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Lol. Rofl. LMAO. :P Gotta abbreviate everything nowadays xD. 

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Hahaha xD Congrats dude! That must have been one heck of a Taco Bell meal :P. 

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If you were to play one of those sexy anime games from Japan, would you want your friends and family to know it?NeverMore0
Hahaha xD. You bring up a very valid point :P
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[QUOTE="Tokeism"]You can change the text speed in the options in most, if not all, Pokémon games already.ANIMEguy10034

This. It would be amazing if they used the speed feature from Fire Emblem, but I wouldn't have my hopes on it. You can turn attack animations off if needed.

We may not know how fast battle animations are in XY, but this comparison shows how fast battles load compared to previous games.

Yeah that would be pretty epic if they had that feature :). I like watching the moves, I just wish they'd speed it up sometimes lol. Especially those pokemon that always wanna use harden xD.
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You can never go wrong with a Kirby game :). Awesome stuff :D

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Awesome stuff :). Glad to see Sonic coming back :D

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Actually I think I would have too. Especially if the gamepad added some sort of unique addition to the gameplay :D. 

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Alright, thanks for the suggestions you guys :). Really appreciate it :D. Now I got something to work off of :). *sigh* I'm sorry wallet.... but get ready for a painful holiday season lol. 

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can anybody list me some free-roam games where you can fly, kinda like superman returns (although that was a poor game i enjoyed flying around). I know of iron man but didn't quite like that..anything 3rd of 1st person dont really mind..

Saints Row IV, I mean it isn't exactly flying but it's relatively close since you can jump incredibly high and glide forever lol.
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What are some good hack and slash games with great boss battles? I am playing God of War: Ascension and I am really enjoying it especially the boss battles. I have God of War Saga (1,2,3,chains of olympus, ghost of sparta) and God of War: Ascension. I am looking for games that are somewhat similar with the hack and slash and the great boss battles.

Off the top of my head, here's a few you may want to check out. Alice Madness Returns Metal Gear Re vengeance Dante's Inferno Devil May Cry series