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Yep, I'm still here

Yep, still here, though I'm just a basic member and no longer total access. Been playing Scribblenauts and my old friend Lumines. Would love to get a PS3 slim, especially now that Netflix streaming is on the way.

Gaming has slowed

I haven't been gaming much lately, although I did just finish replaying Katamari Damacy (hadn't played since 2005) and We Love Katamari (hadn't played since 2006). I want Patapon... I tried out the demo and it's great. I also am looking forward to LocoRoco 2. I don't know if it's just me but it seems like the number of new games for the DS that I'm interested has just gone way down. It seemed like last year there was a new game every month I wanted.

Back to Animal Crossing?

I played Animal Crossing for 8 months straight. After not playing for 9 months, I have been messing around in my town for the past 2 days. It's not very exciting, as I have most of the furniture and collectibles, but I don't want to start a new town and have to go through collecting my millions of bells all over again. Plus, I have all the exclusive Toys 'R' Us gifts and the monkeys that would likely be wiped out if I started a new town. I don't know if I'll stick with it again... it remains to be seen.

Thoughts on my new games

So far I am really enjoying Exit, although since I'd played the demo, I knew I would. MySims DS is just okay... as many people are saying, Animal Crossing did it first and better. I don't think I like Cookie and Cream - it's hard to coordinate controlling both of them at once, sometimes, and the levels seem too repetitive. I'm amused... the overnight girl where I work brings in a small TV and her PS2 to play games because it's usually so quiet at night!

Three new games!

I've been playing MySims DS, and I also have Exit (PSP) and Cookie & Cream (DS) waiting for me when I get tired of MySims. :) I hope that Exit 2 gets localized here - I know that I like it, since I played the Japanese demo.

I finished FF12

I finally finished FF12. I won't spoil you, in case you haven't played it, but I felt the ending was a bit short and anticlimactic. Other than that, the game was great... I'd say it's my 2nd-favorite FF, right after 9. Definitely the longest (that I've played) too, as I ended up putting in over 100 hours.