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Finally Got Xbox 360 Slim 4Gb

Hello everyone

Yesterday i bought one Xbox 360 Slim 4Gb without Kinect! :D

about 365$ :roll:

with one extra new controller (about 55$)


for some resons i didn't bought 250 gb (i can't tell because terms of use of gs)

but! it's so amazing and i bought 4 games at once:

Forza 3,Assassins creed brotherhood,Vanquish and Red Dead Redemption.

Bad news is i dont have a Full HD TV and i connected the xbox into a old CRT TV :(

but! a multipayer options and high quality graphics made me fun and i'm started collecting achievements :lol:

tons of games will be added to my collection soon :D

thanks for reading


About banners u want (2)

Hi again all sry if i delayed making banners i traveled somewhere and then my pc got too many viruses and my internet account wanted to be recharged.

:arrow:i'm adding one important note that if u send your pictures u wanted to be included on your banner i can more easily make your banners beacause i don't have time 2 search your favorite pics or i usually don't know who is that u said me.

and one another thing :D

my university is going to be open it can extremly lower my performance


1.if u want send me the pics just upload it somewhere and send links.it's not important using image code

2.call me if i missed someone in list.


forzafootball77 (Banner , Avatar and Signature)



syler4815162342 (Second Banner)



Msteele48 (Union Banner)





dudebot12345678 (Union icon)



LadyRiama (Banner and Union Banner)

Tano218 (Second Banner)

Hammstray (Signature)


kipohippo021 (Banner and Avatar)


kipohippo021 (Singnature) ( I've lost what u wanted)


Karrotjuce (Send me your pics please)

Msteele48 (Send me your pics please)

Tano218 (Union Banner) (Send me your pics please)

MegandDia128 (Union Banner)







About banners u want

Mafia 2 by Ramtin_L.A

Hi all,

my friend introduced me as a banner guy and it's no problem,i'll make everything u want for free but some basic rules:

1.i'll make them one by one,so don't say "plz make mine first" or "it's my turn"

2.i'll make your banners or etc as good as i can so if want better,talk to another guys

3.plz send me the masseges with good meaning, i can't repair more than 3 times.

4.making wants atleast 3 hours and maximum 3 days plz dont spam to my inbox

tnx 4 your understanding

sry 4 my very bad english language


u can c my works on my images














working on animation

Hey all


It's tOo0 hot these days (45 C , 113 F ! ) in tehran and I didn't have ADSL for 4 months...

We (me and my friend) decided to making group, which doesn't have a name yet and want start making animation (or games in future)....

I had little learned about Photoshop and can work better on materials and we both started learning 3Ds max.

Remember we are in low end technology and embargoed country and can't access companies like Autodesk , Adobe or another kind of this.Lower your expectation :D

Wish money issues don't affect our work.

one of my works with photoshop:


o man it is a game site not a graphic site...:lol:

My First Works on 3Ds Max

Hey OLZ :D


Here is my first modeling with Autodesk 3Ds max..

I bought it 2 days ago and I'm a real noob now :D

These are four chess nuts.Pawn,Rook,Bishop and Knight

(it looks like a camel :D)

3ds max

NVIDIA Pitches GeForce GTX 300 Series to Clinch Performance Crown

NVIDIA's latest DirectX 11 compliant GPU architecture, codenamed "Fermi," is getting its first consumer graphics (desktop) implementation in the form of the GeForce GTX 300 series. The nomenclature turned from being obvious to clear, with a set of company slides being leaked to the media, carrying the GeForce GTX 300 series names for the two products expected to come out first: GeForce GTX 380, and GeForce GTX 360. The three slides in public domain as of now cover three specific game benchmarks, where the two graphics cards are pitted against AMD's Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5970, being part of the company's internal tests.

Tests include Resident Evil 5 (HQ settings, 1920x1200, 8x AA, DX10), STALKER Clear Sky (Extreme quality, No AA, 1920 x 1200, DX10), and Far Cry 2 (Ultra High Quality, 1920x1200, 8x AA, DX10). Other GPUs include GeForce GTX 295 and GTX 285 for reference, just so you know how NVIDIA is pitting the two against the Radeon HD 5000 GPUs, given that the figures are already out. With all the three tests, GTX 380 emerged on top, with GTX 360 performing close to the HD 5970. A point to note, however, is that the tests were run at 1920 x 1200, and tests have shown that the higher-end HD 5000 series GPUs, particularly the HD 5970, is made for resolutions higher than 1920 x 1200. AA was also disabled in STALKER Clear Sky. NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 300 will be out in Q1 2010.

AMD aims for GPUs in mainstream servers starting 2012

Advanced Micro Devices will put more focus on tightly integrating graphics processor cores into mainstream servers starting 2012 as it tries to increase system performance, a company executive said.

Mainstream servers in the future could have a combination of graphics processors and CPUs in servers as applications take advantage of thousands of GPU cores, said Gina Longoria, director of the product management and workstation division at AMD. The company may provide CPUs and GPUs together in a server to run highly parallel applications, she said.

Graphics cards are considered more advanced in tackling scientific and math applications than CPUs, which are designed to handle generic computing tasks. Some servers already combine the performance of GPUs with CPUs in high-performance computing environments.

For example, supercomputing vendor Appro offers the HyperPower Cluster, which is designed to break up and simultaneously execute thousands of threads and tasks across servers with separate Intel CPU cores and Nvidia GPU cores. One Nvidia GPU-based supercomputer, called Tsubame, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology has more than 30,000 processing cores that provide a processing speed of 77.48 teraflops.

But while the CPU and GPU are combined mostly on supercomputers, many PCs also come with basic parallel processing functionality to boost application performance. Laptops today can unload specific multimedia tasks like video editing directly to graphics chips, leaving CPUs free to execute tasks like word processing and virus scanning. AMD hopes to bring such mixed computing environments to servers in the future, Longoria said.

Over the next two years, computing using a GPU will remain a relatively niche area, so AMD's focus will be on CPUs and adding cores to it, Longoria said. Over time there could be tighter integration, and AMD could de-emphasize CPU cores if heterogeneous computing using GPUs takes off, Longoria said. AMD currently has a 16-core server CPU code-named Interlagos planned for release in 2011, and it will be based on a new chip architecture.

"As GPU becomes more relevant, that's a better way of getting performance than [CPU] cores," Longoria said. However, there's no hard and fast rule because GPU-based computing may not always be the right tool unless applications are written in parallel, she said.

Graphics-intensive applications that involve face recognition, video and imaging will see improvement on servers with the help of GPUs, Longoria said. She couldn't comment on whether data-intensive applications like databases would see improvement with the help of GPUs.

GPU is the fastest way for servers performance to jump, said Dan Olds , principal analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group. The combined CPU-GPU use is growing in high-performance computing environments, and will soon come to businesses that do a lot of graphics intensive and analytical tasks, he said.

Intel Announces Core i5, Core i7 With vPro

Businesses now have special Westmere parts made just for them.

Businesses looking to upgrade to the latest 32nm Intel CPU technology will be pleased to know that Intel today rolled out its fourth generation of vPro-enabled Core i5 and Core i7 chips.

Key features of vPro include Intel Anti-Theft Technology, which frustrates thieves by locking access to a PC if a central server or built-in intelligence concludes it is lost or stolen. New Intel Anti-Theft Technology version 2.0 enables encryption solutions to disable access to cryptographic keys through hardware to completely block access to data, and also makes it simpler to reactivate a PC once in rightful hands. Also, a custom message can be displayed in a pre-OS screen of the disabled PC for anyone who tries to access the computer.

vPro also packs a new Intel Keyboard-Video-Mouse Remote Control (KVM Remote Control), features available with dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 vPro processors work in conjunction with Intel integrated graphics, bringing a stop to IT administrators' frustration with having to ask users, "What do you see?" Instead, they will see users' displays just as the users do and have full control of the PC, even if the operating system is inoperative. Previously, KVM functionality required appliances that cost as much as $200 and more per PC.

"Businesses, particularly those that haven't purchased PCs for several years, face a computing environment that no longer handles the applications many workers and IT are adopting," said Rick Echevarria, vice president, Intel Architecture Group, and general manager, Business Client Platform Division. "The integration of intelligent performance along with smart security and cost-saving manageability features in the Intel Core vPro processor family provide IT and SMBs a no-compromise platform. We also are excited about how Intel vPro Technology gives IT the flexibility to look at client virtualization, consumerization and rich cloud applications."

PCs powered by the new 2010 Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family adapt to the needs of your business with smart security, cost-saving manageability, and intelligent performance. The Intel Core vPro processor family is designed to keep downtime and desk-side visits to a minimum, enabling remote monitoring, diagnosis, and repair of PCs—even if they are shut down or the OS is unresponsive.

Features and benefits

Laptop and desktop PCs powered by the Intel Core vPro processor family delivers cost-cutting efficiency and maximum productivity with the intelligence of hardware-assisted Intel® technologies built in:

  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology maximizes speed for demanding applications, dynamically accelerating performance to match your workload—more performance when you need it the most and energy savings when you do not.
  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology) enables highly threaded applications to get more work done in parallel. With eight threads available to the operating system, multi-tasking becomes even easier.
  • Intel® HD Graphics provides superb visual performance for sharper images and richer color.
Security and manageability
  • KVM Remote Control allows IT to see what their customers see, reliably through all states, even beyond firewalls.
  • AES-NI enables new processor instructions to accelerate and protect encryption operations.
  • Remote encryption management provides the capability to remotely unlock encrypted drives that require pre-boot authentication while managing data security settings even when the PC is off.
  • Intel® Anti-Theft Technology, disables access to data in the event of theft or loss by delivering a "poison pill" while providing simple remote reactivation on PC recovery.
  • Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)¹ allows IT to better discover, heal, and protect their networked computing assets.
  • Intel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) allows IT to remotely manage systems while providing highly secure, centralized, and virtualized IT services to end users.
  • Streamline Windows 7* deployment by quickly and remotely upgrading PCs overnight, minimizing disruptions to users, and without losing access to legacy applications.
  • Intel® Centrino® Ultimate-N 6300 offers premium performance and innovative features with up to an 8x bandwidth.

Congrats 2 all Iranians

Hi everybody! ;)

I'm here 2 say congrats 2 all Iranians because of this celebration has been accepted 2 be on UN calenders!

what is Norouz?

Nowruz is celebrated and observed by Iranian peoples and the related cultural continent and has spread in many other parts of the world, including Turkey, parts of Central Asia, South Asia, Northwestern China, the Crimea and some ethnic groups in Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. The only Hindu ethnic group that celebrates Nowruz is the Kashmiri Pandit community. During the meeting of The Inter-governmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Heritage of the United Nations, held between 28 September – 2 October 2009 in Abu Dhabi, Nowrūz was officially registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year in Iranian calendar. It is celebrated on the day of the astronomical vernal equinox, which usually occurs on March 21 or the previous/following day depending on where it is observed. As well as being a Zoroastrian holiday and having significance amongst the Zoroastrian ancestors of modern Iranians, the same time is celebrated in Indian sub-continent as the new year. The moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day is calculated exactly every year and Iranian families gather together to observe the rituals.

Since the Achaemenid era the official year has begun with the New Day when the Sun leaves the zodiac of Pisces and enters the zodiacal sign of Aries, signifying the Spring Equinox. The Jewish festival of Purim is probably adopted from the Persian New Year. It is also a holy day for Ismailis, Alawites, Alevis, and adherents of the Bahá'í Faith.

The term Nowruz in written first appeared in Persian records in the second century AD, but it was also an important day during the time of the Achaemenids (c. 648-330 BC), where kings from different nations under the Persian empire used to bring gifts to the emperor (Shahanshah) of Persia on Nowruz.

A Norooz Celebration by Kurds

The Ever-lasting Persian Celebration of New Year

According to the research conducted on the stone inscriptions and tablets from the Achaemenid period, the people of that age were well acquainted with Norouz. Achaemenid Kings used Takht-e Jamshid at Norouz to perform corresponding rituals of the New Year and to receive the representatives of the various tribes and clans. Every year representatives of nations and tribes would don their traditional costumes and gather at Takht-e Jamshid to celebrate Norouz and the new year at Apadana castle in a ceremony attended by the king and would present him with their gifts. Takht-e Jamshid was recognized and revered as a holy site and every king would come there once a year in Norouz to celebrate the new year and to visit the tombs of their ancestors.

Under the Achaemenids (559-330 BC) three calendars existed and were used among the nobility and two public calendars for the masses. However, due to the spread of Zoroastrianism and the victory of followers of this faith and Ahura Mazda over the Magi, and the followers of Mithras and Anahita, all calendars were subsequently mixed and combined.

In his collected articles called Norouz, Seyyed Hassan Taqizadeh writes: "At first the Zoroastrian New Year was moved from the month of Dey to Farvardin and Mehrega'n was accepted among the great celebrations which took place around the year 1060 AD.

During the Parthian (250 BC-226 AD) and Sassanian (224-652 AD) dynasties, people celebrated Norouz in the beginning of the year and according to their accepted traditions.

Under the Sassanian reign, the king usually wore silk garment on the morning day of Norouz and entered his court alone and immediately a person whose presence was considered auspicious would go to him. It was a custom for the kings to release a white falcon on this day and consume a little bit of fresh milk and cheese to evoke benediction.

After the advent of Islam, the Iranian Tradition assumed a religious tone and with the rise of the Abbasid and by the virtue of Abu-Moslem Khora'sa'ni's presence under the Caliphate of Harun-al-Rashid and Barmakids under Mamun, the celebration of Norouz prospered.16Hojaj-ibn-Yussef was the first Islamic authority that promoted offering of gifts in the feasts of Norouz and Mehrega'n.

The succeeding Iranian dynasties from Taherian to Safarian, Buyids, Ghaznavids and Seljuq all maintained and exalted this feast.

One of the more significant and consequential acts carried out during the Islamic era and especially under the Seljuqs, was the moving of the Norouz celebration from its annual shifting to the beginning of the first day of spring and the first month of the year, Farvardin. In 1080 AD, the Seljuq Malek Shah set a mission for eight astronomers including Omar Khayyam to accurately calculate and adjust the Persian calendar.

Under the rule of Khwrezm-Shahs too Norouz was treated so majestically that even the Mongols and Timurids could not ignore it and it is said that under their rule the feast was celebrated even more grandly.

Under the rule of the Safavid (1502-1736), the celebrations of Norouz was mixed with certain other Islamic cults and rituals and assumed a religious halo as well.

During the reign of the Qajar, the celebration of Norouz was treated seriously and it was usually held with special solemnity. In our days the Shiite Iranians regard Norouz, as an auspicious and sacred day on the basis of their religious tradition. They have combined the rite of Norouz with Iranian-Islamic culture and in this way have granted a special splendor to it.

First Haft Seen under Persian Gulf-Kish Island

BBC - Norooz 3743z

it was our country :?
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