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August 17, '07

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So many new games coming out, so little time. :shock:

I test drove the settlers beta, I'm not sure why everyone was fussing about it, it's a beta afterall.. and I installed the directx that came with the file and I had no problems.. personally, I think it's cute and I like the whole concept of society building, etc. Anyway, I'm still on my path of being an evil overlord, though I'm finding it hard to be completely evil, the same problem I had in Fable, lol. I also picked up the new Harvest Moon/Rune Factory. So far, I'm finding it uneventful.. which is a sad thing because I always try to find something 'fun' about a game. Maybe it'll pickup or maybe I'm spoiled to the idea of Harvest Moon being viewed on my television and not a tiny ds screen.. lol

This concludes my Friday drive-by blog.. beep beep :D

August 10, '07

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Wow... I think 'Hot'lanta' has hit an all time high of temp. records this week. It's been awful.. lol.

How is everyone? Everyone getting pumped up for all the new releases on the horizon? w00t! I know I am. I'm currently downloading the 'Settlers' beta, it looks like it might be cute.

This is really just a drive-by blog.. I wanted to see how everyone was. :D

August 1, '07

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I had a great 'gaming' weekend on xbl over this past weekend.. I revisited RS/Vegas and had a blast even through all the accidental team-killings.. heh. What's funny is the fact that I have a few gamespotters on my friend's list but can never seem to play over xbl with any of them.. lol

I also played some more Overlord. I now have a mistress in the game.. which is a little weird since I'm female playing a male.. but I'll get over it.. lol. I felt the same way when I played Fable, having to be 'male' but that's all about to change with Fable 2. :twisted:

I need to get with it and pre-order 2 Worlds and Bioshock.. oy :oops:

July 27, '07

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I finished Harry Potter the other night/morning. I ended up sitting up until 5am reading.. great book. I know it's the last one but I always find it 'sad' when things like this come to a 'close'. But it's a compliment to the author I guess. :oops:

I've been looking at the August/Sept game lineup and I really need to get my priorities straight about what to pick up. If I were only picking up x360 it would be so much more simpler.. but sadly there are pc games, ds games, wii games, ps2 games.. lol

I've also decided to get my xbl 'life' Pc gaming has taken it over and sadly, I miss my friends on xbl.. *pondering over a gaming schedule* A gaming schedule tho, actually scares me.. lol. I'm more about having fun and playing what I want when the mood hits me.. meh, schedules.. blah blech.

Anyone else have anything exciting going on? Wow, for those in school/college, August is knocking at the door... *eating popcorn*

July 23, '07

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*staring at the blank white entry post* lol

The 'Happenings in the Life of Recongoddess' recap..

I tried to get all gitty over E3 this year. I watched all the big boy conferences and really only enjoyed Nintendo's again this year. I feel like the other '2' are in their own little world having pissing contests.. so umm, good luck with that.

I feel like I've been spending most weekends lately at the lake, driving to the lake, or driving from the lake :| so I haven't been 'weekend gaming' lately. I did pick up Overlord last week for the x360. Yes, I still adore this game and I'm trying to decide just how evil I want to be. Guild Wars is still sucking up some of my 'free time', I was also asked to an officer in a guild.. I'll let ya'll know what that one turns out.. probably film at 11. :? I just gave the 'games of August' a quick look, oy.. August is going to be expensive for me.. lol.

I also picked up Harry Potter's last 'book' Saturday.. I got to chapter 8 before I put it down. Yes, I read.. lol, if it's a good book. ;) (and don't worry, I won't post or talk about spoilers.. I hate when people do that with a book, a movie, or a game.. lol)

Wow, you can really 'read' the excitement in my post.. lol... ok, it's early and I need coffee.

July 6, '07

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wow... I love having mid-week off, makes the week seem so short..

Over the 4th, I had a chance to play Halo2 system link like the 'old days'.. it was awesome. I still love Halo2 so much. I think my favorite moment was sending someone driving the warthog into the air and landing, going end over end.. lol (and hearing them on the other end of the house yelling, 'that was freaking cool!' lol) btw, I sent them sailing by using the rocket launcher and yes, the driver died because he decided to bail in mid-air and the warthog landed on

On a somber note, it's sad when a 'gamer friend' just up's and leaves without saying 'bye' or anything to anyone... but I've noticed that guys seem to be fickle like that... you spend years building a relationship with someone online, xbl, msn, forums, etc... and then one day, they decide to give it all up without anything as simple as a 'goodbye'.. this has happened twice within my 'gaming life' and it never gets any easier....

*holding a moment of silence* LOL 8)

July 4, '07

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Happy 4th everyone....

Remember to 'party' smart and have a someone appointed as 'key master' ;)

July 3, '07

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I just remembered that next week is E3. *yawn* I'm sorry, but I'm not as pumped up about it this year, actually last year's wasn't all that exciting either... maybe this year's will be different and getting back to what E3 was actually intended for... not a spring break party for gumpy old men but a real gaming expo with big games, big announcements, and 'playable' demos... so, we'll see.

Something else that's bugging me this morning... people that live and die by 'game reviews'... give me a fk'n break. A game 'review' is just that.. a opinion and one person's at that... stop living by one person's opinion of a game.. stop being sheep. Sure, a review can be a 'guide' of what to expect in a game but it shouldn't make or break the 'deal' for you... I'm so very sick of people getting a game (or not getting) because one person's review (and that is getting paid to write something). If you want a real review, ask around.. find out what 'gamers' are actually saying...(example: I was going to get this game but Joe Blow said it sucked and the graphics weren't all that great so I'm not going to get it.. since Joe Blow is the gaming knowledge god and what he says I must obey..... whine whine whine) I'm sure I'll get blasted for feeling this way or actually writing it.. trust me, I'm truly holding back most of my opinion. lol

I guess bottom line is... get out there and find out for yourself... stop being sheep. *hands everyone a cookie*

So what's everyone doing for the 4th? I know of a few parties going on but I'm not really sure what I'll be doing.. I'm more of a fly by night kind of person... tho I do make the occasional plans. ;)

*Disclaimer: Not intended for any one person.

Not responsible for pissing off any sheep that happens to read this blog...

if you're a sheep or coat-tail rider, that's your problem... not mine*

July 2, '07

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Monday Monday..... can't trust that day....

The last few nights, Georgia (my area) has been getting slammed with thunderstorms.. lol and I have suffered the loss of power almost everytime.. oh well, the price you pay for a awesome summer storm.

I did look around locally for Overlord and no one had it in stock.. ironically, The Darkness was in stock everywhere.. lol

Sorry, I don't have any silly Recon stories to tell about my weekend gaming (because the lack of gaming).... I'm sure there will be lots of "fubar's" over the 4th. :oops:

*and for you Guild Wars fans out here, Eye of the North (GW's only 'true' expansion) has been bumped up to have a release date of August 31 for $39*

Speaking of GW, below is a shot of my custom-made level 20 necromancer character, Lustful Needs, modeling her elite armor... hero to some, conqueror to others

Lustful Needs

June 28, '07

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It's a rainy night in Georgia.... actually, stormy.... mmm, I love thunderstorms. There is something so sexy about a thunderstorm.. :twisted:

Anyway, I have yet to pick up Overlord or The Darkness, I'm getting slack in my summertime attitude.. lol. I'll probably grab it next week sometime since I'm headed to the lake this weekend, also...I should be on xbl at night (late) over the weekend for those of you that have xbl. ;)

So.. who's going to go see Transformers? *eating popcorn*