What a joke....

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"With Chad Knaus sitting at home and his team under the microscope, Jimmie Johnson had this to say after winning the Daytona 500: 'This is dedicated to all the haters'."

Uh.. yeah right.. to win under caution when the field gets locked/frozen.... yeah, that's a good way to win and then brag about it.. :roll:

And btw Jimmie, maybe people wouldn't 'hate' you so much if you weren't such a p*nis with ears....  8)


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I picked up the demo of 'Black' today to see what everyone is whine whine'n about... is it me, or does everyone lately have the attention span of a squirrel?

People In General

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I've decided that people take words too seriously and try to find a deeper meaning. Or maybe they are confused as to what the real meaning is. :shock:

Who really cares?

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Why is everyone so obsessed with 'what kind of gamer are you'.. who really cares.. Here's my motto:

I game, therefore I'm a gamer

The Evolution of Online Dating

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A little blurb I ran across earlier.. thought I'd share..

With five (so far) sex themed MMOs coming in 2006, cybersex fans will have plenty to do. Here’s the complete list of titles: Heavenly Bodies, Naughty America: The Game, Rapture Online, Red Light Center, Spend the Night, 3Feelonline and Sociolotron.

Naughty America: The Game isn’t a MMO per se, but an online dating service. In what could be a horrible, horrible idea, players can view each other through a webcam. The press blurb reads, “This is the evolution of online dating… the chance to meet real people in the real world.”

If this is evolution, we as humans are so doomed.  :o