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Games done and Dusted + New ones I've recently started

I'm feeling quite good lately with my game spendings. 

In January I finished 2 important games to me for the PS Vita.

One I have already talked about which was Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, which I am still obsessing about. But another one which I didn't expect the finish at the end of the month was Persona 4: Golden.

I fell absolutely head over heels for Persona 4 it was just such a great experience. The ending just = mind explosion. It really did just suck me in. I got 7 social links maxed out but was unable to max out Marie's because I didn't know how to take our to the outside world :( Didn't find out until the hospital scene. Feel so silly, so I'm going to go back to it with the new game plus and start again soon. I really want to experience the new dungeon :)

So those were the 2 games I finished in Jan, shame because I bought 5 games to go into the Shame Pile List too and these include:

Suikoden IV

Suikoden V

Atelier Iris 3

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

And some Final Fantasy stuff - but mainly Chocobo Racing

Kefka also thought it'd be a nice touch to stick her head through the hole for the Tactics game - she wouldn't leave it be.

There was also one more thing that I picked up but chose not to put it in my Shame list because I won't be playing them for a very long time and that was

I picked up a SNES which also came with Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - the same seller had Final Fantasy II up for sale and he took $30 off the price for me and I bought that too, I was so excited that I also purchased Super Mario All Stars and Super Mario World which were dirt cheap (all boxed too). I use to have a SNES when I was 4 and I still have it today, only problem is we bought it in London so when we brought it back to Australia none of the sound worked. My sister would play for hours (we have an 8 year difference between us) and I would watch and try to join in. But now to have a SNES that works and has sound it's just great.

So the month of Feb has begun and so far I've only bought 1 game which I've had on preorder for months.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch I've been looking forward to for quite sometime. Everyone that knows me, knows I am an avivid JRPG lover so of course this was a day one purchase. It got delayed till 31st of Jan which I was unable to pick up due to working back but then on the 1st of Feb, my partner surprised me with the game and guide book in hand despite not paying off the guide book on my preorder he did that for me.

I've yet to play it though because my PS3 is at his place but next week I shall start straight away.

I've finished 2 games this month so far (first week which is doing good)

Braid was one of them. I got Braid back in April of 2011, so it's been nearly 2 years now since I got the game and only 2 nights ago I finished it. I got stuck and gave up, and I just never really went back to it which was a shame because the ending was truly one of the best I've ever experienced in a game - it was extremely clever. So that's great that this is now done and dusted.


I also dusted off Luminies on the PS Vita. Didn't really get into this game as much as I thought I would which is a shame but at least it's gone. If I feel like playing something like it again atleast I know I have it.

I started 3 new games so far and one is a bit of a hit and miss while the other 2 I am really enjoying.

So I got Gravity Rush for Christmas along with my PS Vita and I really wanted it after hearing so many good things about it. After playing Zero Escape and Persona 4 I thought I would continue the bandwagon of great games and try Gravity Rush only to feel rather disappointed with it. I just can't get into it which is a shame because the game is quite beautiful. 
I'm hoping the game picks up it's pace soon but lately I've been feeling I have to force myself to play it rather then wanting to get my hands on my PS Vita to play it non stop.

On Wednesday after defeating Braid I went through some other of my Arcade games (because I was too lazy to search for a retail game I had) and I remember I bought this during the 12 days of Christmas sale. I read some pretty **** reviews on Gamespot and IGN about this game but after I watched some gameplay trailers I thought it looked quite cool and a good idea so I decided to purchase it. After playing the first level and defeating the first boss I was instantly hooked to the game and managed to get through another level and boss last night. It's quirky, charming and can be quite gross - can't wait to play some more.

The last game I decided to whack into my console yesterday was Asura's Wrath after hearing some people's impression of the game. I went to a preview night where Street Fighter vs Tekken, Resident Evil Racoon City and Asura's Wrath was playing the demos. The demo did not give Asura's Wrath justice, although it has a bunch of QTE's the games charm is through it's story. I'm only up to Episode 2 and the story has already exploded into something so amazing and tragic. I am disappointed that there's a lot of DLC out for it and it's for additional story content - wish they just added that into the game instead.

But other then that I haven't really been doing much else, I hope to get Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit done and dusted by the end of the month because I know the beginning of March I will be purchasing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 because I absolutely adored the second one, Tomb Raider and Atelier Ayesha - so if I can atleast get 2 - 3 games down I will feel accomplished :)

Oh yeah I've been working on a YouTube video as well (finally!) My top 15 games of 2012. Hoping to get that started soon as I've finished the script. I played quite a bit last year and there was some real hidden gems tucked away there.

First ever Platinum! Pile of Shame 2013

This morning at around 5:40am I finally got my first ever Playstation Platinum trophey! :D I am so excited about it because I got it from one of my all time favourite game

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

The twist at the end really got me, I couldn't believe it and then the ending has really left me wanting the 3rd game to come out.
At first I'll admit I was so sceptical that this game wasn't going to be as good as 999 but getting the other character's endings and the flow chart just made it so much more enjoyable for me and I got hooked.

I finished Zero Escape with a total play time of 41 hours, and it is a very easy Platinum if you do everything correctly.

Since Zero Escape has now been done and dusted I've decided to start playing some Persona 4: Golden

I never was able to finish the PS2 version of the game which was such a shame, but since it's on a hand-held I might finally be able to get this done and dusted. I loved Persona 3, It was incredibly enjoyable and I find working on the social links a lot more fun then the actual dungeon section of the game.

One of my good friends who I work with is leaving next week, it will be incredibly lonely around here without her because she's the only one close to my age, but I've decided I'd occupy my lunch with going back to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday and Monday, Wednesday I'll play my PS Vita or 3DS. Friday I would make my pub day, where I can just go across the street for a Pub meal if I wanted too. It's upsetting to see her go however.

On the GS AU Forums there's a Shame Pile 2013 challenge available. I tried to do the Unfinished Games 2012 challenge last year and failed miserably but I feel a little bit more confindent this year then I did last. 2013 I've really put a limit on how much I spend and started trying to save up for something big, either a car or maybe to move out.
This year I went through my list and I had over 300+ games unfinished. It was so upsetting to see all these games and majority of them have either not been touched or touched and then left there.

So this year I have started with 275 games, and my goal is to try to atleast finish 30 and a new rule for myself, in order to buy one game I must finish one. The exceptions are with my preorders since the majority of my preorders are actual collector's editions of the games such as a new release this year:

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - Wizard Edition

This game has the visuals from Studio Ghibli whom have made 2 of my favourite Anime movies, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away so I am very excited for this!

Currently I am working on Persona 4 Golden as I have already mentioned

Pokemon Black Version - With the announcement of Pokemon X and Y I am even more tempted to finish the original Black version before the new gen comes out, I had finished the 8th Gym Leader but I decided to start a new game to get Tepig in my Black Version 2 game which I have already finished and still play as of today - I mainly do my Join Avenue, I don't know but I find it so addictive!

And my partner and I are currently working 100%ing Final Fantasy XIII and getting all achievements

I'll admit I don't like this game as much as I liked Final Fantasy XIII-2 but since the announcement of Lightning Returns and I have 100% Final Fantasy XIII-2 so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do Final Fantasy XIII before the release of Lightning Returns which I think is coming out December 2013.

When my partner and I get sick of Final Fantasy XIII we picked up Borderlands 2 again which we are currently working on the Mr Torgue campaign

We bought a 60 inch LG (I think it's 60 it's more then 55 though) 200GHZ 3D Smart TV for when we finally decide to move out and it is currently hooked up at my partner's house, unfortuantely since he gets weird headaches we are unable to play Borderlands for a long period of time. Also my TV started **** itself with Borderlands for some reason :( When I started playing and it got really hectic my TV would freeze and then it was so hard to even just turn it off, when I went back to Final Fantasy it worked fine though. It wasn't the Xbox though because my headset was working and I could still hear EVERYTHING. Plus I only recently bought myself a new Xbox 360 White Slim 320GB which was rather cheap.

I want to Finish this DLC though because Hammerlock's DLC comes out soon too!!

Well hopefully this will be done soon :) So that is my gaming updates, hope this year will be different gaming wise then 2012

Small Life and PS3 Gaming Update

Reading back on my old problems has put a little smile on my face. I dealt with such serious problems at such a young age and still can't believe all of that was happening my way. But that is all gone and dusted!

Hello, the name is Gabriela but I am also known as Ragnarok (Rag) I got engaged to my amazing Fiance on my birthday this year when I turned 20 (June the 8th 2012) and we plan for a bit of a long engagement before we actually set a date. My bastard of an ex is finally out of my life for good and I seriously have never been happier.

[spoiler]  [/spoiler]

So the brief run down on how we met was I use to date his Best Friend, found out he was a douche which ended it all and from there Shane and I really hit it off. The one thing that really got us close together was Final Fantasy, the first time I met him he heard my alarm tone which was Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X, which was also his favourite Final Fantasy game and thats when he found out I wasnt just some girl gamer trying to follow the crowd. We started playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 together and became closer from that, to eventually admitting our feelings to finally dating.

We got engaged and poof! Everything has been perfect since. I left EB Games in May and started pursuing my career in Office Administration starting off with working at LJ Hooker Corporate Head Office which is where I am currently at, so my life has been a little busier than normal.

One of the greatest things is I finally have met someone who is very much like myself, and we have so much in common greatest is we love the same video games. So although this is a small update of how the life is going despite all the crap that was going on beforehand, Im doing a small gaming update too.

My Game pile grows every month and only very slowly starts to go down so I am going to try and set a gaming goal. I use to never give a hoot about achievements or trophies or anything like that, I would never go out of my way to find a really terrible game to get a very easy 1000g (besides Avatar, that was just WAY too easy and I only obtained for $4 and traded in for $12 PROFIT!). It started when I was playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Shane, and I thought that it was time we tried for some of the other achievements since I also wanted to see the alternative endings, it was worth all the time I put into it and left me feeling so much more accomplished.

I am not the type of person who rushes games either, I have heard so many stories of people finishing games so quickly even just on day of release and I feel that they didnt even give the game a true shot and its real potential. I like to take my time, relax and really let the game absorb me.

As of next year I have decided to buy 1 game if I have completed 1. Thanks to Chickans spreadsheet I will still be counting all my gaming updates and see the amount I obtain from the amount I actually have finished. But the finished game can also include 100%s which will bend my rules slightly.

As of next week I will be moving my Playstation 3 to Shanes place so it can stop collecting dust at my house its been unplugged for quite some time now and I even have so many Playstation 3 games that are still sealed.

Doing this will allow the chance to expand my gaming library a bit more. On weekends I either go to Muswellbrook where Shane lives or he comes to Sydney and when we wish to relax Ill get the Xbox out and he will get the PS2 out. I am trying to finally finish more games as it comes by.

So far we completed Final Fantasy X, Alan Wake, Tales of Vesperia (still in progress) and we are also doing Final Fantasy X-2 now. I am going to write a list of my PS3 games that I feel ashamed that I havent opened yet or havent given a real go.

One of my all-time favourite games especially it being exclusive to the PS3 and I have yet to even complete all the endings. I got my one ending and I felt fulfilled from that because that was MY ending but in all honesty, I want more but Ive never been able to bring myself back to the controller because of the PS3, and when I did my PS3 died on me forcing me to buy a new one. This is a game that I will be sharing with my Partner and hoping to achieve Platinum.

I played so much of Disgaea 2 did I ever get to finish it? Err No. Was such a shame because I was so into it but I just never finished it. Now that I have all the Disgaea games ready in the palm of my hands I think it is finally time to open them up again and try and finally complete them all.

Im popping out all the Japanese games arent I today. I have all the Artelier games but never have I finished one. I was getting into Rorona so much but then my PS3 shat itself and deleted all my saved data meaning I had to start again despite sinking so many hours into it. I never had the time nor the patience to go back to it even though I was liking it so much as it was. Now I think this will be another title that I will be heading back too.

Yet another that has fancied me. I have picked up all of the titles but yet still have not opened nor played them. I really should start, but again never had the time. I love Japanese games so much I dont know if its a nice fact knowing that I have them or I am seriously just a little hoarder :P Regardless It really does fancy me, I really should give it a shot.

The last 2 are bigger titles which I am shameful to say I have not played or opened. I will need to give this a shot very soon and they include.

Here come some of the big titles now. Ico has always intrigued me as a gamer, it looks so beautiful and all I ever hear is nothing but greatest from this title. I have yet to even open my copy of the remake HD collection of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and it shames me. I will be needing to play this so I can finally understand what the hype is about (even if its only a small hype).

I have finally bought myself Uncharted but again Never have I played the game. I got myself 1 and 2 preowned with a non-platinum case (so pedantic I am) and then number 3 which I have still yet to open. Uncharted has so much hype around it and I hear nothing but good things, so I thought since it looks great I would finally give it a shot. Man, my playstation really needs some loving. I am so greatful that I have found a new home for it.

The collection is huge and it only gets bigger, time to really knuckle down on some of these titles to be proud to say Yes I have a huge collection and yes I have played them

With everything so far going alright I think itll be a great start to the whole gaming business, and I am so happy my partner is a gamer too otherwise this would be a lot harder.

Hope everyone else is going well too.

Update: Thanks for the support!

I thought I would just do a quick update so everyone can see where I am at. After a long discussion with my exwe decided to try and do a break, it only lasted a few days until he called it off for good - only to find out that he had asked a girl out (to be his girlfriend) the very next day after the offical break up. What complicated matters was he still wanted to be friends with me, which right after a break up isn't exactly the greatest thing in the world because we just went straight back to feeling like we were a couple. One day I called him rather upset and I didn't know the girl he asked out was over and he put me on speaker, we were arguing and then I said "You can't possibly like her that much if you are still sleeping with me" and then hell went down with him.

I shouldn't care about it but I did a lot, a few hours later he then called me furious and abusing me saying it was all my fault and that I ruined everything for him as the girl no longer wished to have much to do with him. I had no idea that I was on speaker so I was talking to him like I would normally, I also didn't know he slept with her that night when he slept with me that morning sowhen I stated that I could only imagine her pain.He kept on saying to me they weren'tdating so I didn't takethem seriously at all, infact I hated her for getting invovled in our relationship so everytimehe brought her up I wouldabuse her and he was already gettingwhipped by her even though they weren'tdating.I allowed him to calm down and said if he wanted to talk like mature adults he could call me later, he then called asking me to come over to just talk. We then decided there we would not talk to each other anymore. I was okay with this and as upset as I was, I just decided to move on.

He's been trying to contact me through skype since, I've deleted everything I have with him and been trying not to reply but he seems so lonely. As of a few days ago my doctor has put me on anti-depressants. Now I haven't started taking this due to my current situation, I've been putting off taking this for years until I've finally decided to give in. My whole family suffers with depression, especially on my mother's side. My mum, aunt, cousin and nan are taking anti-depressants and my sister use to but she got off them (she was a lot nicer person when she was on them). Since I was 12 I have suffered with pretty bad depression which I only got treatment through counselling for. When I was 15 I was recommended to go on the medication but I kept on saying "I don't want to rely on a tablet to make myself happy", each year they would assess me and question again why I didn't want to go on them.4 years later, I have no choice if I didn't seek some sort of help I am pretty sure my life would come tumbling down. I could no longer go to my old cousellor as they were apart of the adolescent clinc and since I am over the age I have to go somewhere else, I don't feel comfortable having to go to someone else and having to discuss all the problems that have happened in my life since the age of 10, it's pretty much like opening old wounds.

Me and my ex haven't seen each other for 4 days and I haven't reached out to contact him either, he has come to me today asking for us to be friends again because he feels so alone, even though he was the one who cut all communication with me, right now I am in a tough decision of what to do. 4 and a half years with him and there has been a lot of heartache over it but he wasn't just a boyfriend he was my best friend. I'm still thinking and I guess I'll see what I might do tonight.

Heh. Wow this blog does get personal, but I guess it's a good way to vent, The 2 good things that has come out of this break up is:
1. I have finally had the courage to quit my boring, depressing job at the Financial company I was with. I felt it wasextremely awkward there especially after the director got very drunk at a work function and wouldn't stop groping me and touching me inappopriatly, making comments like "I don't like you that much but I am so going to make out with you at the end of the night" and grabbing other female employees breasts whilist they just laugh it off. I put in a compliant for sexual harrassmentand my manager said it would be dealt with accordingly, but being at work never felt the same (This all happened 3 - 4 weeks into the job). It sucked even more when one of the other girls said "It happens all the time, just go with the flow - don't worry about it", I hated every moment of it. If it was just some sleezy guy at the bar, it would have been okay because I could have just turned around and slapped him, but my own director drunk off his ass - it just sucked. I now start back at EB Games, the job I loved so much from the day I started. Money again will be an issue but I want to stay in a job that makes me happy.

2. Ever since the break up I have gotten back in contact with my friends and I've never found them so supportive. Every person I have told so far that we are no longer in contact have cheered and said I could do better. My ex had put me through a lot during our relationship and has broken up with me many times but we never cut communication until now. They've all told me to move on now and I've decided too, I've never had so much fun hanging out with them.

I've taken a lot forgranted, but I am still young and I have a lot of things ahead of me. I think this blog will be the only time I actually say anything about me being on anti-depressants, I haven't told anyone because I am very ashamed to say it. But I feel a lot happier now and like there is a lot of stress taken off me. I am slowly coming back toGamespot and playing video games again, I stopped for awhile as my ex found it 'childish' when I played my PSP in public (I was playing it on the plane at 6am because I couldn't sleep, that's the only time I play in public), so I stopped playing games for a while but I've realised it's my hobby and he shouldn't be able to say what I can and can't enjoy.

I think I've blabbed on enough, if you've gotten this far thanks for reading and I am sorry for not being around - I've finally slowly got my life back on track and trying to move forward now. I want to thank everyone's support and concern, the slightest bit of support just brightens my day up. Again thanks to you all, and I guess I can kind of announce my return :)

Farewell For Now

So as I have stated I went to Melbourne with my boyfriend Thursday and came back home in Sydney Sunday (today) morning. After having fun whilist in Melbourne and exploring we felt relieved to come back home where we knew what was happening. We dropped off his bags at home and then we took the nerf gun I bought him and bought some batteries which we then took to my place. After having some fun mucking around and shooting up the house he decided to go home and sleep.

We talked for a bit and then he brought up the "we have to talk" - nothing about breaking up but just chatting. We decided to talk outside and he brought up some concerns that he has had. He has decided that I have gotten too comfortable in the relationship, gained a little bit of weight and that I am a very boring and bland person. After much hurtful things he went on saying about me he then decided to break up with me - out of the blue - no idea what I had done nor what I said to trigger him to be so lovey dovey the first few hours to breaking my heart the next.

I have been with this guy for 4 and a half years, would be 5 come November. Due to some of the things he has said to me I have decided to have a nice hardlook at myself and decide what it is I have done to cause this to have happened.

All in all, I've become rather heart-broken and distraught that I shall be taking a break from Gamespot for a while. I maybe lurking here and there but I will not be contributing as much nor post anything at all for a long time. For the past 2 years of my relationship I have worked very hard trying to make him happy but nothing I did was good enough for him, now I feel kind of like a lost puppy dog. I'm a 19 year old girl and I need to live my life, I just need to know where to start again.

I will be back eventually :) I guess I will go all corny here and say, it really does depend how long it will take to find myself again.

Thanks everyone for being such great people towards me especially on the AU forums. Hope to catch up with you all again soon.

Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain


For the first time in a long time I have finally found a game that has completely "wow'd" me. Heavy rain has to be one of the best titles on the Playstation3 to come out this year. This game is extremely unique in it's own way, playing through 4 different characters all having some sort (even extremely minor) connection with each other and all after one thing, to catch the serial killer on the loose, the famous "Origami Killer".

I work at a videogame retailer and when I saw this game in our "coming soon" section I thought it was just stupid and not worth even putting there. It looked for me like another bland story game coming out but boy was I completely wrong. From customers points who have bought it they have said how good it was and worth the play. My boyfriend, Stephen, played through this first before I even got my Playstation3 and told me that it would touch me in such a way that no game has touched me before. Now, I am one of those emotional gamers - I play game endings and end up crying so for him to say that really meant something and I knew I would have to play it.

For anyone who has not played the game, this video bought me before Stephen even told me about the game. Fantastic watch:



(Warning: Minor spoilers are coming up, if you do not wish to read on stop right here!)

Now, I for one played the game as if I was the characters myself. Every decision I made throughout the game I thought on a personal level "would I do that to save the one I loved?" Which ofcourse is the whole concept throughout the game. Well, I made it through all 4 trials, the thing that took me the longest to do was the 2nd trial... I just... I couldn't do it until it said 2 minutes left and went for it. Yes, I did end up doing the 4th trial too. This is what made the game so much more better is the fact that it makes you think what you would do if you were in that situation. Well, maybe because I am also into major psychological thriller movies and to finally play a game kind of like the same genre has made my first Playstation3 experience worthwhile.

All I would say to anyone who wants to play this game: Play it as if YOU were in the same situation. I would go through all the trials, Stephen only went through 1 trial and that was number 3.Now the only real flaw I found in this game was the controls annoyed me to death, sometimes they wouldn't respond properly when doing the arrorws even when I'm doing it and standing right infront of it - which can put you in a terrible situation when you're on a timed event. Besides that, it's fantastic all the way.

Heavy Rain.

How far will you go to save the one you love?

Technology and your child - Bad for them (?)

Another simple morning for me - Get up early to head off to work, quickly grab a bite to eat at the closest fast food place I can find. Yesterday was not like every other morning though, after ordering my food I go and sit down by myself and come across a magazine I wish I didn't end up reading.


I will start off from when I was young, I know that if my mum did not sit me down infront of the computer when I was only 3 years old to play games I would not be the big gamingenthusiast I am now. My favourite childhood games back when I was little were of course the games from Humongous Entertainment which have some most loveable characters such as:


Freddi Fish and Luther

Putt Putt


Pyjama Sam

And a whole lot more. These are the games I use to play as a child and I loved playing every moment of them and still atleast 15 years have past and I don't mind going back to them just to play through what I use to adore so much as a child. Oh Nostalgia. So now I work at a video game retailer and slowly approaching to manager position and I love every minute of it, I thank my mother so much for how she raised me with technology but with this article I read yesterday morning put me in such a sour mood when I got to work.

At work I have a lot of customers (I should be saying parents)complaining how expensive games are and the console, when I say that we do our best with our prices (especially when we have a sale) they complain more and of course end up buying so their kids will stop nagging them. I don't know if I was just a good child and didn't nag so much or my mother just didn't listen to me but this is probably why this is such a big problem according to "Aussie Kids, Parenting publicaton".

According to this magazine although it can be a good thing to expose kids to technology that overexposure can cause major addiction, alright - true statement lets continue on from there shall we. So playing computer games will increase Dopamine. Dopamine is the neurochemical related to pleasure and motivation. As a result games can be highly addictive and can cause compulsive playing to the exclusion of other activities - personal opinion being used there. I was of course a lover for gaming at the young age and I hated sports because they didn't interest me but I did love swimming so my mum allowed me to take up that and then found my love for music. So activities will be excluded because of love or loathe for them.

Piano Score

I love creating music on the computer from Final Fantasy scores by ear.
My passion for music came from video game scores, I love video game music.

So the warning signs for your child could include:

- Finding it hard to stop playing for meal times or other activities

- Has a limited range of conversational topics

- Only relates to others who play the same games

- Gives up sports or other interests

I think for a parent they can pick up there own warning signs, I am guessing this is just a guideline for parents who just want to say no to buying a computer or a new trendy console. I was not addicted at the age of 4, I could sit at the table perfectly fine to eat meals, I could hold conversations at school and more importantly participated with my friends when playing games BUT now I can admit I am addicted to technology, well... World of Warcraft. I will write another blog on World of Warcraft later and the impacts of that game.


Join if you dare!

So the article goes on to give advice on how to take care of your child's addiction to technology such as Spending time with them, Setting the right example and time limits - but all it reads to me is "you as a parent are a lost hope if you can not control your child are the games they are playing, do not allow them to start if you are not ready to handle the consequences". My mother took care of me and only spoilt me on my birthday and christmas, I never got anything during breaks or anything like that so I only had a few games every 6 months - parents come into my store and will whine because there child wants this and they just give in.

Here's my advice for a parent:

1. Do not spoil your kids.

2. Reward them only when they truly deserve it.

3. Do not complain to a person who is just doing there job about how much you spent on Christmas and how much you are paying now for the game your child wants.

As I said this is just a rant. Can't blow up at customers when they complain, but all I can say is"Just don't buy it!"

~ Gabriela/Ragnarok