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OH, better cancel that order off ebay for the $100 version of it then lol. Nah just kidding :P. Might just have to pick one up now :)

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On-screen notifications please, or at least the option to turn it on. And the OS could be a little more faster. Loading Miiverse still takes a little while.

This, I wish this would happen too :P
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Okay, so I just got a Wind Waker Wii U, and I'm really loving the system so far. Don't know why people keep bashing on it, it's freakin' awesome :D

Anyways I've come to you my fellow Gamespotters, cuz I honestly don't know what games to get for the console. 

As much as I love Wind Waker, I think it's time to expand my Wii U collection a little bit :P. So what games would you guys recommend? :)

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Lol, I have a feeling that most people are going to be picking Pokemon X and Y hahaha :P.

Yeah, Pokemon X and Y is the 3DS game I'm most excited for :P. 

Wut about you guys?

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You can just use the GTS evolution glitch. Put up the Kadabra for trade on GTS and ask for something impossible like a level 1-9 Charizard or Blastoise. Perform a regular trade within the GTS and then take the Kadabra back from the station, it should evolve.Soulreavercross
Wow... that's genius lol
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I have both game carts with me.. From what I hear I need to play 999 multiple times to get the story.. Something I dont wanna do.. do I just go ahead and start zero escape... will it ruin the story? And I hear there is a bug on the 3ds version of Zero escape and I can avoid the bug by not saving in a puzzle room.. anyhting else to know about the 3ds version?


If you don't want to play through it multiple times you could always look up the endings too :P.
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If you really want to be so hard on yourself, you could force yourself to start a new game from scratch any time either Chrom or your avatar dies....bjvill
Lol now that's what I call SUPER REALISM mode :P. Yeah you could do that too lol
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My "wow" moment came just last night. I was fleeing an armored car theft with Trevor and my health was a bit low. I made a bad turn and ended up getting thrown from my car but managed to survive with a sliver of health left. That was short lived (pun intended) however when the car I was driving slid down the hill behind me and knocked over a fence that dropped on my head like a guillotine and killed me before I could stand back up.

Hahaha xD. Oh man... that's priceless :P
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Hahaha xD. Oh man you guys definitely have some pretty hilarious stories to share :P

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For me it had to be when I was driving *cough* moderately fast, rear ended someone elses car, they died but kept their foot on the accelerator, they drove off a cliff, rolled down the cliff in their car, and crashed into a bunch of bums and killed everyone....

I was so shocked by the chain of events that I just stood there, and watched as the ambulance checked every single corpse at the bottom of the hill... lol jeez I'm sadistic :P

So what are some of your GTA V stories? :D I wanna hear them :)