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Feb. 1, '08

Ah February, the lover's month, greeted me with severe thunderstorms and false promises of

For the first time ever, I'm being peer-pressured into buying a game. I think if I don't pick up Burnout Paradise soon, my friends are going to have a heart-attack or their heads might 'asplode'. Wow, is it that good? lol :| Just an fyi for those of you x360 owners thinking of picking up this game, it DOES require that your x360 has a 'harddrive' for online play.

Anyone have any big plans this weekend, especially since it's the Super Bowl?

Jan. 31, '08

Is it just me or is anyone else finding a Christmas decoration laying around here or there? I swear, I feel like I'm still putting up Christmas stuff.... lol

Over the past 'week' my sleep has been way off. If I go to bed early, I just lay there awake unable to sleep and once I'm asleep, I then wake up around 4am or if I go to bed late, I still wake up around 4am. I guess the excitement of snow the other week got me too excited, threw me into a 'state' of lala winter wonderland'ment and now I can't seem to find my way back to reality. Ok, I'm SO kidding.. I'm just tired and I'm rambling this morning.. heh.

I played Beautiful Katamari yesterday thinking that it would be something cute, fun and relaxing to do. Holy crap was I wrong. I completely forgot about the sound of the 'king's voice'.. that drove me insane and then the pressure to roll up a ball so big within so many minutes.. wow, the pressure was on. lol Sure, I can led my team through an army of terrorists on veteran mode and come out the victor but trying to roll up a 60cm size ball in under 4 minutes.. I cracked under the pressure. lol It boiled down to the only time I was having fun was during the times the 'king' was fussing at me for not beating the clock, while he used me as a target with a 'cue' ball and hearing my little prince go 'weeeeeeeeee' or 'ahhhhhhhhhh' when I got stuck on the 'cue' ball. :oops:

Jan. 24, '08

Drive by blog...

There isn't anything 'new' going on today besides working on income taxes..

and oh yeah, stupid DMC4 demo being a 'timed' demo... stupid 10 minutes at a time :(


Jan. 23, '08

Happy Hump Day!

Today's blog will just be a 'recap' of what I've done over the past 24 hours (gaming wise) lol

I test drove The Club demo..... hated it. I tried out the free Undertow xbla game... pretty graphics but I hated that I could barely see my tiny little character, but it was free and MS didn't have to do anything so.. anyway, I finally decided to install The Settlers: Rise of an Empire. I shall be queen of the world! :oops:

I'm currently downloading the Turning Point: Fall of Liberty demo, I'm slightly concerned that this game isn't worth $60, but besides being a rpg slut, I'm a sucker for fps so we'll see... lol And last but not least, I'm making excellent progress on RS/Vegas, I'm right at the end and I'm oh so missing having a 'human' teammate..

Oh, and here's to the Devil May Cry 4 demo not sucking tomorrow... w00t!

Jan. 22, '08

Sadly, the snow here is gone. I was giddy as a school girl last week and this past weekend.. snow twice in one week. :shock: In Georgia, that's unheard of.. lol Seriously, it's been 'years' since it's snow here in the deep south. But that's yesterday's news now. Now, in today's news... there be will downloadable content for Mass Effect coming soon to an x360 near you.

I'm still undecided about Burnout. Yes, yes.. I know I should pick it up but the only reason I pick up games like that are for the multiplayer options. In other words, to play online. So, I'm on the fence about forking out $60 at the moment for a game I'd only play online... heh.

Picture of the day, week or moment.. My desktop, literally.. :oops:

Jan. 21, '08

I FINALLY played COD4 on xbl over the weekend. Basically, it all was a blurr until I woke up Saturday morning with a silver platter and a small note/menu on my nightstand... "Now Serving.. Your Ass". :oops: Seriously, it was a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from RS:Vegas. Sadly, I'll always be a 'level one' until I decide to venture out into ranked matches with all the little smack-talking boys.

I test drove Resistance: Fall of Man this weekend as well. I haven't gotten very far into the story, but it really reminds me of the older Call of Duty games with some cool-looking aliens thrown into the mix.

And last but not least from my 'gaming' part of the weekend.. I've decided to go back to the games I never finished for one reason or another and complete them. Take RS:Vegas for example, I've completed the game in co-op mode but never finished the single story mode. So I'll be busy for a while. *sigh* lol

Jan. 18, '08

Back in the early days of xbox, I use to love to play Splinter Cell....I love reconnaissance and being all stealthy, hence the name Recongoddess. Anyway, I digress.. I fondly look back on those early xbox days so I decided to play SC: Double Agent. Let's just say I'm slacking. My Sam Fisher skills aren't what they use to be.. heh. I completely fubar'd the first mission today. :oops: (Though I have to admit, being able to pull a terrorist down through the ice is uber kewl) Making the transition from COD4 to Splinter Cell isn't as easy as it sounds.. lol.

Anyway, the weekend is here.. w00t! Anyone in the states off Monday?

Jan. 17, '08

Thinking outside the box......

Today, the box I refer to is the x360. As some of you may have noticed I have a another gamertag added, the one for the PS3. To my surprise, one of my Christmas gifts was a PS3 (80 gig). I haven't had much time to mess around with it but with what little time I've played, I've loved it. I'm currently playing Heavenly Sword with this badass chic (you long time readers know how much I love playing a cool chic), Lair with this cool idea of a flying dragon, and Folklore....all 3 are beautiful. I'm trying to give them all a chance so I'm playing with an open-mind. Lair, so far, is the one that I'm having the most trouble with. It's beautiful but the flight controls are horrible. actually hit the nail on the head with their review of Lair, so I won't rehash... but I will work my way through the game and finish it... grrr. I have Resistance: Fall of Man and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on the way and I'm really looking forward to those. And I can't forget to mention I also have MotorStorm, but it's still in the wrapper.

So have no fear you lovers of Sony, there are some of us gamers out there that truly believe there is life outside the box. In my house, there is 'no console war'...... all my consoles get along in complete harmony.

Jan. 16, '08

I finished up my 2nd Mass Effect game yesterday. I went with a renegade male character this time around. Being renegade was hard for me because it goes against my nature but it was still fun. (especially the 'catfight' between the 2 females that liked me) I'm probably going to continue playing my 'male' character to get him to lvl 60 on experience.. and I'm debating about starting new game and using different squad members, etc... we'll see. With all that being said, I'm sitting here waiting with bated breath for Mass Effect 2. :oops:

My pic of the day.... My 'young' chinchilla, Shadow. Yes, he's spoiled and he loves his 'mommy'. :oops:

(He's not that 'little', he just tends to sleep in a position that I like to call 'being budda'. lol)

*Minor side note* After looking up info for Leon Kowalski (cool guy, btw) in reference to the Elite x360 with the Falcon chipset, I feel my desire to own one burning deep down inside me, like a 'hot' fire that can't be extinguished until I find someone..errr I mean a gaming console that can keep up with my intense gaming habits.


Jan. 15, '08

I started playing a little psp game over the holidays that frankly surprised the crap out of me.. lol. I never really go 'in' playing a game all hyped up to play (ok there are a few I've been geeked over :oops: ).... anyway, Brave Story: New Traveler was actually pretty good. (yes, I thought the little 'cat-girl' was adorable). I saw it in a store (for $17.00) and thought it might be 'cute' to try. (I'm such a girl at times). I love playing a game that I've never heard of, never read anything about, never seen screenshots, etc... the only thing I would 'complain' slightly about is the random encounters (fights) that happen every few feet.

I'm currently playing a handful of games (what's new) that I need to take the time to finish up. *sigh*

By the way, below is my character 'Goddess' from Rockband... the band's name is called The Confused. :twisted: