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Metal Gear Headset Is REAL and a Note to Sci Fi Geeks

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Click Image to go to Site

This headset could very well be coming out along with Metal Gear Solid Launch, however it's based off of the 360 headset, therefore probably will not come out. (update it is coming out!!)

Also I don't know how many people are Sci-Fi geeks, however if you don't like BSG (or even if youdo[I don't BTW]), Check out Doctor Who on Sci Fi channel (it's only three episodes behind the actual BBC airing) Friday at 8:30. DW is the longest running Sci-Fi show I know of and with reason, for more info check it out on Wikipedia.

Can't wait till next week (GT5 prologue , MGO, Forbidden Kingdom), and yet I can (4 tests in school).

Metal Gear Saga 2 plus SOP DVD?

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Well i got my MGS 2 DVD today, it's not in hd but it does have a lot of information on all the "Snakes".

I also got the beta code, which I can't wait to use next week.

Next Week:

Getting GT5 Prologue

Downloading MGO

and there is a PS Store update.

If anyone wants to play me send me a message online or psn.


Stars Jet Li and Jackie Chan, do a google search and watch the latest trailer (don't watch the first one)

Finall I updated my Banner however I had a brain lapse and I didn't check and see if all of my letters were visible, hence you only see half of the word blog. BTW I did that stuff in paint, however now I have Photoshop CS2 so maybe I'll be able to do a better one soon. I will actually start reviewing so more games and dvds etc in the near future. 3 more weeks til I graduate oh yeah.

PS. I'm not totally sure but we also get a dvd with MGS4 that has all of the cutscenes together right? yes? well my question is, is it in HD? (I know in descriptions they say DVD but on other sites they say BD or call BDs DVDs, or categorize them as BD DVDs. BD DVD is incorrect BTW)

Ah My Banner?

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I put up a temporary banner and low and behold the tabs on gamespot interfer with my banner, now I gotta change it.

Motorstorm 2 trailer and Which can be scarier First Person View or Third?

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Which can be scarier First Person View or Third?

What are your thoughts?

There are games like Fear, Doom, and many more that deserve to be recognized than the two i mentioned that are scary.

Then on the third person side there are game like Resident Evil. (though they kind of switch back and forth when shooting)

I am not comparing RE with Fear and Doom, I'm just showing what types are to be considered.

Shoot away

BTW Motorstorm 2 Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motorstorm 2 on gametrailers

Level 28

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congrats me!!

I'm waiting for the big 30.

I'm going to update the blog with more video images, etc. and also a new banner!!!


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The announcement will be made next week, here's the link.


Let HDDVD Die NOW (PART II w/ Links)!!!!!!!

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My response to a post:

I agreed with him on some important things however my blog post (the first one)

was about letting HDDVD die, even if it is the better format it's dead. (just like betamax)
I'm sure you've heard the latest news, Walmart is getting rid of HDDVD
by June
Netflix chooses BD over HDDVD
BestBuy recommends BD
And of course you know about Blockbuster having BD discs in store.

I'm all for competition but the longer things are drawn out the more it hurts the consumer. With the way things are going now it's no wonder why you hear things like this:

And then Toshiba's answer:
"Given the market developments in the past month, we will continue to study the market impact and the value proposition for consumer"
HDDVD have 386 titles released in US
BD has 493 titles released in the US
Heck HDDVD only have a handful of major studios backing them
Universal and Paramount (which may leave
Time Warner and New Line are leaving
BD has a monster of support, and with the PS3 as a great BD player it'll just grow even more.

Just let it die, that's all I am saying.

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