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A Sad, Sad Day

Today Mr. John Kerry gave up the race for presidency. I do not understand how a country can be so blind. Doesn't this remind you of something (Germany with Hitler). There is a rumor that Mr. Bush, and I say "Mr." because i do not believe in him as a leader, has put into congress the bill for the re-initiation of the draft. I am only 16 years old, however my brother is going to be 18 soon enough and like others i do not want to see him go to war. I do not want to die or see others die for a war that I do not believe in. One of the main reasons, they say, that Bush won the election was his stand on Abortion. I personally believe in Pro Life, however to base our reasons on choosing a political leader can not be so blunt. You have to think logically on this part. Would you rather have an unborn child die, who if the law was passed to be killed illegally anyways, or would you have your young men and woman die who already are alive. I feel and know this is the saddest day of Americas political history. In addition, this whole thing on terrorism. There is no terrorism. I think it is funny when Bush said that there was weapons of mass destruction he brought our troops into Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction what so ever. Yet we called it terrorism. Now we are attacking Iraq before they attack us, and what do we call this, preemptive strike. Now isn't that funny, if you think about that for a minute doesn't preemptive strike sorta resemble the definition of terrorism. Finally, I will leave you all with one last word of wisdom --- when Clinton lied, no one died.


Well things didnt go out as i planned. My friends who were supposed to go with me backed out at the last moment and decided to go to gander mountain. So i did not go to the movies because they were my ride. Besides if i would have went just with a bunch of girls it would have been very awkward (Dont get me wrong i would have been the pimp but still.....). So i stayed home with my other friends and we....had fun... yeah lets just call it that so i wont get in to indepth. So i guess im goin to bed because i am *Urine* tired (nice words wont get me in trouble hahahhahah)


Life is so confussing, especially when you put girls into the picture. Right now there are three choices of girls that i could go out with if i really tried. For confidentiality (hahahha i used a big word) lets just call them a, b, and , c. I know for sure that "a" likes me but i don't really like her. No reason right now but i dont feel like going out with her. "b" is just playing with my mind. Because she was around when i was flurting with "c" but i didnt know at the time that she liked me (or atleast thats what i think) so she is for a loss. However, "c" might or might not like me so....yeah. THEN i am going to the movies tomorrow night with my friends and the girl i went out with for about 10 hours and "b"...possibly "c" too. So i have no clue what is going to happen. Fill you in tomorrow if anything does

(((((((Wierdo alert))))))))

OMG i just came back from my graphic design class after school. There was this woman who supposedly knew my teacher since she graduated from 98 but anywho my teacher wasnt there. She told me her who entire life story. I mean really in an hour she told me her trip to New York with my teacher, her job, her sexuality, how her mom died, that she was bi-polar, how her friend was a (person who likes other girls) **so i dont get in trouble** and so on so forth. I was going to go nuts (or other choiceful words) this lady would not let me get my work done and i thought i seriously was going to fight her at one point. I mean who did she think that she was. I didnt give a &#(*&(@& about her life i would have rather worked on my project that is due TOMORROW. Besides that my day was a o k.

Final Fantasy break down

Wow that is all i can say...I love Final Fantasy X-2. Lately i have been playing it for about 6 hours straight. If you say i have no life, your wrong. My life is a "fantasy"......................however i have one problem. For all you gamers out there who read this and play Final Fantasy X-2 why whenever i move my character, Yuna, i can not move more than "TWO" inches before i go into battle mode with some fiends. I plea for a response because i am tired of playing in battle mode. For the past half-hour i have fought in 56 different fights. This is starting to become rather anoying, besides it raising my party's level and giveing me a lot of gil to spend.

--Respond ASAP--

I hate school work

wow if you guys ever get a chance to take an ap (advanced placement (in a sarcastic voice)) class don't do it. I have about 2 hours of homework just from that class. It is really cutting into my game time ahhhhhhh.

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