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actually i am about to right now! :D
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actually i name EVERY thing - and when i am out i use him or her for items - like a really cute car would be, "he is so cute." i don't know why i do it but it's been my whole life and even though most people get all WHAT? on me they usually pick it up after we hang long enough. as far as why name something if it isn't a person or animal, um... let's think, people name their cars and boats, big items which feel important - britney feels important to me.

i also have a kindle, sam, and my car is named johny stephens (long, long story.)


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mine does, she is a BRAND NEW ice blue, she's my first ds and her name is britney. :)

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ice blue baby!

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it was insane! INSANE! and i have her, britney, my ice blue - kiss, kiss!:oops:
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:D Hi! So I am a DS Lite groupie and I am finally going to be getting my console - here's the deal. I have been wanting the Ice Blue and now I see that it's going to be at most major retailers on Black Friday in a bundle. Here's my question - I am going to be going early to stand in line @ Wally-world BUT I am scared that it will not be there long. How fast do you think these are going to go?

It's 139.99 for the DS, the first Brain Age and a case.