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Black Ops II: What do YOU want to see?

Today I want to get as much possible input about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

What do YOU: the players, the fans, the addicts, want to see in this game?

Be as broad or as specific as possible in the comments! :D

I plan on tweeting this blog posting directly to David Vonderhaar at Treyarch, so make your opinion matter!

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Rayne of Fury? Who's that guy?

I'M THAT GUY! My name is Alex Cimo! Before I go into why I'm here, I want to share a little of my gaming history along with who I am with a few laughs:

When I was 4 years old, my first game console was the Sega Genesis 3. The first game I ever had the opportunity to play was Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the game! I had a few other games as well like Dick Vitale's College Hoops, that game was awesome! The day came where I went to a swap-meet and discovered Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for $2! Remember, I was now probably about 5 years old. Sadly, when I returned home, my genesis "broke" and I never got to play it.

To keep the rest short, I had, in order: a GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advanced SP, Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360 and finally a Nintendo 3DS! When I got older, I realized my Sega Genesis 3 actually didn't break. The controllers stopped working. So I purchased new controllers and after 10+ years, I finally played Sonic 2...AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! :D

Now I'm currently a student in college. I finally decided that game reviews and gaming articles are my passion and what I want to put all of my energy and enthusiasm into! When I watch things from E3 to a simple video game review, I ask myself, "how could I bring my enthusiasm to a hobby that I love?" With that, here I am!

I want to create a following, no, a community! A community where I can create hype with the newest and latest in the gaming world. I want to get the information from game developers that the gaming community really wants to know! Games make people excited, so why shouldn't the people delivering the news be the most enthusiastic people possible?!

In terms of my reviews, I intend to deliver my reviews from the gamer's perspective. I plan to be the all-knowing monk at the peak of a mountain top and people venture to gain insights as to what knowledge I have to offer. I plan to be critical, to overexaggerate, and to give the information that gamers want, because THAT'S HOW WE TALK TO ONE ANOTHER IN REAL LIFE! Think when you talk to a group of friends about a certain game: you talk about awesome accomplishments you've made, how the game could be better next time around, and share tips with one another. This is exactly how I feel a game review should be done and how I plan to do them!

I look forward to meeting a plethora of new personalities on this journey, so don't be shy to speak your mind! Everyone has a voice so they can be heard! Leave comments, start flame wars, GET HYPED!!! We're gamers, let's have fun together! :)

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