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my sword collection... (massive update)

well actually it's not mycollection per say... its more of pictures of them. :)

at the moment i have about 20 pictures... which is growing :)
the reason that they are like these and not normal pictures is because i dont wanna create any problems with 56k users.

How would you put this in your pocket, it'll just cut you. artists these days

please dont look at the handle and think of something sexual :wink:

looks like a superheroes panties to me, blademan, the man that cant watch porn incase of an erection 8)

technically this isn't a weapon but then neither is a baseball bat. :wink:

look at these antlers :D

interesting... could it be a bird...a pecker... :P could poke your eyes out

most of these swords are very nicely designed. not wierd shapes like the ones before but the patterns...


they still use swords :|

the handle would be very good for hitting the groin... :D