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Is anyone else sick of e-mail

I'm working on a project at the moment, upgrading our companies e-mail system. I have upgraded lots of systems in the past, but none so directly personal to so many people as this. It is turning into something of nightmares.

Personally, I get a ton of e-mail in a day (somewhere between 40-60), most of which are internal junk; which is to say they are not really junk mail, but things like automated notifications and the like. Once they are weeded out, then you get the mails that you are just copied on, so that someone has covered their butt. That leave me with about 10-20 that I need to deal with. Now these messages are not personal, friendly or nice, they are simply a rubbish form of communication that would probably be better served with a quick 2 minute phone call.

But this is not a rant about my e-mail, it's a rant about 1200 peoples e-mail. I did not train my entire career to end up an electronic postman or the babysitter of people who can not understand the simple rules of business e-mail system. Anyway, we have only done the pilot phase and I am already completely sick of people talking about how they have lost 3 messages and this is my fault. This is a very bad place to be and I know I should become numb to this, but I am.

Anyway, I will plough on through and try not to let a 1200 person project turn into an individual single person project, repeated 1200 times.

E-mail has a lot to answer for.

Growing up in an online world

How old to I feel today? My son has just started his blog and to him it was just a matter of time. He lives in a different world to that of when I was his age. Now I know that sounds like a cliché, but of course it's true.

He is being brought up not to play outside, where every piece of information is both freely online and also precious enough not to give it away. I wonder how different they will be as adults and how they will run our country.

The Best Super Hero

I was having a debate with my 3 sons the other day about who is actually the best Super Hero. This doesn't really mean, who is the strongest or the most indestructible. But, in there opinion, who do they think is the best and why?
I offered them a choice of 3, Batman, Spider-man & Superman. I know there are more and others would include a myriad of others, but I wanted to keep it simple and these 3 are from the 3 main genres of Super Heroes.
· Superman was born with all his abilities; he just had to learn how to use them.
· Batman has trained to be one.
· Spider-man was ordinary and then became one.

We concluded that Spider-man would have the most appreciation of what his powers meant, as he was given then after being fairly ordinary. He would also know what it would mean if they were taken away. Batman worked hard to achieve his abilities, along with a large dose of gadgets and armour; he would no have to worry about loosing his abilities. Superman had to learn how to control his powers, and managed to stay uncorrupted by that power.

Now I know we are talking about these 3 as though they are real, but to little kids, they might as well be. They all have a moral to their lives and a code they live by and this is the main point.

OK, we chose Spider-man.

I've reached level 22, but who cares

The kids and I have been playing Viva Pinata over the weekend and we have finally been able to level up to gain the rest of the garden space. We spend the whole time shouting out, "oh, now try this!", and most of the time it's fun.

On the flip side, the game drives my wife crazy. We get the tut and the rolling of the eyes as she leaves the room to go and read. I think what make the whole thing worst is that the kids watch the Viva Pinata cartoon, so she can't get away from it.

I enjoy the analogy that this is like SimCity and keeping the balances. The annoying this is the stupid cuts scenes and the time consuming segways into menus.

Overall, it's worth it just because it helps me spend fun time with my boys.

Geeks love Bejeweled

You know what? I seem to spend my life switching between my work laptop, my work development laptop, my personal laptop and my download PC. Yes, I'm a geek and I have loads of machines for different things. I have 3 networks at home and I use them all on a daily basis. But there is one thing I've found that saves my sanity during those inevitable shutdowns, reboots, patching, rebuilding and switching networks... Bejeweled 2 Deluxe. I installed this on my download PC, which always on and always has a screen and at least a mouse attached; and while I wait, I play. Some games go on for days, but it's always there at a moments notice. I hope I don't get bored with it or I might just go reboot crazy.

Shooter... the video game

I have just finished watching Shooter the movie, with Mark Wahlberg, and boy what a good game that would make.

It could be set in a similar style to GRAW 2, starting with long range target of single targets. Flowing nicely into ever increasing campaigns, with more and more targets. It could have missions with massive amounts of frag packs, pipe bombs and napalm at your finger tips. Just like the movie, it could have helicopter sniper missions too.

Long live swagger

Newton Faulkner

I bought this album today "Hand Built by Robots" and it's fantastic. This giys voice is incredible and his cover of teardrop will have the hair on the back of your neck standing up. V. Good

Weekend getting better

I spent 4 hours this morning playing Viva Pinata with my boys. I know this game drives me and my wife crazy, but the boys really get into in... and this is just what I needed. We all took it in turns jumping from each others gardens; me ranking up the money and them spending it, but we went from level 9 to level 16. We all now have big gardens and the love is flowing. I guess it takes a little work, love that is.

And if that were not good enough, my wife made a huge roast lamb Sunday dinner with apple crumble and custard. So full hearts and tummies. Who could ask for more.

When does security become an obsession?

I sat in an all day meeting today, listening to a couple of guys from our US office, speaking very passionately about security. They gave us a quick overview (3 hours) of where we were, where we are and where we want to be. The plan looks staggering with a single diagram that showed 20 odd different firewalls creating 7 different "zones" instead on a single DMZ. Oh wow, this seemed crazy and crazier still as the day went on. I even saw a slide that had a detailed project plan for just one of the projects and a small number on the bottom which said $8m. I heard myself say, "does that say...".

Where is all this going and is anyone doing a risk assessment instead of just seeing a risk and fixing it at all costs. I hope tomorrows all day meeting will be better.

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