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Rammaster2 Blog

It's been awhile.

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A new year. A new start.

I signed up on this website 4 years ago. I was 12 at the time and was just a wee lad that didn't know anything about the internet. It was a vast world, not fully explored yet. I met some good friends here in GS and had some pretty fun times. I was sad that all the awesome Unions got closed down by moderators even resulting in some users being banned permanently.

That happened about 2 or 3 years ago. I started to decrease my time in GS with the growing amounts of just incidents that made their credibility really bad from my point of view. So, I moved on and haven't been back here. I've made some attempts to rekindle my interest in GS again but I can't do it for some reason. I don't know if its just laziness or just me being stupid but I can't seem to get back to the way it used to be.

Nothing really has changed with me. Still playing lots of video games. I've moved from playing on consoles to playing on PC. Even though I still play console games, I play primarily on the PC. I would really love to restart to try and get this account back in active again. I've been posting commentary/random event gameplay videos on my YouTube channel. I'll keep you guys posted on it and HOPEFULLY be active in here again. I honestly want an outlet to vent out some of my thoughts about the status of the gaming community.

Until next time, farewell!



Link to my YouTube channel:

The Beatles: Rock Band night

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It's been a hard day's night... playing the BEATLES!! Omg.. this day has been Awesome. The Beatles: Rock Band is by far... one of the awesomest games I ever played. Well.. maybe I'm exaggerating... BUT ITS SO AWESOME. This is also my first Rock Band game. I've tried to buy others but... it didn't convince me enough.

The box was heavy. :? I bought the Limited Edition lol. But it was worth it. I also bought an extra guitar, which is Harrison's Gretch. I was gonna get a Rickenbacker but they only had the Wii version in my gamestop. When we got home me and my brother quickly set-up the stuff. I think we first played "Twist & Shout" and failed horribly since we only played GH/RB in friends houses and my cockiness of playing guitar and singing at the same time. But as the night rolled on we finally got better. I could sing and guitar very good especially if I know the lyrics.. oh we were playing Easy LOL we still fail... eh Even my Dad came to play and tried every instrument and.. well failed... but his singing was okay.. at the least lol. But Im glad he tried it out and he actually enjoyed it.

Reviewing Games + The Beatles: Rock Band (Actually a big blog post)

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Yea, since I haven't reviewed one in awhile and my writing skills has somewhat increased. I'm gonna primarily review games now lol.

Now to other stuff, I pre-ordered The Beatles: Rock Band and I'm gonna buy the Ricken Backer Guitar Controller..thingy. Woop Woop! Can't wait. Been a long time Beatles fan and I swore sometime ago (I remember saying this) that if God made one I will love him forever... Seems God actually answered this time :| :P I'm ticked off though since my favorite song, Strawberry Fields Forever isn't on it but I can wait for DLC. So.. yea.. I'll review that when I get it.


Beatlemania 9/9/09 The day my PC will actually be off :lol:

Review Check List:

Bioshock [ ]

Team Fortress 2 [ ]

Half-Life 2 [ ]

MGS4 [ ]

WoW Game Fuel Contest

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Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Banner

Yepp.. Seems like WoW is having a promotional contest with Mountain Dew, which is btw my preferred actual game fuel lol. I haven't tasted the new Game Fuel flavors but I want to since I'm gonna go get some Voltage today too. Oh and click on my banner so you can register fastly lol.... and *givesmefiftypoinst* :oops:



E3 and Sims 3 (lol Rhyme)

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E3's done and I gotta say it was A WHOLE LOT BETTER than last year. I think Microsoft won E3, with Sony in a close second and... Nintendo in dead last.

Microsoft dazzled me with their aweosme line-up of games, particularly Rock Band: The Beatles and the new Splinter cell game. Got a big surprise in their announcement of MGS5: Rising and Left 4 Dead 2. AND what really made it the best conference was Project: Natal. I mean... It's amazing. A lot more amazing than the Wii's motion sensing controller. Another favorite of mine from the Microsoft Conference was Milo. lol. That really freaks me out and excites me. I mean... talking to an AI boy.. I wonder how will they'll pull it off. I hope Project: Natal delivers what it said it could be.

Sony was pretty cool. Announcement of MG: Peace Walker was aweosme so now my PSP has something to look forward this year. Or maybe not since the PSP GO! Might be replacing it later this year but with the hefty price of $250 he might stay with me a little longer. Modnation Racer was really interesting and looking forward to playing it. I'm trying to convince my brother to buy me FF7 on the PSN since he owns the PS3 in the house. Their new 'Wii-like' controllers looks pretty cool and incorporates their previous EyeToy technology and it looks interesting. Sony looks like they're gonna have a solid year this year.

And.. here we come to Nintendo..... It... was.... boring... seriously... I don't care about the Wii Fit or your new Diabetes Sensor or some other crap.. I honestly fast forwarded only to the interesting parts which specifically were the New Super Mario Bros Wii and Metroid: The other M. man, Nintendo, what happened. Looks like you don't care about the hardcore gamers anymore.... :(

Ram's Final Rating of Conferences:

Microsoft: :lol:

Sony: :D

Nintendo: :|

Oh and I bought the Sims 3 and its AWESOME! I'm planning on making a chronicle of my Sim Family and lol yea... Watch out for that and I know this E3 blog is really late but.. ;P


So, where was I?

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A lot of stuff has been happening to me since I left. I recently moved into a new house and its awesome. In 8th grade, doing good in skool and the such. As for games, I'm playing my normal dosage of FPS( Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead). I moved over to the PC Gaming-side from the Console-side. I still play console games, I completed Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, playing Kingdom Hearts II again and I'm attemting again to finish a Final Fantasy game, FInal Fantasy XII. My past attempts on FF games has failed. Reasons are: Glitched Emulator(Final Fantasy VII), EXTREMLY hard fights (Final Fantasy Tactics: War of teh Lions) and just laziness... lol. I've been doing lotsa art stuff and comics. Please check them out here: Ram's DevianART Profile. I recently bought Bioshock. Although I completed it after I, lets just say I got it from a outside source for "Free". But those days are over. I'm buying games now... Except for EA games but I will soon buy Sims 3. I dunno wut else to say. Well in my new house at least I got my own room ;) Just my own space! WOOOO! So yea.. thats what's been happening. I'll put a list of games I'm anticipate to hear from or get! I hope to stay in GS longer :D I dunno if I'll be active in unions, becasue GS killed it, but I will be commenting a lot and updateing my blog! So WAPPA! lol

Ram's Game Hitlist:

1. Bioshock 2


2. Battlefield Heroes (Currently in Beta)

I am in a Beta and its amazing for a free game. So I hope it comes out officialy soon

3. The Beatles: Rock Band

F YEA! BEATTLEESS!! I iz a big Beatle fan. Ringo is my favorite.

4. Portal 2

I want more chasing my butt moments

5. Sims 3

Yes... WooHoo Time! :twisted:

Kept you waiting, huh?

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HHAHHAHAHAH! I izzz baaackckkk!!!!!!!!!!! RAWWWRRRRR!!!! U'm gonna start being active again and I'm researching on how to find a loophole so it will be fun again like the good 'ol times. So.. It's glas to be back. I will make a blog post with updates on my life and gaming life. So... ITS GOOD TO BE BAAACKK WOOOOOOOOOP WOOOOP WOOOOOPP WOOOOPW WAPPA! lol