To save a 360 or to save my wallet that is the question.

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So today I decided to fix my recent Xbox 360 problem. Now for the past 6 months my 360 has been giving me a disc read error, which has kept me from playing my favorite 360 games and has kept me from playing online with all my buddies on Xbox live. I determined that I had two choices in the matter: I get MS to repair my Xbox or I repair it myself. My warranty has run dry so in order for MS to repair my 360 I would need to give them $199. So you can guess which choice I went with. I've had a recent experience of building me a new PC, so I was fairly confident of opening my 360 to fix it's problem. The warranty is null anyway so what did I had to lose? Let me say this, YouTube is awesome. Thanks to the users on YouTube I was able to find clear and concise instructions on how to open my 360 and get to where I needed to be. The process itself went smooth(sorta) and started to apply several different basic methods of repairing my dying disc drive. I somewhat put my 360 back together and was ready to boot this bad boy up and enjoy my new copy of ME3 (yes, I gave in). As I saw that awesome 360 logo appear on my screen, I had knew my problems were solved. I put in my copy of ME3...and still got that same disc read error. I thought to myself maybe I need to try something else? As I researched deeper into more radical methods of repairing my 360 disc drive I started to learn more about the complex life of the 360 itself. Things that made it rather difficult for me to repair it but I felt should have been an easy fix. I decided that I was gonna replace the entire drive itself but more problems started to show. It's the security that MS have for the 360 that was gonna give me some trouble. Even in the disc drive MS has security set up so you just can't simply put in a new one and continue to play. I can understand being secure but really this far? Now I found a method of getting around this road block (not an illegal method) but it just seems to be alil bit too much work now. I still have to figure out where I'm gonna find a new 360 drive and make sure it's the right one for my version of the 360. I must say I didn't expect this to be difficult but I did learn a lot about how the 360 works. I 'm not gonna give up on this but I don't expect to be Xbox'in it up for a long time(maybe next gen?). This situation has brought up other concerns tho. Why so much security? Why hasn't any of my 360's lasted 5 years? I'm on my third one here. Why does it seem like a console can't last as long a a PC can? As I was learning more I felt like consoles are on some kind of lock down. Oh well, I guess I will have to save those concerns for another day.