Zelda flavor to it and a mix of hmm.. the Sims? *pondering* Anyway, it's"cute" for a lack of a better Recongoddess word.. I've been searching for Dark Cloud 2 with no progress being made.. which reminds me, I never did find a pink DS (not the sp or the ds lite).. *sigh* oh well, I'll get over it.. lol But someone did happen to get me a pink cover/glove for my Wii controller.. lol

I also checked out the xbl marketplace today.. sure enough, some anime episodes are up... I only saw 4 as of now.(Rumbling Hearts, Guyver, Gilgamesh & Saiyuki). All 4 had their 'season one' up and then you download whatever episode you want from that season.. wow, 150+ points a pop.. I guess it's sorta cool but I think I'll stick with going to Best Buy or where ever and picking up the actual dvd.

And... Happy Flag Day...

June 13, '07

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It's hump day and all is quiet on the home front..

I'm having an issue with Guild Wars, so any of you 'players' know the solution, feel free to enlighten me.. lol. Guild Wars is set up so you max your character out at level 20 but there are some 'attributes' not maxed out.. so does this mean, sorry, you can't max them out or what.. or do you move the numbers higher/lower so that one attribute is maxed and the rest are fru fru?

For those of you interested, Gears of War will have new multi maps and achieveys tomorrow to download.. the maps will be 'free' in Sept so I'm holding off.. lol

June 12, '07

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I played the x360's Overlord demo last night. (giggled the whole time) I'm It does have some 'pikmin' flavor to it but only when it comes to making your minons or calling them back..... a plus is the fact that I can be an evil evil overlord! w00t! lol I sent my minons out to destroy a farm and a few of them returned with 'pumpkins' on their head.. it cracked me up.. (yes, it's the little things like this in a game that sell me). I also have to admit that them calling me 'master' was 'treasure for master', 'for you master', etc. I was really surprised that it was a good as it is.. the graphics are pretty good as well (not Gears of War goodness but still very good) And lastly, crude humor(ie: Conker or Metal Arms). (btw, this game has xbl multiplayer as well) linky poo

I picked up a few more PS2 games as well.. Dark Cloud, Katamari Damacy, Orphen, and Chulip to name a few.. I choose these right off the bat because some of them peeked my curiosity because they reminded me of Harvest Moon, some because they looked like cute little rpg's and a few because they were so damn inexpensive.. lol... I will get to buying the 'big' boys but I figured since I have GOW and GOW2 right now, that's all I need.

**geesh.. I previewed and edited this freakin blog 5 times.. why it's deleting spaces between words I don't know....I hate this new setup.. grrrr.. lol

June 11, '07

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Blech, Monday again.. lol

I'm happy to announce that the 'family thingy' over the weekend didn't involve me getting any 'socks' for my My weekend went by pretty fast.. the highlights are me dying by the hands (or I should say by the 'foot') of a colossus, taking down a statue with 'god' like powers (GOW2), getting on xbl late with an extreme buzz and gaming until 3am with everyone, and lastly.. some relatives going the 'safe' route with presents by giving me money and/or gift cards.. lol ( also worth noting, I picked up God of War and a memory :oops: )

Since I picked up God of War, I decided to start with that instead of continuing my quest of killing a 'god' like statue (GOW2) So far, I'm intrigued with this game.. once you get past the nakey chics (rolling my eyes)....

June 10, '07

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oy.... another night of 'up til 3am' gaming... I love getting up and still feeling like I have a buzz.. NOT! :x I hate that feeling.. I wish we humans were like pokemon and had a special ability of using the 'recover' move.. lol