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2011, here we go.

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I'm a little late on this, but I'm really bored, so I decided to make a blog.

- I'm not playing Call of Duty anymore, but I did start and finish Red Dead Redemption since my last blog, and I absolutely love that game. I do not like Mass Effect 2, however. Maybe it's because I never played the first one, but I just didn't enjoy this one. Lately, I've just been playing Grand Theft Auto IV.

- Song I'm listening to: Lola - The Kinks

Stay strong.

First blog in over a year. Hoorah.

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- I play Dead Rising 2 a lot now. If you'd like to add me on there and do co-op, my PSN is Razor-Lazor.

- If you ever want to quick scope, no scope, Michael Myers, etc. in Modern Warfare 2, you can add me for that as well. I don't set them up very well but I love playing them.

- Can't wait for Black Ops. Plus, I'm probably getting Killzone 3 in February as well.

- Not sure if I want to buy SmackDown VS. Raw 2011in like, five days, but we'll see.

- I want to buy a MorphSuit...don't ask.

- Current Favorite Song: Never Wanted To Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence

I'm Not Dead.

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This is going to be a combination of blogs. One of the blogs should've came about a month ago, but didn't, due to my procrastination. The other blog is the blog that concerns right now.Here we go.

Blog #1: New Smosh Theme

I just got a new Smosh theme (about a month ago, but remember, this is from September), and I really like it. For those of you who don't know, Smosh is one of the most popular YouTube users there is. I don't really pay attention to YouTube that much, but I always check back in to see if Smosh has put anything up lately.

Anyways, I figured I'd make them my theme. So, here is the finished result.


This is the Smosh logo.


On the left is Ian Hecox, and on the right is Anthony Padilla. These two are the main members of Smosh. But in one of their April Fool videos, they claimed the LeVar Burton (the host of Reading Rainbow) bought Smosh, and this is a picture from that video.

Hope you enjoy my new theme.

Blog #2: Where Did I Go?

I highly doubt anybody here noticed, but I haven't been on GS, well, posting on GS, in about a week. I was suspended for quoting that "You Can't Ignore Gary Oak's Girth" picture in an If You Laugh, You Lose. I was pissed about this, and I even went as far as contacting customer support about it.

But anyways, I'm back now, and happy about it. I think I forgot to mention that I also got a new PS3. So now, I can finally escape from that bubble of games I play on the Wii, and come into the real world of gaming. But just so those Microsoft fanboys don't get too upset, they're part of the real world, too. Also, the Wii does have some pretty great games on it, it's just that, after 13 years, it's nice to have more options.

So that's it for now.

Thanks for reading,


Back to School; New Theme: Our Lady Peace

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Hello, few readers of my blog. In a little GS update, I now am 28% through Level 16, I am a Magician Lord, and I have 3,411 posts. There's your little R-L Update, keep checking back for more.

But now, it's time for the SH Update. And that one's me, not my user, me. I am now back to school, and to my surprise, it's not that bad. I got moved to the back of my math class for being a smart ass, but otherwise, nothing is too bad. I'm sure this feeling will go away once I start getting homework and such, but for now, I could get used to this.

Anyways, on GS, I have a new theme. My new favorite band, and I mean favorite, is Our Lady Peace. I've never listened to a song by them that I didn't enjoy, and that's rare. So now, my avatar is a picture of the lead singer, Raine Maida.

The sig contains a picture of the entire band. Well, the old band with Mike Turner that, let's face it, made better music than they do now.

And that's just about it for this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy looking at my amazing new theme. :o

New Theme: Sound of Madness

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Haven't made a blog in a while, so I figured I'd update you on...about one thing.

I have a new theme, as I have grown a bit tired of the wolf thing, even though I think the avay was pretty sweet. Now, I'm trying something for a while. I recently bought Sound of Madness by Shinedown, and I really like it. But I also bought Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking by Snow Patrol, and I really like that. So at first, I started making a theme based on the album cover for Final Straw, the album that has Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking on it. Here's that result:



And I still might use that some time, as I really like the sig, but I'm not so big on the avatar. So, just as I was about to put that as my official GS theme, I decided to try making one based on the Sound of Madness album cover. That is my official theme, and here's what it looks like, if you haven't already seen:



I really like both of those, and I like the small size of the sig. The only thing is, I wish the sig would blend in with the background, so the birds are just sort of...there. Maybe they do on the white version of the site, but I use the black version. I'll have to check that out some time.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my new theme.

Returned My Camcorder; Ring King

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Hello, very few readers of my blog. If you look past a couple blogs, you'll see that I recently purchased an HD Camcorder. It was fun for a day or two, but I knew I was never going to use it, so I've been trying to return it for some time now. Finally, I did. Yesterday, my mom got it down to Best Buy and returned it. They gave me about $100 of my money back for it, and they gave me a $50 Best Buy gift card. With that, I plan on buying my most anticipated game of 2009:

And with the rest of the money, who knows what i'll buy?

In other news, I am now a Level 14: Ring King. That's one of my favorite names so far, but I don't think I'll be keeping it for long, as I am currently 97% through this level. Ah well, I'm sure Level 15 will be exciting, too. I'm moving up in the GS world, and I couldn't be any happier.


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So now, I've ditched my Gorillaz theme. I had that for a few months, but I think I prefer this one to it. Now, after listening to Shakira's She Wolf (guilty pleasure, I'm such a loser) I for some reason became interested in wolves, werewolves, etc. So I decided to get a wolf theme. I love the sig I got, but the avatar sucks, and is something I just whipped up quick to avoid sticking with 2D, the Gorillaz character. I requested a new Wolf avatar in theOT Request thread, and hope to get an answer to thatsoon.

What are your thoughts on the new theme?

Today is Wednesday.

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Today, I plan on watching sxephil's daily video, if he makes one.

Today, I plan on posting in OT.

Today, I plan on listening to Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.

Today, I plan on watching That 70's Show, since there is no pro wrestling on.

Today, I plan on playing WrestleMania XIX on the GC.

Today is Wednesday.

Spending More Time On GS? Fantasy Football? Nine Inch Nails?

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Hello, very few readers of my blog. My last blog that I posted about a week ago had me stating that I was most likely going to spend a lot less time on GS because I had just gotten a camcorder. Well, now I'm thinking about returning it. It's not that it's a bad camcorder or anything, it's just that I don't think I would use it enough in my life. So, that means that I will be spending more time on GS in the future. But then again, school does come inless than three weeks, so not only will I have to take some time off when it comes, but I'm going to try to make the most of the rest of the summer.

In another subject, I started my Fantasy Football league a couple days ago. It's a public league, but I'm in it with a friend of mine. The league name is Coca-Cola, on ESPN.com. However, it's not the only league I'm joining this year. I just joined one yesterday on NFL.com, but I forgot what it was called. I don't even know if I'm going to participate, because I don't like the way it's set up. But back to Coca-Cola. Here were all my draft picks:

Fantasy Football Roster for Hoofer's Hooters (me):

  • QB: Philip Rivers
  • RB: Adrian Peterson
  • RB: Pierre Thomas
  • RB: Laurence Maroney
  • WR: DeSean Jackson
  • WR: Vincent Jackson
  • TE: Greg Olsen
  • D: Minnesota
  • K: David Akers
  • Bench: Aaron Rodgers
  • Bench: Ben Roethlisberger
  • Bench: Torry Holt
  • Bench: Lavernalues Coles
  • Bench: Tony Scheffler
  • Bench: Nate Kaeding
  • Bench: Sammy Morris

Now, I know what you're thinking. Three quarterbacks. Well, here's what happened. During the draft, I got Philip Rivers as my second pick. Then, I didn't know I was up, and the timer ran out and it automatically picked the top player at the time, Aaron Rodgers. This would've been a nice backup QB if it hadn't been for the fact that him and Rivers had the same byeweek. So I got Big Ben just for a backup QB on bye week.

Anyways, my final subject is that I've recently been getting into the band Nine Inch Nails. Some songs I like, some I don't, but I really enjoy The Hand That Feeds, so I downloaded that yesterday, and I plan on getting a lot more songs. I have to thank GS for the reccomendation. Thanks, GS.

Well, thanks for reading, and please leave a comment.

Taking A Break From GS?

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Well, I just got a brand new HD camcorder. It's pretty sweet,

as you can see. I was going to take a picture of the camera with the camera in the mirror, and I did, but I lost the cord that hooks it up so I guess you'll have to stick with the pic above.

Anyways, that being said, I like making stupid movies with my friends once I get a camcorder, and so that means I'll be hanging out with my real friends a lot more than my friends on GS (don't worry, you're all my real friends, too). I will stop by once or twice a day just to make a few posts in OT, but other than that, you won't be seeing too much of my Gorillaz theme (which is going to change in a small amount of time) around GS.

Thanks for reading,


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