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I'm Back

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Hi to all, it was a long time since i was here, i won't be on like before, but at least once a day.

sorry to all friends that was counting on me, my life got a little complex but now is setting back on track.

Good to be here

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A lot of time since I was here, looks like I'm back, but u can't really tell :P

RE make and RE 0

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The first time a RE game released (1986 I think) I didn't liked it, but when I got my hands on The REmake for the GC I changed my mind and now I'm hooked to the series Already finished REmake and RE0 (a great game by the way), I can't wait to play RE2, 3, CV and 4.

If you haven't played any of them you don't know what are you missing. Try them and change your mind like I did.

I Got RE

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I didn't like the RE games, but my son was being very annoying with this game, every time we were near the store or buying a game he always show me the RE games. Until finally I got RE, he was very pleased of course.

When I started to play it I got Hooked, It's a good game, I think it has some details that will keep it far from great. anyway when I finish this one maybe I will get RE0 or RE2.

Looking for 2 Officers, to help out on The Union

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I'm looking for 2 deboted officers that want to help out on the Gaming Gurus Union, they will be in charge of informing the members of the recent news on NDS and GBA systems (one officer per System), and post a lot on the boards two.

So if you are interested write a comment here or send me a PM.

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