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Letting off some steam here. This game is a HUGE HUGE disappointment when it comes to game play. Everything is horrifically unrealistic on the pitch. Allow me to list these issues

1. User Team AI Defenders don't do anything:

And I mean nothing. They don't press attackers. They don't stick a foot in for a tackle. They move out of the way of crosses. They purposely position themselves behind runners and let them into the box. They don't clear anything out of the box. They don't even seem interested in staying in their positions. All these were a stamp in FIFA10. Yeah you would have your occasional defensive goofs but every play? every time the opposing team pushes up the field? It unnervingly frustrating to play this game. Surprisingly even in all this i have managed to clock enough games on and offline and manage to only lose once.. and yet still after every game I won i found/find myself disinterested in FIFA11.

2. User Team AI attackers are sluggish

Not as bad as defenders, but sometimes they simply stand around on the pitch and refuse to move.

3. Player skill counts for absolutely nothing. Attributes count for absolutely nothing.(other than Shooting, Finishing, Strength)

Believe me I don't expect to burn down the touchline with skilled players every single time a defender approaches me. BUT there is no reason, and i mean NO reason that a defender who is marked with speed ratings below 70 manages to catch any attacker on the pitch that gets by him. I does not happen in real life.. not even remotely close and it shouldn't happen in this game and then to turn around and watch as slow weak CPU midfielders out pace and strong arm my fastest defenders? and you have another recipe for WTF that should have been fixed before this game release.

4. Be a Pro Mode:

See issues 1-3 stated above.. Pro Season mode is broken. That is all.

5. Juggernaut CPU AI vs Remedial User AI

Need I say more? No matter what the difficulty this game is biased. Even when playing 1-3 star teams with players slower than slugs they seem to outpace even your fastest striker.

Manager and Online Mode.

Issues 1-5 take away from both. Needless to say FIFA10 had its issues and they could have simply stayed with that foundation and improved the game. Unfortunately that's not the case with this one.

Oh and SHAME on GS for giving this game a 9.0.. absolute crock of a score.

Today is My 21st Birthday

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Where do we go from here? At age 21 I've been through a lot these past few years. I've taken many things from my experiences and learned a great deal of lessons. I do have to say I am blessed to be here and Grateful for all the things that God has done for me in spite of my imperfections.


It was not easy, but I'm approaching the finish line at Bowie State University. Yes.. One more semester. 4 More classes and I'm done in December. I've learned a great deal from how to correct my attitude towards my studies, to how hard work will pay off. Education is nothing to be played with and walking your way through college will not help you in the long run. So I'm glad it wasn't easy. Many stressful nights up late studying and doing last minute assignments. Pulling weight for missed sections in group projects. MASSIVE procrastination. Still nonetheless all that hard work matched with undying will and determination to succeed have put me here. I fully realize that I did not do this alone. Many of you were there kicking my ass for all those days I would try to skip class. Others helped me a lot with studying and assignments. And lets not forget my family. without them I prolly would have gave up countless times.


God has put a number of special people in my life that have helped me keep my sanity even at times where i felt like i hit rock bottom. The ones that now when I'm in a foul mood even when i don't show it. Especially the few(2) that seem to always call me just when i need help. Always there at the right place and the right time. I don't know where i would be without most of them and I'm glad to be surrounded by so many influential people that do everything in their hearts to pull me up instead of beat me down. That includes telling me **** that i need to here even when it is going to irk my nerves. You cant ask for anything else from true friends.

oh and of course... i can buy my own drinks now... lol