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Happy New YEAR!

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Hey gamespot! Just quickly wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! 08 went by so fast,Its impressive how we are already in 2009! Today's new years so theres gonna be partying at my house, Til After-party Cheers , and good luck in 09!

AHAHA!!! i knew it!!!!!

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NAMCO wtf seriously? Darth Vader was always in Soul Calibur 4 but they never said anything i feel bad for the poor souls that went through the trouble of buying both consoles! and both games to get the two characters! omg, Vader was finally released recently but he was always in the game! i knew that empty spot next to yoda was something! Also this happened as well with some DLC the download of the "extra weapons" are in the game, you just have to unlock them. Namco did a clever move, but they scammed thousands! lol