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The ending of Oblivion is the best part of the story! I finish about 80% in my first play through. And the only thing that really takes me away from a good RPG is another game that I've really, really been wanting to play. But normally I'll stick to it through the end. Admittedly sometimes I just wanted the game to end so I could go back to another. I'm looking at you Darksiders II....
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Everything mentioned is great. But there are a few I'm incredibly shocked haven't been, though everything suggested is a classic. You definitely need to give more details into what you like. Such a broad question. RPG isn't even a genre anymore it's grown so many branches.

EXTREMELY surprised, and a little upset, nobody has even hinted at Dragon Age Origins. One of the best modern fantasy RPGs without a doubt. Has a little bit of everything while maintaining the classic RPG feel - Run and gun, tactics, loot, professions and excellent story/dialogue. I have about 325 hours put into it. You also have the always amazing Oblivion and Skyrim, or Fallout 3 if you're looking more "sci fi" than fantasy.

To go more old school, I also love Legend of Dragoon. And you mention N64 so I'm going to ASSUME you've played either of the two Zelda games for it?? If not, then you need to get on top of Ocarina of Time IMMEDIATELY. That game has aged incredibly well. Personally, I'm having trouble getting into a lot of the old PS1 RPGs because I DON'T think they've aged well. I can easily pick up Zelda and still be into it, whereas FF7 or Legend of Dragoon I'm in it more for nostalgia. I just don't think it would be a good choice for a modern age gamer looking to get into an RPG. But, you never know.

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Amazing game, for sure. But I think I'd have to go with Witcher 2 or Skyrim, mostly because they're at least just as good, but appeal to a much wider audience.

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How much ass I kicked in GOW3. And the epic chain climbing scene.

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I'm looking for a good local co-op game to play with my wife for any of the three consoles. I'm pretty open to games and experienced, but she's not that great at them.She games she likes to play include the Lego games, LittleBigPlanet, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, New Super Mario Bros Wii, and theHalo series. She is not very good at moving and firing, so please keep that in mind when recommending games. She also generally doesn't like the idea of killing people, so no games like Borderlands or even Left 4 Dead. Finally, Donkey Kong Country Returns was too difficult for her, so please bear difficulty in mind. Finally, just no to Gears of War or pure party games.

If anyone could please recommend some more games we could play together, it would really be appreciated.


Lego Pirates of The Carribean, Portal 2 (which someone already mentioned) is also really good co-op fun.


Also there's a good handful of Lego games (and more to come), have you really played them all? If she likes solving mysteries and good storylines you guys can play Heavy Rain or the Uncharted games together; both rely on decision making/story more than gameplay. Both are single player but would be so much fun with another person to play through. Other good 2-person single player games are ICO/Shadow Of the Colossus, non-killing people fighting games, most games on PSN/Xbox Arcade, and most games on Wii. Good luck!

Edit: I should add Heavy Rain is rated M, but it's more like murder myster movie M, not blood and gore M.

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How about this.......

Look at this thread. Obviously there is no one thing that's killing gaming these days. I should clarify I love all games, I've had most systems and a PC since I was gaming in 1988, but I'll usually go PC with multi-platform games. While I do agree PC and console gamers have always been divided, they are generally united in their love for PC/console games in general....not saying they always get along dandy IN those games, but they have a shared passion for it. So that's not really any different since the start, thus it's very unlikely it's "killing" games.

On that note, that's how it should be. Any PC gamer will be familiar with the term "consolefied" and the devestating impact it has (RIP Crysis 2). It's real, folks. Play Dragon Age on both platforms. I played it on 360 first when it came out and thought it was the most overrated game in many years. Waited a few years and was overwhelmed by the good reviews and gave it another shot on PC. Now one of my favorite games, over 150+ hours logged. Point is, they are encouraging the separation of PC and console. We need a MLK JRhax0r to fix this.

Lastly, I don't think anything will "kill" gaming. Things are always changing it absolutely, often times for the worse, but it will never die. Not until technology itself is gone will gaming die. Gamer's will always be segregated, now more than ever, because it's physically impossible to make every person agree on the same thing. This won't kill gaming, but there's also no telling how it will work out.

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So I know I'm pretty new to the forums, but I thought this would be the best place to ask...

I'm setting up a home theater type deal pretty soon and I wanted to get a gaming chair/couch. However, I want to use it for mostly PC gaming. So really, the only MAIN requirements I have are some sort of easy to access hard surface I can use my wireless mouse on and somewhere to store the keyboard/mouse. Speakers and all that won't be important, reclining would be nice but also not major. Looked everywhere online but nothings designed for a PC gamer.

So it can be just a regular couch/chair you've seen that somehow matched this but...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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In terms of potential and pushing boundaries.

Crysis - Graphics.

HL2/Stalker/Witcher - Storytelling ( open to debate, too many to choose from +can't comment on those I do not own and that's a lot)


Not that they're the worst games ever, but I am slightly offended you'd choose S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and witcher as PC icons in story telling. And I know you said open to debate, but I'm sorry, but that is just not true. They're not bad, but they don't even touch icon status.

Back on topic, I'd say it also depends what part of the world you're in. In S. Korea, 100% of people would answer Starcraft. In Japan, it'd probably be some game we've never even heard of. In America, most non-PC gamers I know usually claim to either know of CS or "used to be so good at it back in the day." So I'd say CS is the most iconic when it comes to casual gaming, but when it comes to people who actually know about PC gaming, I think Half-Life 2 IS the best candidate.