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Married...with Children and still trying to game!

Just my thoughts on being married with 3 kids and still needing that "special time" to game. I find myself as addicted to gaming now as I did when I was 12. I'm 33 now, married and I have 3 kids...one a teenager. I've recently bought a PS3 and have found that I am quite addicted to fallout 3 at the moment. I've owned a XBOX360, but had to sell it when we needed the money.

When you are married to an individual who does not game themselves and does not understand the attaction, it is very hard to spend your weekend trying to complete several tasks and a build your character up to a respectable level. You want to continue playing, but in the back of your mind, you see your significant other standing there wandering why you don't want to "do something". From your prospective, you are, but thier's is that you are wasting time. So you have to pull yourself out of the immerision of the game that from the develpor's point of view, you should be fully immersed in order to enjoy it to the fullest. You have to pause often to take care of little tasks, or end the game completely to go out and run errands.

(I need to note a little about myself here in order to not get flamed to death because it seems that all I want to do is game constantly. I work a full 40 hours and then some a week. I'm an IT speciallist who builds systems and afully certifed NEC PBX technician, so I'm always on call. My work week leaves me drained to the point that when I get home, I only have time to cook and then get to bed. I cook because I love to cook, the wife does not. I'm an amature chef in my opinion, and my oldest daughter thinks I'm a pro at it, but opinions are just that, opinions. On the weekends, I do my set of chores and repairs around the house, fix the car or van if they need it, or just do routine mantinance on them. I'm not lazy, I'm just addicted to games when I get involved in them.)

So back to the main point. You've done what is expected of you for the weekend. You've cleaned up and fixed all you can, so it is now time to game in your opinion. It is 2PM on a Saturday, and you start to game. Your goal is to gain only 2 levels, and about 4 to 5 quests. At 3:30 your signifcant other asks you a few questions (did you pay the house note, how much money is in the bank, have you seen my ____ "fill in the blank"). These questions are no big deal, and you answer them without really losing the immersion into the game. Now you are 2 bars away from leveling, your surronded though, and about to die. You are trying to get to safety or use a health item. You are then summoned...not in the game, but in the house by wife/kid/dog (you name it). You have to pause at this crucial moment, because you don't want to make it seem like the game runs your life. You fix the problem or get things calmed down and unpause the game only to die right away because you hit the wrong button.

So here's what I have found is a neccesity in order to truly enjoy a game and not get interrupted. I go to bed at 7PMon Saturday's with a cat nap in there somewhere if I can get one, set the alarm to wake me at 2AM and game until 9AM. 7 hours of gaming with the only interuptions occuring at around 7 to 9 when everyone starts to wake. It makes for a longSunday, but at least this is how I getmy gaming FIX.Now get out there and mow the yard!