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Hate to say it but I agree. I was waiting for the release of Elveon this week. This morning this website claimed it would be released within the next week now it has joined the growing number of games that are coded by companies who like to writechecks their developers can't cash.

Only game I really liked so far for my PS3 was Oblivion sadly it looks like I'll have to shell out $60 just to play the shivering isles expansion. Every other game that has come out looks mediocre at best Heavenly Sword looks great but too short and Lair just looks terrible. And just about every game I've been anticipating has been delayed. Star Wars, Final Fantasy, GTA IV, Elveon...

I imagine the next bit of good news I'll get is Assassin's creed will be delayed it that happens I'll probably end up throwing my PS3 through my window. I feel like I own a Mac or something! What is the point of having really incredible hardware if you have no software? I guess I feel betrayed at this point if I had to make the choice over again I probably would have picked the XBOX since it's less expensive and the software support seems to be much better.

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Right now I'd say that would be Oblivion.

A year from now I'd say that would be a 3 game race between GTA 4, The Force Unleashed, and Final Fantasy 13.

And, in my humble opinion, if whoever is responsible for releasing games over at Lucas Arts grows a brain and KOTOR 3 comes out for PS3 that would rule over anything else.