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Let's Listen!: Lance/Red Battle Theme (Pokemon HG/SS)

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This is something I've been wanting to try out, and it's the first episode of this new series I'm starting called Let's Listen! I love video game music. Many of my favorite gaming moments definitely would not be the same without it. These videos aren't technically reviews, but rather the types of thoughts/feelings/emotions I felt when I heard the songs for the first time. I hope you guys enjoy this new series! And who knows, perhaps by the end, you'll also become passionate about game music as much as me :D.

If you enjoyed the video, and want to see more, feel free to subscribe, like, and comment :). It tastes like FREE! xD.

Created By: Tubbymora


Pokemon Lance/Red Battle Theme (Pokemon HG/SS)

Cycling (Pokemon HG/SS)

The Last of Us (First Impression)

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So just yesterday, I finally got a chance to try out The Last of Us demo. Did it live up to expectations? Is the game truly worthy as a contender for game of the year that many speculate it to be? Find out in my first impressions video :D. Oh, and if you have any first impressions about the game as well, feel free to leave it as a comment below :)

Let's Review!: The Beatles Rock Band

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Does Beatles Rock Band make you want to play it Eight Days a Week? Or does it Let You Down? Find out in this review!

If you enjoyed the video, and want to see more, feel free to like, subscribe, and comment :). It tastes FREE! xD.

Reviewed By: Tubbymora and YoMaMa from RatedSTARZ

Special Guests: Super Johnny (Dancing Kratos), Super Johnny's Mum and Our Mum (Screaming Fan Girls)

*LOL, I got the links to work now you guys xD*

Allergic to videos? Here's the written version of the review :D:

Let's Review!: Obscure

by on

Is Obscure worth re-living the horrors of high school all over again? Find out in this review!

Written Review:

*UPDATE: I got it to work you guys! :)

Let's Review!: Jurassic Park The Game

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Is Jurassic Park able to revolutionize interactive storytelling genre? Or is it simply a pre-historic mess? Find out in this review! Video Review - Written Review - * I apologize for the lack of pictures, and players in these blogs you guys. Gamespot won't allow me to do things like that until I reach a certain level I guess :(.

Let's Review!: Dead Island Riptide (Video Review)

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Does Dead Island Riptide breathe new life into the zombie game genre? Or is it just as dead as the zombies in it? Video Review: Written Review: ________________________ Lol xD. I don't know why but gamespot won't allow me to do things like edit text, create proper hyperlinks, and embed videos lol. Perhaps it's cuz this is a new account? :P
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