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Gah.. I think i'ma just drop out of all the unions i'm in. Even when i am around i have trouble keeping up, not even to mention when i've been gone a couple of weeks. It's probably better to just not be in any unions at all than to be in them and not contribute enough anyway. Keep up the great work with your unions guys..!

Comp's been down

Dangit, my comp's been down this past week. I'm at the library right now :?. Sorry for the inconvienience. I dunno how i'm ever gonna catch up with the unions :P. And in other words, I got Pearl now! I was sure i was going to get Diamond but it was out of stock, and the Pearl i bought was the last one left too. Post your codes people!

Diamond's Almost Here!!

It's finalleeee here! Man i've been waiting so long for the English vers of Diamond to come out that i kinda forgot about it for a while.. Can't wait to get everyone's codes ^^. I've gotten myself really hooked on Ragnarok these past few months and that's just about the only thing i've been playing lately. Soooo much better than RS. I've made alot of friends during the time and had alot of fun, and i love MMORGs more than ever now. I'll post my D/P code on here as soon as i get it~

Finally back and this time with two new games

Yeah it's been awhile.... a long while. Hehheh... But anyway I'm back now even though I probably won't be doing much on here. Since I been gone I've gotten the two latest Pokemon games and they're pretty good, Mystery Dungeon in particular. I absolutly looooved the storyline for that game. Why the heck did Gamespot give a great game a 5.2?!! Pokemon Ranger was good too, but way too short for my liking. Most of all i can't wait for Pokemon D/P to come out. Batlling and trading via wifi with voice chat is IMO just too cool for words. Oh yeah, and I started a Runescape account (thanks to my cousin) so pm me if you're extremely bored and want my username for that.

I'm leaving Gamespot

Okay guys, I'm really sorry since this will seem so sudden, but I'm leaving Gamespot for what could easily be months. I'm not actually gonna get rid of my account, but I'll probably put it on private until I feel I have enough time to keep up with everything here. What I originally joined Gamespot for was actually just to swap ACWW codes with some people and ask various questions on the boards every once in a while, but now that I have more friends and unions and even less time to spend here than when I joined, I feel I started a virtual life that I can't keep up with as much as I should. Thanks everyone for being my friends; I hope I can be back in a few months with more free time to spend here. Until then, bye!

I'm gonna be gone again

Again, I'm not going to be here for some time, I'm not sure how long right now. I'll get back here whenever I can but I won't be able to for awile. Until then, later!

Gamespot glitch

Well, I guess there really is a glitch going around here because the union tags I just posted in my sig have vanished. Besides that my blog/account says here I don't have any games or forum posts and all the unions are blank. This ever happened before and is it just temporary?

I'm gone until Sunday

Hey, I"m going on vaccation from now until Sunday (July 30th) and I just thought I'd let everyone know I won't be around until then. Later!

New Banner Pic

Well, I changed my banner. The source of the Latias/Latios images is pokemon-safari.com just in case you didn't see that script hidden behind the profile, updates, and games tabs. One of these days I'm gonna get photoshop and mess around with it but I haven't yet.

My friend codes...

Kay, here are my friend codes of which I don't currently have many. PM me if you want me to register your stuff.

ACWW Info:

Code: 5326-4243-7822

City: Neola

Name: Rachel

MK Info:

Code: 2749-4276-0061

Name: Rachel