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A game worthy of your attention.

Do you like platforming?

Interesting mechanics?

A large world to explore?

Then Knytt underground is a game you should not slip under your rader. Created by Nifflas aka the creator of night sky and Knytt stories a game that ate up more of my time then I care to mention due to it's awesome custom content, will be something you should be happy to find has been released.

In other games where you would normally find powerups you instead turn into a freaking bouncing ball, and it works amazingly well. I have never had this much fun traversing a world. It literally changes the way you play. I suggest experiencing it for yourself as there is a demo out.

There are 3 chapters to the game but they don't work in the way you think they would. Chapter 1 and 2 are basically just training. Chapter 3 is where the world opens up and you set off on your journey to ring the 6 bells of fate to prevent the world from ending.

However the world already ended before, the entire surface is destroyed and unhabitable, you live underground. There is a story here but I won't spoil any of it for you as it is very vague, and I honestly haven't furthered it much despite exploring over 50% of the main map. I haven't rang a single bell yet infact of which there are 6.

HL2 Mods, oh yeah Black Mesa Source is Finally out.

Well the first part of it is anyway, The extended version of Xen won't be here till 2013 apparently.

This mods amazing so far, the new models, and sound effects, the way they change around the level design and add new elements entirely is fairly impressive.

however, some stuff really bugs me. Apparently the Marines have been playing alot of counter strike in the downtime, either that or they have psychic powers these f*ckers are the hardest part of this game now. They will almost always land hits on you, it's practically impossible to get through fire fights unscathed unless you camp it out and trade pot shots, thankfully they still don't have the brain power to use nades effectively.

The difficulty in fire fights has been ramped up exponentially. The MP5 is no longer the Go to Gun for dealing with just about everything it's been pretty severely nerfed.

Also the crowbar is stupid slow, I wish they would of just used the same one from half Life 2.

It's still alot of fun though and could be one of my favorite mods ever if they fix some of the balance issues. Better than most FPS games released in the last few years.

Hopefully these guys go onto release a comercial product, they have some serious talent.

I don't know when I'll feel like updating this blog again, I just felt like having something besides The Humiliation I caused that one user, lol.


He Mad, a Prologue.


This is the same guy that shoves pokeballs up his ass while he plays his vintage collection of pokemon red and blue back to back.

Also, 60 fps pikachu's.



I have already explained 60 fps and how you ****s took it out of content and I explained what exaclty an attractive pikachu figure is and it is purely fantasy even though you **** tried to make reality of it.


Seriously I will admit that Ash is attractive but in no ****ing way I would not let him shove Pokeballs up my *** especially since the balls would release a pokemon in my and kill me possibley.