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Tell me about it. I'm really Really sorry I paid for 2 months. After my free play I think I'll be finished in one more month including the additional free time ZOS gave all of us. I did have the nerve to ask for more free play time since we are still beta testing the game for them.

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Why is anyone beta testing ESO after release at their own expense? The low reviews and user scores speak VOLUMES. The game is already ruined in spite of so much of it being a lot of fun to play. For me, beside a few quests that remain bugged still it's the single player boss battles that are mean-spirited crap. If they served a real purpose in the game it would mean you are having trouble overall getting through PvE in general. But that isn't the issue I have especially with other solo characters and groups all willing and able to jump into your battle to help. For me these single player boss battle encounters are exist only to make my life miserable in the game.

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Warning--Lessons To Re-Learn Buying Games...

Unless you are willing to pay $60 to a developer to continue beta testing a game for them at your expense by pre-ordering or buying a retail copy from your favorite game store GOOD LUCK trying to get a full refund if it turns bad.

The individual processing my full refund at GameStop was lying through his teeth to me. There will be no refund from GameStop. Elevated to the supervisor, he now has taken on the task of trying to find out who this individual is because it turns out there is no record in my account even that a request for a refund was ever made. You might just as well claim I never requested the refund.

Zenimax of course we already know won't refund the game if it was bought from any 3rd party means. So it isn't their problem either--NOT.

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The game certainly isn't garbage BUT there is some floating around in it. I can afford $60 a game plus $15 a month only because I won't be playing this game or any game for but a few months to get through whatever the existing story line is. What I won't put up with is paying ZOS to finish beta testing ESO! And on that score I will sign petitions but more importantly for me demand some refund path be offered to those fed up with paying to beta test unreasonable and yet unsolvable bugs and balance issues in ESO. I would much prefer to see online games disappear and a very real possibility for me will be never to play other MMOs--especially when difficulties between casual to hardcore desires remain unresolved.

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@Kjranu: I know reviews are only opinions... My point is that if, for instance, 20 people give opinions that average out to be not so spectacular the chances are the item being reviewed is 'not so spectacular'. And this goes for gamers opinions too. It doesn't mean I won't play though. From my Skyrim experience it means I am _waiting_.

Also...it looks like I need to find a more active forum to follow these 'problems' in too. And, of course, we need GameSpot's review.

Do 'Path of Exile's' scores average 8.5 to 9 by reviewers and gamers because it is free and free to play? If it cost $60 and $15 a month it's averages wouldn't be so good either especially since you have to play the same game over three times in order to get into the final content battles.

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One review says its great. Another review says its not so good. Metacritic at 78? What a pathetic industry.

So the game has lots of bugs in it and is just mediocre? Looks like it is way to soon for me to buy--I'll focus on other titles why I wait for this to get sorted out.

Would like to know what the mapping features are though... Can you check off places visited and/or indicate whether finished in an area or still need to revisit and/or add notes?


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Will my Solo character be able to stay away or stay out of PvP regions or will this be the point in the game where I bow out?

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That's weird isn't it? I held the game for the PC at GameStop yesterday and it was all in a shrink wrapped normally looking case. Maybe it cost more and we should check out Walmart to see if they have some great bulk deal?

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@BurningUp99: But Solo is possible in the game and it is ES so I will ask questions and get answers even if the developer is different too.

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Even so is it really worth a 10 or is it full of bugs to work out like Skyrim had on the PC when it was released even that was a different developer?