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Raged-wolverine Blog

FINISHED!!I am done with another stage in life!!!


I am done with college today!I had my last exam today!I have unofficially graduated from college!! Two more weeks and then it'll be official! The last exam was quite simple, studied all night till 4 then woke up at 8:30 to study again this morning!Now i'm waiting for friday(tomorrow) to roll along so that i can know if i've been hired. The interview last week went quite well, so i'm optimistic about it.Hopefully,if I get hired they'll send me to their HQ in Japan for training!That would be friggin awesome!That way i'll be closer to my sister as well since she'll be going to singapore for an 8-month co-op workterm. Otherwise if I don't get hired then hopefully my next interview on this coming Monday goes well and I get that job! Now gotta get some certifications done, starting with probably MCSA/MCSD/MCSE

Let's see what adulthood holds for me now!!

Guess who's back.... Back again....Raged-wolverine's back... Tell a friend

And i'm finally back to blogposts on gs!What have i been upto u might be wondering...well for starters...after my last blog post nearly two years ago...i'll go in order: :wink:

1:My 20th birthday:8) Was pretty mild.Spent the time studying for midterms and then went for dinner to red lobster at night!I got resistance retribution a couple of days after that for my psp.

2:Summer semester at college: Was friggin sweet!!Studied and worked throughout!Saw alotta movies for free since i was working there and cough cough *snuck* alotta people in! :P

3: Dad leaves for indonesia and my sisters go along with him at the start of august.It's just my mom and me alone at the house. We were going to leave as well right after my exams but not before we packed up our entire house and stuffed everything in a tiny warehouse.

4:We leave for Indonesia and two days later my older sister comes back to canada as her co-op term begins :(.I had taken the fall term off from college. At first it's alotta fun and exciting there, but then the lack of activities over there this time around was a real joykill, since i was no longer in highschool and all my friends who lived there had gone abroad as their universities were starting.For two months i annoyed the hell outta my parents begging them to let me come back to canada.:evil:

5:We leave for Pakistan mid October for my cousin's wedding.That was fun for that one week :D but then my mother had surgery :( so i stayed back with her there while my dad and sister came back to indonesia. We stay there till early December and then head back for indonesia as well.3 days later i come back to canada and am relieved to be back. :D

6: I spend the remainder of December and the first week of January at my sister's place while our apartment's renovated for our parents return.January comes along and we all move into the apartment.It's warm and cozy but not big enough for 4 people so we start looking for a house.

7:11th March: My birthday!!! I turn 21!!! I'm a big boy now!!!Right in the middle of midterms though,BUT i FINALLY get a PS3!!!I study my ass off for the exams, but then afterwards it's back to gaming!!I get MGS4 and GTA4 for my birthday and spend the entire next week playing those games.Oh also, i'm jobless!!Had to leave the theater job as they didn't wanna give me a 4 month break! :(

8:April:Exam!Bought a house and shifted into it!Celebrated mom's birthday!:D

9:May:Start of summer semester!Sister's birthday!Bought a few more games!Life's good!!Semester's awesome!!:lol:

10:August-Spetember:Semester ends!I buy even more games!Am nearly broke :( !!BUT finally i get hired at Staples as a technology consultant!!WOOHOOOO!!I get to work with electronics and advice people what product to get as their needs.Yes A sales representative...nothing fancy, except for the technical name "TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT"! Sounds good on a resume but when i'll have to describe it to my next employer, he'll know that it's just a fancy name for a computer sale's assoociate (salesman)!

11:September-Present:Working hard and studying harder!!Final semester at college!!!Then i graduate!!!WOOHOOOO!!Then it'll be time for me to get an actual job related to what i'm studying!!I'm looking forward to it!Then my job title will be even cooler!8) Looking forward to it!!Computer Analyst/Security Analyst/Database Analyst/Quality Control Analyst/System Administrator!! Also, after graduating, i'll get my CCNA and MCSE certifications done which will increase the likelyhood of getting employed by a good company!And on my college's careerlink, there are alotta jobs that are offering $48000+ for a starting salary!Hopefully i'll get one like that!:D

For the time being i'm working with the open source community and am working on the fedpkg (fedora package) repository and writing test scripts for it!!Let's se how that turns out!!

Random crap about me!!

  • I'm a Piscean.
  • I speak five languages.
  • I've travelled all over the world.
  • I've studied every major school system (IGCSE,IB, Canadian Highschool, Matriculation).
  • I'm a nerd!!
  • I eat like a hog.........but i never gain any weight :P
  • I'm a middle child (child?.....i guess i'm out of that age group).
  • I have two sisters.
  • I procrastinate alot (I said perverts!!!)
  • I have a twisted sense of humour that some get :twisted:
  • I usually stay up past 3 am.....doing nothing (part of being a procrastinator).
  • I love computer studies.... since i'm studying computer systems in college.
  • Lastly..........i've had 15 surgeries!!.........13 of them were yes............i'm a mad genius :wink:


Montreal and Saw The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Off to Montreal tomorrow.....:D.....going to spend 3 days there to relax and explore canada outside the GTA.....i've been here for 3 years and the furthest i've been is to kingston....and that too for a day trip....:oops:......furthermore, i saw the mummy 3 extremely bored and annoyed while watching it....:evil:..halfway through the film i realized that brendan fraser is a horrible actor.....:o.....his acting has either extremely deteriorated or has always been this bad,only that i never noticed it before...:x

either way....the movie was a complete snoozefest.....effects were good....and that's why i'm giving this piece of crap movie a C-..... :P..

otherwise i wouldn't give it anything above an F

Journey to the center of the earth

let's keep this short and simple......:).....saw the movie with my sis cuz she was bugging my mom.....:P................the story was ok......:|...... the acting was horrible....:evil:.....and the 3D-ness was ok as well.....:|...overall a C....:P

Step Brothers

HOLY EFFIN GOD!!.....such a god damn annoying disappointing movie....:evil:

had a few cheap laughs in it and that's about it.....:|....otherwise a horrible movie....:evil:

abysmal performance....abysmal story...overall an abysmal movie....:( deserves a D at most....:(

The Dark Knight

Saw the show today.....8).....AWESOME PERFORMANCE BY HEATH LEDGER AS THE JOKER..:wink:....his acting gets an A+++ from me.....:D...the movie overall gets an A from me......:P... a must see movie for all.......:)...the only actual big hit for this summer....:D


saw it today....the last available show....:D...........let's just summarise it like so....:P

nice story...:)

awesome animation...:D

really funny and entertaining.... 8)

overall..........A SOLID A....:wink:

Get Smart, Hanc##k, Incredible hulk

yes that's right...:P......i saw these three movies in one go.....8).....and i did it with my family.....get smart was genuinely funny and intriguing......a solid B.....Hulk was a complete a good way...:D......the story was good as was the acting and the CGIs were well done.......:wink:.....wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than the first one, which was utter crap.....:evil:..loved the part when he got confused with his portuguese and instead of saying "Don't make me angry, you won't like me when i'm angry"....he says "don't make me hungry, you won't like me when i'm hungry"...:lol:.....this deserves a onto hancock....saw it on july 1st....whereas it was supposed to be released on the was a special viewing of the film....anyways....the movie starts off funny with alotta anti-hero funny gags.....but after the middle ....the movie is UTTER CRAP!!!!!... MAJOR BS and a waste of time and money...wait for it to come on tv....don't waste your money on this deserves a D....:evil: