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Jan. 14, '08

Wow.. can you believe January is half way over. :|

One of my New Year's resolutions is to try and blog like I use to. Some of you may remember that it was an everyday ritual... now-a-days it's a monthly 'drive-by' blog post. (like this one.. heh)

I hope everyone had a great holiday. :D

Nov. 30, '07

Wow.. I haven't blogged in weeks and scandals are running amuck.

Word on the street is the Jeff Gerstmann was fired over an honest Kane & Lynch review (When has Eidos ever made anything that made you say 'wow' from excitment?). Anyway, if this is true, it sickens me to think Gamespot/CNET actually are sale outs for the almighty dollar.

With that said, I've blogged over & over warning everyone to stop being 'sheep' and stop paying so much attention to reviews because you like what you like, not because someone else thinks it's kewl.... I wonder if all of those sheep have had the wool pulled over their eyes due to reviews being written backed by bribery.

I'm not on the rumor-wagon this morning, just voicing my opinion of what I hope turns out to be false.. because if it's true, I will not be a 'premium' member anymore.. not here anyway. As of today.. "Your GameSpot Total Access subscription has been successfully cancelled."

In closing on this fine beautiful Friday.. Mass Affect & Assassin's Creed.. 4 words.. I fk'n adore them :oops:

Disclaimer... Don't get out your pitchforks just yet, nothing has been confirmed and probably never will be

Oct. 23, '07

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction...

I found myself thinking last week that it would be so uber-cool if I had a gravity gun and portal gun to get me through life.... lol. If you haven't picked up The Orange Box yet, do it.. that's an order. :twisted: Portal has got to be one of the best little 'games' I've played in a long time. Hell, The Orange Box is a deal within itself.. 5 games, $60 (x360 version). w00t!

I finally got my *cough*refurbished*cough* x360 back from MS.. wow, it was a nightmare dealing with customer service on certain days but it all ended well, so since I'm not really one to b*tch, I'll keep all my b*tchy comments to myself.. lol. I'll just think them and not 'say' them to keep this area a b*tch-free zone. heh

There isn't really much going on with me... just the usual and being very 'busy'. I have heard a rumor that a Sony PSP/Ltd Ed Daxter Pack is on the way to we'll see. :?

And to answer someone's question.. yes, I did hold a moment of silence the day EA bought out the holding company that owns BioWare and Pandemic Studios.. it was a sad day indeed.

B*tch-free zone.. nothing to see here, please move along..

Oct. 9, '07

w00t! Let's hear it for relying too much on technology. :oops:

Yes, we're all guilty of it.. lol, but in my opinion I think sometimes we all would be better off without so much of it. It's like a chainlink fence.. a weak or broken link can screw up everything..

After weeks of down time (off and on again), I think my dsl is finally running up to speed again and after a 7 day 'joyride' (3 day shipping) around Texas, my x360 was finally delivered to the MS warehouse/repair center thingy... 7 days to deliver a 3 day box, boys and girls.. 7 days.. lol. Actually, I'm not loving UPS too much these days.. when Halo 3 was released, they delivered my shipment to the wrong address.. ebgames sent out another shipment and I ended up with 4 copies of Halo 3 by the end of that launch week. :| It's just been one fubar after another but one silver lining to this whine whine blog.. a friend is letting me borrow their x360 until I get mine back.. awwww :oops:

/end poor me

In other news.. I have a new 'xbl stalker' of the month.. a guy (I assume) pm'ing me about where I live, etc in Ga.. I don't mind when people ask me what area I'm from, if I have at least talked to them once or so in different modes of communication (ie: forums, xbl, blogs, etc) but it makes me uncomfortable when someone I haven't even heard of ups and asks me where I live.. then to top off his first pm, he liked my xbl gamerscore and wondered if I got all those points myself.. seeing how I'm a girl and all. :|

Anyone that knows me.. knows that his last comment just melted my heart and I gave him my address to 'come take me now!' NOT!

lol :oops:

Sept. 24, '07

I found some time to play xbl over the weekend.. I ended up playing RS/Vegas until 3am Saturday night/Sunday morning.. I haven't done that in a while.. lol

For those that couldn't get into the room, my highlights of the evening involve lots of giggling, drinking, giving out Grayle's location on a map while forgetting once I died everyone could hear me... including Grayle, making up a new team Bravo Team = Team Boobie, dying for the sake of a good GJ, wiping out all of Team Alpha in a round with a 'well placed grenade', trying to order pizza at 2am, and making up a new word for the evening.. 'buttbutter'..... yes, I was in rare form.. lol

Sept. 20, '07

I've been getting a lot of questions about my 'site' having no sound now, so I'll just reply here.. long story short, sadly my host,, decided to run a new script (because of the napster scare) which hunts down and deletes any and all mp3's. They don't care if they are legit or not.. blah blah blah... they did this without any warning at all to their customers so now my site is 'musicless'.. I was in the process of rebuilding it anyway, but now they are forcing me to build it in flash to have music and to load easier for you dial-up people. :x

Anyway... I finally received my first email from MS about the next step in the process of steps which directs me to wait patiently for the next step and another email.. lol. I have to play H3 on launch day and accidentally 'stinky' frag a teammate at least once... heh .. so I've decided to pull out the 'puppy-dog eyes' look and borrow someone's x360 while mine is down for the count. :oops:

So, that's my story.. lol.. anyone have any last weekend of the summer plans?

Sept. 18, '07

..... you can wipe off that grin, I know where you've been.. it's all been a pack of lies..

Yes, the rumors are true.. yesterday, one week out from the H3 launch, my newly replaced x360 suffered the dreaded 3 red rings of death.. wow, this time, the 'new' one (and I use the term lightly since new in MS's eyes means refurbished) lasted me what.. 6 months? What peeves me off is the fact that my 'black' xbox (bought at launchy poo) has just as many gaming hours on it and it's still kicking as good as new.. and this is my 3rd or 4th x360..

So.. I salute you, Microsoft, for thinking about your fanbase/customers and releasing one hell of a great product...and not being worried who's number in the console war.. *insert middle finger here*

*pondering over my conspiracy theory.. Bioshock's update screwed my x360 so I wouldn't give H3 any love*

Sept. 11, '07

So... this is the end, beautiful friend..

I completed Bioshock yesterday and a little bit of me was sad.. lol :oops: Excellent game, btw.. well, up untilthe Bioshock update which has caused my game to freeze/lag every couple of seconds... *sigh* but at least the update hasn't 'bricked' my x360. I was upset to hear that there may be a sequel in the works for Bioshock now that 'f' word was used yesterday by Take-Two... 'franchise'. Bioshock is an excellent 'stand alone' game.. I can't even imagine a sequel, but a prequel wouldn't surprise me in the least.

I've also recently finished up Two Worlds. Wow, this game had such potential. :x I'm so glad I'm not one to ever 'ride' the hype-machine because my world would have came crashing down if I would have ever believed this game was the 'next' Oblivion. But, for those of you that do ride the hype-machine, you deserve what you get. Two Worlds to me, is/would be a great pc game. (yes, I know it's out for the pc and it should have stayed there) I can't quite put my finger on it but it plays like/looks like a verison of an older pc rpg... NWN and Diablo comes to mind. Anyway, once you get past the laggy part, it's not a bad little game but there is so much more that could have been done to make it better for the x360. So, getting past the lag, my gripe is... the damn game ending and me not being able to go back and finish up side quests... lol It's a 'renter' or 'let the price drop' type of game.. I hate I spent $60 on this game. I'll let my opinion stand there..

"Those who would trade Freedom for security, deserve neither."

August 26, '07

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, look at little sister.... 8)

With that said, I'm enjoying Bioshock. No spoilers but once I got over the kill everything in site mode, I really started to enjoy the game.. and I like the way 2k slowly tells the story and what method they are using to 'tell it'...

I haven't been gaming as much, or around as much (as you can tell by my blogs) since my mom has had eye surgery.. blech. I've been helping out over there during her recovery. But on the gaming front, Rune Factory is starting to pick up. Again.. once I got over the 'not like your average Harvest Moon' mode. I've also been working on the GW:EN beta this weekend and I'm loving it so far. Two Worlds is on tap for me next week, also GW:EN is being shipped out. I've also had the 'drive by' thought of picking NWN2 back up. I stopped playing it a while back because of the multiplayer nightmares but there is an expansion on the front which has my curiosity peaked..

Actually, there are so many new games on the horizon for all the platforms I play, I need to think of a new way to support my 'habit' and help with getting my 'fix'.... heh. :oops:

Disclaimer: Not responsible for anyone getting hooked on gaming.. gaming can be an addiction just like awesome sex. Proceed with caution.. and never 'fly' solo..