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Underrated Series: Batman Beyond

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Batman the Animated Series is a legend in animated series. It was dark, edgey, and had some brilliant voice acting. Hell a lot of people praise Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamil as the Joker. Though its success, Batman TAS faded into obscurity. It was time for a new Batman and a new Gotham. The result, was Batman Beyond

Taking place in a futuristic Gotham, Batman Beyond picks up after Bruce Wayne's retirement. Joker, Two-Face, Catwomen, etc are all gone. But just because these iconic villans are gone, Gotham is still a living hell. Corruption, gang wars, and biohazard phenomenon are wrecking the city. Our new Batman is Terry, a highschooler. With the help from Bruce and his new technology, Terry is ready to bring true justice to Gotham.

Let's talk about the good. The original animation team from TAS is back, and the overview of Gotham is fantastic. The technology and gadgets Terry uses are also fun to watch. I also liked the conversations between Terry and Bruce, and Kevin Conroy still does an amazing job. Surprisingly, these conversations can get very deep, presenting the stuggles both Bruce and Terry go through.
Unfortunately, Beyond has its flaws. Terry, being a highschooler, means HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA. I wouldnt mind the whole highschool thing and Terry's girlfriend, but it's just so poorly executed. It works sometimes, but for the most part, it's just....dull. There aren't many iconic villains here either. Not that Terry sees some interesting foes, but they just dont stand out most of the time. Speaking of enemies and foes, Terry gets his ass handed to him A LOT. I wouldnt mind if Terry got beat up once in awhile, but he is a very bad Batman. He is no where close to being as intimidating as the original Batman, he just isnt. Batman Beyond does get a lot of things right though, but the bad can be an annoyance.

As a Batman fan, Batman Beyond is a nice addition to the Batman universe, but it could have been more. I think this needs to get re-done for the current generation. Batman in the future is an AMAZING idea, and Batman Beyond really had some good moments.
More could have been done though, and Beyond had a mere 3 seasons.

All about me

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Well I guess Im trying out Gamespot There isnt a whole lot to know about me as a gamer Ive been gaming since '97 and I dont think Im ever going to stop My current consoles (and my opinions on them) Xbox 360 My Xbox and I have had a tough relationship. Sometimes, we can have a lot of fun jumping around in Super Meat Boy or shooting up zombies in L4D2. Other times.... We cant really get along. Like I really cant uninstall games to make more room on my hardrive? Do I really wanted to get spammed with friend beacons? Do I really need adds on my dashboard? Yes, the flaws bug me, but honestly, its a great console Wii I hate this thing. Or better yet I just hate Nintendo in general. I know Super Mario Galaxy/Metroid Prime 3/ Twilight Princess/Smash Bros/ Punch Out/Mario Kart are all FANTASTIC games. But I can only play them for so long until they get repetitive. Virtual Console is nice I guess.... I just think the Wii was a fad The Wii U looks impressive though Dont get me wrong Nintendo has done A LOT of great work. I just think Nintendo needs to impress at E3 this year in order for me to keep buying their consoles. One other thing I can deal without HD graphics But friend codes? seriously? Other consoles have a lot more to offer 3DS Needs more games... nuff said. The only grudge I really have is the lack of games... and everybody know that This system still has a lot of potential.... again hoping for a great E3 this year I do have to say one thing though Super Mario 3D Land is AMAZING even though it does have a slow start once the pace picked up though, I couldnt stop playing. Kingdom Hearts 3D and Heroes of Ruin are looking to be the best games on the system for me right now I also own a Genesis, NES, N64, and Atari Thats just me I guess