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my tribe

well, i have played my dear britney to death and i am waiting on a new game to arrive. while i wait i am playing "my tribe" on my pc. it's great and i am in love! :P

so i got a new game...

it's mystery case files: millionheir. i've been wanting it, i loved it on the pc. um, it's great - a lot more interactive than the pc, but a little strage to get used to because you can't see the whole screen.

i finnished curious village, my reveiw for that is coming this weekend!

;) later days!

grrr... levels effin' $uck!


so, i really want to post reviews, but i'm not a level three.

i really want to upload a teensy vid of my beautiful britney (my ice blue ds,) but i'm not a level 10.

stomp, kick, whine...

okay, fit thrown - i'll deal. i'll write reviews on my blog, right here and i'll wait it out!

wait? i can't say suck in my title? grrr...

shut up!

:o wow things at wal-to-the-mart were nuts-o! i got there at 10 last night and waited in line until 5 this morning for my ICE BLUE DS LITE w/ brain age and case bundle! WOOT, WOO! that's right! i also scooped up a curious village game for 15 - not bad!

it's 6 now and i am wired and tired and playing like a monkey!

we'll talk more later!

love it! LOVE IT!

here i come!!! woot, woo!

:D oh, yes! i have been torn up over which ds i want! well, I got it! i want a ds. i want a ds, i want and ice blue ds!

wally-world, friday - THIS friday! midnight.

i will be a player soon! yay!:P