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Well, I've played MGR:R demo and this game will be very good I presume. Nice cut-scenes, graphics, music, animation, combat system etc. But, primarily there is a codec! With four people you can talk to and conversations are long like in good old MGS. And you are saving game via codec! Brilliant. I am very happy Gungan.

Won another contest.

Hi to all. I won another contest on Lubie Czytac (I like reading) Facebook fanpage. You have had to send a short text about the best concert which you attended or dreamed of. I won Metallica - poczatki metalu (Metallica - beginnings of metal) book. Below is the text (translated form Polish).

At 21 December there will not be the end of the world. It will be revealed that Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain are not dead and are hiding in small cabin in Bieszczady mountains. They announce that they will do a concert together at Stadion Narodowy (National Stadium). To Warsaw arrive fans and journalists. Before the performance as a support "Tenacious D" do a gig. During "Hey Joe" song, Hendrix burn guitars provided by Slash and Jack White. Income from burned instruments that were sold at auction supports saving of lynxes. Singing "Smells like Teen Spirit" Kurt Cobain drinks all cheap Polish wine with one swallow. Crowd runs amok. Morrison during "Light My Fire" tries to unzip his pants zipper but it jam. Audience is disappointed. Cobain after drinking whole "Polish Bison" declares that he will cut his hair on stage. Money from sold for astronomical total blond wisps are destined to eliminate Polish hospitals debts. After three hours concert is about to finish, trio of artist like three tenors sing a capellla "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". Over the stadium a storm breaks. There is no way to close the roof now. Public demands encore. To fulfill expectations for "Riders on the Storm", Jim enters the stage. During singing a lighting bolt strike a microphone. After electric shock Morrison gets flash of insight. "I did not put up anything for auction!". He admits that he wrote another volume of poems, he will sign one. After bidding money are destined to support young Polish writers. One of them gets Nobel Prize. Lights off, musicians get down to wardrobe. Big screen projects beginning of "Apocalypse Now", speakers play "The Doors" tune. "The End".

PS All trinity sign contract for reality show - "Cabin in Bieszczady".

Quo vadis World of Darkness?

Firstly, what is World of Darkness? Upcoming PC MMO-RPG for sure but mainly setting for pen and paper role-playing games. There is classic World of Darkness and the new one. You are using ten-sided dice (a lot of them) for playing, and in character creation process you allocate points at various attributes, skills, and disciplines. After 13 years cWoD publishing was cancelled and nWod was created. All games share common Willpower trait which is probably the most important. And New WoD has better mechanics in my opinion.

Three most popular games in classic WoD are Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Mage: The Ascension. In V:TM you take a role of embraced vampire who struggles for power in a world of Kindred politics, takes young vs. old generation fights, Camarilla (let's say good guys) battles against Sabbat (bad guys). And tries to restore his own humanity. In 1996 loosely based on the Vampire game, TV show named Kindred: The Embraced has been aired but after 8 episodes it was cancelled. W:TA is about tribes of Werewolves (Garou) fighting minions of Wyrm and Pentex (Banes, Fomori and other creatures). Garou can enter shadow spiritual world called Umbra and travel to distinct Realms. World is doomed and Apocalypse is inevitable. You can only delay it's coming. Mages from M:TA are not ordinary spell casters. By shaping the reality, they can achieve tremendous results only restrained by your imagination. Technocracy organization hunts all mages, and tries to prevent return of true magick to mortals world. Umbra's travelling is available to some Mages too, but doing a magick in the eyes of mortals is limited due to force called Paradox. You were even able to buy a Tarot card dedicated to Mage game.

Other less popular are Changeling: The Dreaming (half-human, half-faerie), Wraith: The Oblivion ("Ghosts" from Underworld), Hunter: The Reckoning (mortals with special Edges and Code), Mummy: The Resurrection (Undying reborn), Demon: The Fallen (rebel Elohim) and last but not least Orpheus (members of organization fighting ghosts). Kindred of the East has been also published - an expansion presenting eastern vampires different from their western counterpart.

You can play in historical times using stand alone games, like Wild West, Dark Ages or Great War. If playing with friends at the tabletop was not enough for you, there were Mind's Eye Theatre books designated for LARPs (Live Action Role-playing), an experience in which you cosplay your character and participate in session similar to theatre play.

New World of Darkness ongoing currently, contains Vampire: The Requiem, Werewolf: The Forsaken, Mage: The Awakening, Changeling: The Lost, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Hunter: The Vigil, which are similar to correspondent classic games, except that meta-plot differ. Promethean: The Created, story of Golems, is entirely a fresh new idea. Alternatively you can play as a mortal, only having basic book - sessions remind me Sillent Hill or early Resident Evil games.

Secondly, what about video/computer games? Well, two were delivered to fans and one never developed. I will briefly present them.

1. Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption.


Action RPG appeared in 2000, with a human knight protagonist embraced by Ecatherina the Wise from Brujah clan. As a vampire you travel medieval Europe in early and modern London in late chapters. His destiny is bound with woman named Anezka and powerful enemy Tzimisce - Vukodlak. Game was rather enjoyable, had three different endings depending on your Humanity level.


2. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.


RPG from Troika Games in first person perspective, taking place in modern L.A. Game was unplayable before official and unofficial patches showed up. You were able to create your starting character from seven Camarilla clans to determine style of play. Playing Nosferatu you have to stay in shadows and travel via sewers. Malkavian vampire had funny and insane dialogue options. All had different Disciplines (vampiric powers), making each Kindred unique. You were forced to maintain Masquerade, not showing your true vampiric nature to bystanders. As many as seven endings were available and rumors are that taxi driver for the game was Caine (first vampire) himself.


3. Heart of Gaia.

Aborted in production game from Werewolf setting about a young cub taking his first change into Garou.



So thirdly, quo vadis World of Darkness? It will be MMO-RPG based on classic WoD or nWod? It will be other supernaturals playable besides vampires? What are your thoughts?


I am back again. This time for good.

I am back again and I hope that this time I will post and do reviews regulary. All comments on my posts are gone. Strange and weird. And when I look on other users blogs I see 0 comments but I know that comments are posted. What to do?

Well, as a start I want to share with you my winning texts in two contests from Facebook "Lubie Czytac" (I like reading) fanpage.

First there was a task to write few words about you favourite dark character. Below is my text translated from Polish.

"As a Star Wars fan since 1993 my choice was obvious. Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker. His doings show us that absence of mother, separation from home, fear, envy, hate and blind love could lead to tragic final. Road to decay we can watch in Attack of the Clones and read in book and comics from Clone Wars era. In CW comic he hasn't hestitated to attack other Jedi knight because he was a Tusken. We should remember that dark side of the Force is easier and hard to resist. But everyone deserves a redemption as we saw in Return of the Jedi.

May the Force be with You!"

So I won a book - Synonim zla (Synonym of evil) by Ivo Vuco.

In second contest there was a question - Who will win? Zombie or Hobbit?

"Hobbit. Although only a Pippin who is an exceptional fool (as Gandalf said "Fool of a Took!") and he can wander around hordes of zombies. By virtue of stupidity his brain is undetectable for undead. Now it's sufficient to borrow a "Sting" from Frodo and with war cry "O Elbereth! O Githoniel!" swiftly behead all of undying."

And I won a book Madrosci Shire (The Wisdom of the Shire) by Noble Smith.

It will be pleasure to track all your blogs and post comments my dear fellow gamers again.

Why ERSB i so important.

If you still don't know why this ERSB games rating is so important watch this video. Why we have eC, K-A, E, T, M, Ao and RP for games in production. The children are innocent. Remember that.


Thank You an Good Night.

What a mess.

What a mess indeed. I am informed now that my PS3 (still waiting for replacement or repair) can be hacked. Games from HDD. I am shocked Gungan.


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