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New Job

Hey guys, been a while since I made a real blog entry. How's everybody been? I got a new job this past Wednesday. I now work at a local movie rental store. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog I am 19 and just started my 2nd year of college, so any kind of job is pretty much welcome :P. The job is pretty easy, just learn to check the movies in an out, learn where the movies are in the back, and learn who the customers are. The store is a very down to earth store, the owner is your everyday kind of person so she knows everybody and she wants me to know them as well. I am pretty excited for this because I do like to meet new people, who doesn't? On top of everything I get to rent old movies for free so employee perks FTW :P.

So many Moderations!!!

I've been moderated so many times in the past few months. I just got modded twice in the past 12 hours. I have lost at least a level or two from this as well. I get in trouble when I go into system wars and start talking to the fanboys. What are yall's history with moderation?

Finally Joined!!!

Man I have been using Gamespot forever for my video game website, but I never set up an account.  That changed as of last night when I finally got myself an account, and I am really enjoying it right now.:D