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Man, as we are steadiliy approaching the next generation with the PS4, I thought it would be cool if we all pay homage to some of our favorite Playstation classic games of all time :). Plus I'm curious to see what kind of original Playstation games you guys were into back then :D. So I shall start :)

Here are some of my all time favorite Playstation games


One of my first music/rhythm games that got me hooked to the music/rhythm game genre. Now this is a classic.


While everyone's ideal RPG during the Playstation era was most likely Final Fantasy VII, mine was hand's down Legend of Dragoon. Such a great game with amazing locations, exciting combat, and WTF special attacks that were just insane to watch lol. 


2D Platforming at it's finest. Tomba showed that you didn't need to go into the realm of 3D to create a great and amazing platforming game.


Crash Bandicoot Warped, the pinancle of the Crash Bandicoot series in my opinion, and hands down one of the best action packed 3d platformers of its time. 


I believe this was actually my first RPG game when I was little, and the sad yet simplistic story of Rudy (the blue haired guy) in the beginning of the game, got me every time lol.


So what are some of your favorite Playstation Classics? :)


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I just look at it like Metal slimes from Dragon Quest. Rare monsters that give tons of EXP when found.

Yeah the rustling grass isn't too big of an issue, and to me, I think it's a good addition to the game ESPECIALLY if you have high level pokemon and it takes forever to level them up :P.
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I think you'd do good witha a standard 3ds. It's smaller, more compact, and easier to carry around with you :)

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Not really sure how I feel about this honestly... I just hope they don't start adding Sonic to the Persona games lol. :P

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Wow awesome guys, you just reminded me about all the great 3DS titles that are coming out. Lol jeez, my wallet is going to be suffering this holiday season :P. 

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[QUOTE="ANIMEguy10034"][QUOTE="FlamesOfGrey"] If you're in Europe the chances for One Piece are high. Europe got Unlimited Cruise SP (though they split the games apart) and it's getting Romance Dawn along with the U.S.

It's a sad time to live in North Ameri... wait what... ROMANCE DAWN IS BEING LOCALIZED?! *searches* OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG *adds to list*

Lol yeah man that One Piece RPG looks pretty sweet :D
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Lol wow you guys definitely got this down xD. 

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lately I missed a lot of other Rareware franchises as well like conker and perfect dark. I miss rare :(nintendodude639
Ever since Microsoft obtained Rare, it has never been the same since.... *sigh* But I hear you buddy, wish Rare would return to its roots
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Yup, jump aboard the Wii U train my friend :). I bought the Wind Waker bundle too, and I don't have any regrets :D. Bring it on Winter Season!

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I've got to hand it to Nintendo, when they release a 40 to 60 hour long game they literally keep it as fresh as it can be.  I am constantly blown away by the creativity in Skyward Sword and the rush that combat provides after you get over the learning curve (and there is a steeper learning curve than other Zelda titles with the controls).  But the Ancient Cistern and the fight against Koloktos was just insane, only to be followed up with the Lanayru Sand Sea, where I bring only a small section of the world to the past and move it with me.  I'm excited to see what the next dungeon is in the Lanayru Sand Sea.

And the level design feels like a playground in this game and I mean that in a good way.  Just a sense of exploration and wonder around every corner.  Just wonderful stuff all throughout the game.  Nintendo (almost) always nail it with their premier titles.  The Galaxy games did it at an even more rapid pace, though those have the virtue of having various challenges throughout the experience so each bit is constantly new and fresh.

I may sound like Skyward Sword is my first Zelda with the way I'm talking, but I've beaten all the 3D titles, so really, I'm just taking time to gush about an excellent title.

For the sake of conversation I put a poll up about the dungeon design.  I'm going with Twilight Princess as having the best dungeon design which is why I view it as my favorite.  The game's dungeons are full of surprises that just caught me off guard at every turn.  Wonderfully designed title.

Man I am so jealous of you right now. Now I want to play Skyward Sword even more. I tried popping it in a week ago only to find out you need that stupid wii motion plus thing :(. Man.... I just wanna play it lol. Gonna have to go search for one