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MLG Pro Circuit 2011

Just watched some Black Ops footage from MLG...and are these guys serious? Scrubby as hell. Pubstar PC players are better than these goofballs. Sure, they know the maps well, keep decent positions, and are reasonably quick on the trigger, but watching them try to put a cursor on any target not in a doorway they're already looking at is so painfully slow it's ridiculous. No wonder MS didn't want any cross-platform gaming between 360 and PC players - if those guys are the best your "sport" has to offer, there's not a prayer in hell of them even topping PC pub charts, let alone any true competitions.

Pro PC players: midair rocket shots and cross-map railgun headshots while moving.

"Pro" console players: quick to fire at the same doorway they've been watching for the past 10 seconds.

GG scrubs.

On another note, the SC2 footage is great. Rain pulled a great upset on Naniwa, and competition looks to be pretty stiff this year with Boxer, HuK, Select, Sheth, and dozens of other amazing players doing their thing

I suppose I should do one of these.

Well gentlemen, my days of PC gaming are about to be put on hold. Turn 10 Studios recently released the information that Forza Motorsport 2 is due to hit shelves May 29th, and a demo is coming soon to Xbox Live. I fully expect to spend 400+ hours with this game just like I did with the first one, and since I decided to go with online capability this time around, probably much more than that, since those 400+ hours I accumulated in single-player (or split-screen) mode alone.

As much as I enjoy STALKER, that game is definitely getting put on hold so I can take my 1995 Toyota MR2 GT out for a few laps after fully tuning every facet of it.