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It has been way too long since i have been on here but for the first time in 3 years i am not taking summer college classes and have about 4 months off! So i should be on a bit more over the next few months. I have recently decided that i have too many 360 games and need to slow down buying them. I have about 20 that are still in the shrink wrap.... sigh

I'm back....

Today is my first day off since august 24th... and now i finally will have a little free time. I plan to be on here a little bit more, but i do need to start fable 2(havent even opened it yet). Anyway ill see you all around.


well this is about the time of year that i have to start working pretty much all the time so i wont be on here as much. Basically the busy season starts at work and school starts Monday so i wont have a day off until early November. Ill try to stop by as often as possible, but they might only be about once a week. Although now that i have a laptop i might be able to get on during school depending on the teachers. On that note i am taking Marketing 340, Operations and Supply Chain Management 320, Principles of Financial Management 301 and just so that i am not doing business classes all day i am also taking a Sociology course.... Ill still try post in the AAA whenever i can. See you all later..

Free Wii!

Send me a message and 300 dollars and ill send you a "free" wii.... no just kidding

the real story is that comcast is giving away "Free" wii's until august 17th. The fine print says that you have to sign up for two full years of the triple play service(phone, Internet, and cable) also the offer is not valid in all areas and supplies are limited. So this might not apply to very many of you depending on your age, but if you or your parents are looking for a new isp this might be a good idea. Anyway i just thought i would pass this little nugget along. I know i would do it but they dont offer service out here in the boondocks.

Recent Purchases

I recently picked up

Eternal Sonata

Enchanted Arms

Far Cry: Instincts Predator

NBA 2k8


MLB 2k7

all for right around 50 bucks... i think i made out pretty well. Unfortunately i have a lot of games to beat before ill ever get to any of these.

A Triumphant Return

So my 360 was returned to me today after a 2 and a half week wait.... not too bad of a wait really. It broke at about the perfect time, ive had so much to do lately that i didnt even miss it.

On another note i recently made a killing on ebay. A friend and i bought a lot of 34 games on ebay for $330. We took out what we wanted and sold the rest(on ebay and to a friend) for $300 total. So basically we got the following games for about 30 bucks total: Fight Night Round 3, Tiger Woods 07, Battlefield 2, NHL 2k6, Madden 08, Condemned 1 and 2, The Orange Box, NCAA Football 08, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty 3, Fifa Soccer 07 , and Fuzion Frenzy 2. Most of that list is mine, i didnt get any of the big titles(i had them already) except for condemned 1 and 2, but i think the rest are a nice cheap addition to the collection.

Next on my list is Eternal Sonata.

Alone Again....

Well today i got home and flipped on the 360... it was fine for a little bit and then the screen stopped and there was a loud grinding... i knew that sound. My 360, for the second time in less than a year and half, has gotten the red ring o death... Aw well i guess i will be back on in a few weeks. I did enjoy conveying my anger to the guy who answered the phone... i think he was surprised i was upset....

Gears of War 2 Multiplayer

The following links show the first Gears of War 2 multiplayer action.



You Could Be in Street Fighter IV

Capcom is putting fans faces into the latest street fighter. You have to send a picture by June 18th and they might put you into the game. Now you wont be a fighter, but you could be a background character. I thought some people might be interested. Send a high-res pic and a reason why you should be in the game to contest@capcom.com

"You don't have to be big, to look like a big loser."

Call of Duty 5

Ok so there is some new info on Treyarch's Call of Duty 5. The game will feature 4 player co-op which will have vehicles(kinda like CoD 3). The game is set in the Pacific in WW2 and will feature a lot of fighting with Japanese soldiers and apparently the game will also cover Germany's invasion of Russia. The game is supposed to be much more violent, graphic, and "scarier". The article described a soldier getting his throat slit with a katana. You can now use flamethrowers and swim underwater as well. Oh and it will be using the CoD4 engine.

Any thoughts? I am nervous about the game it sounds like they are trying to do too much again. CoD3 could have been fine if the hit detection was better and you didn't have to do so many button combos to get something done(like setting a mine). I also think that they wont have the same level of dedication to making the levels and classes balanced like infinity ward does. I don't know the co-op could be cool, but i really hope they don't put another black mark on an excellent franchise. I hope i am wrong about Treyarch this time.

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