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My horror story is almost over

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ya know......we really should stop meeting like this XD yeah I'm back for about 5 minutes. Just giving an update or two or three. I'm sure by now as you can tell I just kinda got bored with this place (who hasn't? ). Here and Gaia.

Me and Red broke up a few weeks ago. I'm not saying why, that's between us and it's staying that way. We still talk to each other though, just as friends do. It's weird and I still think about the fun times we had together, Hell, I still dream about us together at least once a week. We did have some fun times.....times I wouldn't trade for anything in the world and sometimes it hurts me to think about it, but I'll be alright. I mean sh!t happens. right?

I still haven't found a job yet. but I'm still looking. I"m not giving up yet. Something's gotta come along.......eventually.

I've found and been introduced to some new bands too. I've found more songs by Qkumba Zoo and Helloween. Someoen else I talk to has told me about Iced Earth and Flogging Molly. all are pretty cool. Flogging Molly I find to be most amusing and definitely worth a listen.

I've been dealing with a stuffy and runny nose. Thankfuly it's not gotten anyworse then that.....yet. Unfortunately some nights I also don't know if I'm gonna be hot or cold. I start freezing so I'll put on a hoodie, as soon as I get the hoodie on I start roasting. I have no happy medium.

That's all for now I guess. Till I have more to say...Later.....


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hey, what's up? nothing too exciting here.

Went to NY back in August and had a blast. We went on a dinner cruise and to the falls and hung around Red's house. That's alwyas that week that seems to go by too fast and the week I never wanna go home. Even my mom lightened up this year on the texting while I wasn't home. She worries. yeah yeah I know. Can't wait to go back :)

Gettign over a cold too. It's slowly going away. YAY. The first few days felt like I got kicked in the ribs by someone wearing steel toe boots and I didnt' leave the house for two days. (okay, so that's part of why, the other part is cause of my laziness).

and prolly my laast thought for a while. I got fired last week. For 2 spots on the toilet that you had to stick your head in the toilet tosee. SOOOoo yeah. I'm back at the beginning. yes I was slightly p!ssed in the beginnning, but I'm slowly getting over the thought of wanting to blow the hotel up and yes I still sorta wanna do it. I didn't even get a second chance and I got fired before my sister's slow friend.....WTF??? right? anyway, no need to worry, I'll bounce back somehow. Im used to being broke anyway.

actually this is my last thought. I'm sure y'all remember how long my hair was. I cut it. I wanted something new and shorter. I dontated waht they cut of to Children With Hairloss (that was my good deed for the day). I got it cut shoulder length...if ya wanna see it. here ya go

hope ya like it. I can still pull it back up in braided pigtails so I'm happy :P

yeah that's it....I'm out again. byeeeee!!!!!!

Sharing is a nice gesture.......Stupid......but nice

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hey, it's just me.

Not much going on here. Still working and all that stuff. The job was finally kind enough to hire 2 more people so now I get a break....I hope. Today is actually prolly my only real day off. Yeah I got called of on THursday but I was already awake so it doesn't really count. Crazy week.....and slightly annoying, don't ask.....

Spent most of my weekend watching the Harry Potter marathon. it ends today with Goblet Of Fire so yeah I'll be watching that.

Hope eveyone had a good fourth of july. Mine was fun though the fireworks were a bit lame. They scared the dogs like they do every year and I even ended up with all 3 of 'em cowering on my lap at one point. My sister's dog absolutely wouldn't calm down until I put him on my bed and he just stayed there all day, but whatever keeps him happy and calm. Poor little scared doggy. He was later scared again a few days later when someone shot off 2 bottlerockets.

Now I got family from FLorida,Pennsylvania, and North Carolina here and here I am sitting inside being anti-social. why? cause I have nothing in common with any of 'em. They're all around my parents age or older. What am I supposed to talk about with them? well my cousin and her husband are closer to my age but still, I don't have anything in common with them either. It's not like they even noticed I'm outside or inside anyway, they didn't even notice whenI walked in the door yesterday.

I'd also been hiding out online as well....for no reason in particular. Just though I'd take some me time and I thought it'd be a nice way to finish an odd week.

so I guess that's about it........till next time. Peace out y'all

I'm not back......just popping in

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so yeah....long time no hear. I figured some of y'all would at least like an update. I'll try and keep it short :P

so yeah...I still work at the hotel. It's been almost six months for me and 4 months for my sister. Two days for her friend. Been working six day work weeks for the last month and a half. I like the paychecks but I'm really hoping it stops soon.

Sister got her drivers license....thankfully before her friend got the job, so I wasn't stuck carting the both of 'em around. I'm sorry if it sounds mean but she's not my friend nor am I a taxi therefore I'm not responsible for how she gets to work.

Almost got hit by some idiot that doesnt know the difference between a red light and a green light. The next day there was an accident though. Today there were two accidents and slow trafffic...... I feel bad for the accidents but I'm starting to wonder just how far people really have their heads up their butts. Seriously get off the d@mn cell phone and look at the road.

Had to get my cell phone replaced. The buttons along the side decided they no longere wanted to work. Luckily i had a warrenty on it so they had to give me a new one.

Mood's been alright. Occassional irritation which maes me wanna hit something. in the last two weeks I hit a bottle return machine, the wall twice, and I punched a poleout side our shed. so now i have this huge bruise on my arm (I really dunno how I got that one), a bruise on my wrist, nand a hutge one going across 3 knuckles....yeah's my own fault I know. (my mom thinks I got the one on my knuckles "accidentally" at work.....I sure as hell ain't telling her the truth)

I got to meet a band that I hope makes it big. Pillar of Autumn. Great bnd, look up their myspace. I jus bought their cd on Itunes as well. I has pictures with the band and autographs and all that, it was great

I think I covered all I wanted to say.......other then I'm going to New York again in August. I'm sure the majority of you know why already:) Can't wait for that trip. it's gonna be fun.

So Yeah....if this stupid site backsppaces any slower (hence why I eft te typos.....LOL I don't care anymore) Till next time I feel like popping in I guess.....later

This is more then just a's a beautiful lie...

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hey everyone. been a least a little over a week anyway. ah well. Nothing really happening here....same sh!t different day pretty much.

I' ve added to the library of books I have lately. My mom would kill me if she knew. A book called Drifting South and I got a free book for my birthday. My grandma even got me one for my birthday as well.....she got me Eclipse, the third one in the series for non twilight readers. I plan on reading that after I finish Life Mask which in a little over a week I'mabout half way through. It's a good book but I've been preoccupied with other things to just sit and read.

Still loving my little laptop......and getting used to typing with a smaller keyboard without hitting the caps lock button all the time. I still somehow type one letter off and get some amusing typos from that though :lol:

Work is going good....they've not fired me yet but I'm also doing better on my times and still doing a good job getting the rooms all nice and pretty. Seen some pretty strange stuff......specially one room that found it funny to leave a pair of underwear on the bed. Yeah eewwwwwww:P that was my first thought too. Good news is too that they've even hired my sister. She started two days ago and all I had to do was tell them that she was a neatfreak at home so she'd do great here. It wasn't a lie at all:P she really is a neat freak at home. But she seems to be liking the job and I even let her drive home today despite the fact that it was raining kinda hard. She did good though....still has some things to work on but she did good.

and for my final thought till i get more anyway.....the snow is finally melted and the weather is gettting warmer. meaning I can' finally start going walking in the park again soon to see what kinda pictures I can get. I might even try a different park instead of Heritage park. just to get some different views of nature anyway.

Till next time.....

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Really really hating this new "copy and paste" thing......


(sorry, y'all gotta copy and paste this sh!t.........the site is really being not surprisingly retarded)

There was something in the air that night, the stars shone bright

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Hey every one, how are ya?

I'm sure most of you remember what happened with my laptop back in November. For those of you that don't, it crapped out on me....stopped charging the battery and sh!t like that. Anyway, Tuesday I was able to get a new one. YAY *happy dance* Though I had my tax refund to buy another one, I still had a small budget (BLAH...this word should become banned seriously), I was still able to get a really cute one. I got myself a blue Acer Aspire of the mini laptops. It's small but its' cute.I love it and I'm able to read it better then I thought I would. It took me three days to get all my music back too and then some more.

I ended up getting rid of Limewire though. It tried downloading doubles of songs I already had, so now I'm trying out Frostwire. So far it's working much better then Limewire.

Only problem I have with the mini laptop is I keep hitting the caps lock button. :P but I'm slowly getting used to typing on it LOL My mom also wants this laptop:P

I was also able to get a free insulin tester.......yet ironically one of the mini ultra touch ones. Everything is so mini this week :lol:

so I guess that's is going well.......somedays. I'm definitely getting hours in but I also put an application in for my the greenhouse my uncle works at, so we'll see how that goes. My birthday went well too....I had to work but that's life now. my mom took me shopping the day before and I got an outfit and purse and my grandma got me a book (Eclipse, yes Twiligtht :P ) and a bath shower set that smells really pretty. I even got a free book from this used book store I signed up with. I'll read the book though just to see what the hype is about......maybe I'll actually like it, we'll see.

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Hey everyone, how are ya? I'm alright today, been kinda irritated over the last few days but over different things. It's been a few days since I've had a new blog written

Yesterday it was with the doctor and it started before I even went. When I did see him, he gave me more insulin and the fast acting one he wanted me on and went on about how he's done his part, I have to try and do something which let me know that he doesn't think I'm trying. I am.....but there's not a whole hell of a lot I can do when I'm still trying to figure out how the hell I'm even gonna pay for the insulin I've been taking for the last four years now. (which led to what I did today, that I'll get to in a minute). Then my mom is all asking me where all my money is going......I have money? I'd like to know where it is too. cause the last check I got from work was for only $126 dollars...and that's for two weeks. I can't do sh!t with that. So anyway the doc gave me more of the Lantus (insulin I've been taking for 4 years ) and the fast acting one he wanted me on. At least I was honest with him and told him that I couldn't afford it though I told him when he gave me the prescrip last month. Why the hell no one listens to me I'll never figure out......speaking of which I'm tired of hearing how much something can save my life when I already know and can't do sh!t to get it anyway. Like telling me that will make things easier :roll:

So continuing with yesterday, I had to call unemployment also which is running out and I haven't found out yet if I can get an extension or not. I called 'em, amazingly didn't have to wait half my life for a circuit to answer the damn phone, answered all their questions and what not, confirmed that it was all correct, ONLY to get the reply..................................get this and tellme if it makes sense..................................."Your certification has been accepted, but we cannot issue a check at this time. Please call {insert what ever number they told me here] and find out why". So I call that ONLY to find out that the office is closed...... :/ it's idiots like this that make me wanna bash my head into a wall repeatedly. It does burn 150 calories an hour anyway.

The events above lead me to today. I went to this family medicaid (I forget the exact name) place today to apply for medicaid. (which I told the doc what I was trying to do while he decided to tell me that i'm not trying) The last thing I wanted to do was sit there today but amazingly the wait wasn't bad. I thought I'd be there till dinner and was ready to bring a bag lunch with me. Anyway the program I applied for was on "freeze" meaning they weren't enrolling anyone at the time, so they were kind enough to tell me about CareFirst Plus which is the same thing as medicaid. I get all my doc's visits and prescrips and hopefully vision and dental but if not I'll just be happy to not have to figure out how I'm paying for insulin. This CareFirst too was also less of a pain in the a$$ to fill out then the first form....the first one was an entire friggin' book.

and the amusement ended at the post office when I was waiting in this uber long line just to buy stamps (my mom had added some of her mail as well, which never got mailed out today). I didn't feel like waiting in the line was rediculous and going out the door like today was the last day to get any and all boxes mailed out. Though I don't do anything, I have better things to do then wait to mail out some stupid letters. I did get my CareFirst app mailed out though so everything's alright I guess.

Everyone is home for Winter Break.....I hate winter break at my house. I hate the fact that everyone's home and if I go somewhere I get 20 questions about where I'm going. They basically add to the fact that I don't wanna exist....really didn't want to yesterday, but of course was told why I should :) and I think today I do wanna exist.

and I may not write another blog for another week or so depending on what happens, if anything happens, so I'm just gonna say now that my birthday is Saturday. Not sure if I'm really looking forward to it or not. I'll decide by Saturday maybe.

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yep that pretty much fits me:P

eh I'm still around

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I just haven't had a whole helluva lot to talk about.

Work's going fine and today is my sister's birthday. She's 18.

I read an interesting article about what cars are cop magnets. Luckily my car isn't on either list.
10 Most Ticketed Cars

1. Hummer H2
2. Scion tC

3. Scion xB

4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG
5. Toyota Solara Coupe

6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

7. Scion xA

8. Subaru Outback

9. Audi A4

10. Toyota Matrix

10 Least Ticketed Cars

1. Jaguar XJ

2. Chevrolet Suburban

3. Chevrolet Tahoe

4. Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500

5. Buick Park Avenue

6. Mazda6

7. Buick Rainier

8. Oldsmobile Silhouette

9. Buick Lucerne

10. GMC Sierra 1500

eh that's all I have for today....till next time....

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eh I dunno if I was really outgoing or not.....

I need you to put me back together, make me right

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hey, how is eveyrone?

My back is still kinda sore. The majority of it was from work Tuesday cause instead of cleaning rooms, me and this other girl had to go and strip the beds then take off the mattress and take off the bed skirt. We're getting new mattresses and they should all be in by tomorrow. Doing that though the other day makes me glad I don't have a job as a furniture mover. My shoulder is still sore too but that comes partially from trying to stop the elevator from closing with my hand and trying to pull the damn thing open like I'm superwoman. Not the smartest move I know but it was a first reaction....a reflex if you will.

other then that nothing really amusing going on....just a bunch of idiotic drivers go 35 in a 45 zone. Somehow I'm always getting stuck behind these morons, but I was in a particularly annoyed mood at the moment so instead of being patient with them, I'm honking my horn at them and then the second one I just kind sped up and left him eating my dust. Then I started wondering to myself how these f*cktards got their licenses or who gave them to them. LAdies and Gents, this is why driving angry isn't a good idea.

So anyway, in the last blog I mentioned Katt Williams and how i thought he was going to be annoying, Well my sister watched him and not only was he annoying, he needed to be dragged off stage and never allowed back on. he didn't even tell jokes, all he did was get every friggin' word bleeped. I started wondering if he'd even said some actual words but I highly doubt it. How the hell did he get like a 2 hour show?

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I love it but I hate the taste

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Hey everyone.

nothing of great amusement going on here.

It's that time again, I gotta get the license plate tab on my car renewed before my birthday. That means just that, I have a birthday coming up and I completely forgot till I got the renewal form in the mail. As for my birthday, it's less then a month away and I'll be turning 26:| I'm almost 30 as my mom keeps liking to remind me :roll: I don't feel like I'm 26 and I know I sure as hell don't look it either, but I know I'm gonna be 30 soon and I don't need any reminders.

I'm also told I need to find another job, one that won't call me off. I tell ya what, there is now pleasing her. Course a second job might be better then listenign to my sister "rawr" like a six year old to this guy that sounds like she's going out with again though he's cheated on her........TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! she's more forgiving then I'd be....the first time someone cheats on me they don't even get a second chance.

I officially hate Saturdays, and not because everyone sits around and drinks till they're stupider then normal, But because I'd hear crap about how it's not good for my sugar and sh!t isn't said to my stepdad as he sits around and drinks all day.

I honestly think that comedians shouldn't sing in their act. Yeah the jokes are funny........sometimes..........but they can't sing for sh!t. I know I can't sing either but at least I'm not on live tv attempting to, so Nyah :P Then again a lot of comedians wether they sing or not really aren't that funny periood. I only like two comedic acts really, Jeff Dunham and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. (I've seen previews for "Cat Williams too and he sounds like really really annoying, I definitely won't be watching that)

For the final thought of the next few days.........I was unwrapping twinkees for dessert today and the box was supposed to have ten twinkees. We got shorted one:lol: We only got nine.

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