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Ey add me in xbox live RRR1123 :D

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hey everyone mostly da few that would probaly b readin this lol. i know that ive been inactive for more den ayear :shock: so most of you people probaly dont remember me just lettin u guys kno that im good and my wii cant connect online no more because the computer doesnt want 2 work and thats the only way u can turn on the wireless signal but u can still connect the internet to the xbox which i bought lyk exactly a year ago

hope everyone is doin good :D

Hi :D

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srry ive been 4 a while just checkin on gamespot

i got a 360 in november if u got one add me my gamertag is RRR1123 i mostly play fifa 09 :p

hows everyone been??

lol RRR23!!

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lol i took a small break i only got some 96 messages 2 read :/

i might leave gamespot

just came 2 say hi :D

RRR23's Brawl Snapshots PART 2

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here is part 2 you guys sorry it took so long but here it is. i promised someone that i will have these pics by friday but i been really busy, sorry to my unions, and friend's blogs but its just life :P but i got u some pics :D

the reason i can show u the pics is becasue im not in school today, today is tuseday and its 9:45 ct :P at school someone wrote on the wall of a bathroom that says (i believe) " white power all mexicans will die" :( i am mexican :D but i wanted to stay in school becasue all they want is to get me out of there but my mom got me out :P u know moms care about u :D alot of people left school, i know gamespot doesnt not allow racism so i will not start talking about white people. the school probaly doesnt really care, at school all they did is search the book bags before school. if it was the other way around it would probaly be very differnt (like i would be in the dean's office by now) :( very sad thing :( try killing 45 million latinos in the US

here r the pics enjoy :)

shadow finish him

ToonLink- must get away from pokemon

[spoiler] *censored* [/spoiler]

im tring to take pics of pikachu (my main) with as many pokemon/assist trophys as possible :D



i want to be as big as DK one day

marth is slayed

*star fox music is being played*

unknown bros....

my sheild

to get ur brawl pics on the internet all u have to do is save them on an SD card, i then save them on the computer (my photos) all the pics r in bin files so my computer cant see them, then u go to Brawl Snapshot Decrypter [BETA]its a website so u dont have to download anything expect ur pics :P, then in the website u browse ur pics and click on decrypt, ur SSBB snapshot will then be showing on the website, there u can choose to save them on ur computer and upload to photobucket or something or if u click gallery u can see all the pics they have gotton and urs will be there :D allready on the internt when u click decrypt :D

RRR23's Brawl Snapshots (PART 1)

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im just going to show u guys some SSBB pic i took enjoy:D let mii know which ones u like rate them all if u want :P and which ones r so bad that they sould b of my wii. i will have atleast one more part promised :D


for full screen click on the link and the first one is Lucario and Diddy action

Rare :o

Samus taking a tan :D

Lucario vs Giant Bowser

Snake vs Nintendog

pikachu and hamerbro action :D

Waluigi wanted to be playable

squirtal on slide :D

Super Mario Stirkers

Shawdow :o

Metaknight and Metaknight

Metal Fox vs Metal Mario :o

where is Popo


so what do u guys think let mii know :D

Brain Age Mobile for iphone

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You're looking at the very first screenshots of Brain Age Mobile for the iPhone. Nintendo has decided to partner with apple to bring some of it's popular titles to Apple's handheld device. Brain Age Mobile will be the first title available from Nintendo for the iPhone when the application service for the device goes live in June. Other titles such as Big Brain Academy Mobile and Flash Focus Mobile will follow throughout the year. Sounds like a great way to bring these franchises to a wider audience.

i got taged :o

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guess what im going to do nothing :P

i get stuff like this all the time on my cell phone trew text messages like send this to 10 freinds and u will get a wish :P i never do them

i might tell everyone 5 things about mii later (thanks haga)

im going to tag............

Roy vs Yoshi SSBM CT

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r u ready for match 6: round 1

guess what u guys i lost my memory card :cry: i cant find it i had next to the computer :cry: it could of stored over an hour of video,but i had to learn that some other way. so i get my camera and press record :D but it only gets like 1 min :o because there was no memorey card (now i know i lost it) so i had to barrow an memorey card it can only store like 5 mins of video it has lots of pitures. so i had to add both clips together with windows movie maker :D there is just a few secounds lost :P

Roy vs Yoshi

roy got home court but there isnt one so i just spined the cursor and clicked A to bad it got on a yoshi stage :P


Roy vs Yoshi


[spoiler] did u see the video becasue yoshi won :o [/spoiler]

what u think?

next macth will be





vote here SSBM CT match 6,round 1: Roy vs Yoshi

Marth vs Ness SSBM CT and my brawl pic :P

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its time for macth 5 of round 1:D

sorry its been 2 weeks snice the last game :oops: but my camera ran out of batteries and just got brawl, am i the only person playing SSBM and own SSBB:P but any way todays match was longer than the pikachu vs marth but not as awesome :P

Ness vs Marth =bold is peoples favorite

marth got home court but their isnt one for him :lol:

enjoy the video

Ness vs Marth


[spoiler] the winner was marth :D [/spoiler]

next match will be




vote here

SSBM character tounament match 5 ,round 1


and about BRAWL im 80% in the SSE in that great maze does anyone know if i have to beat all the dark versions of characters and i will also post an asesome pic of diddy and lucario :P

Lucario and diddy kong action

see the whole pic here :P http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee290/RRR23_photo/ssbbpic2.jpg

i got the pic from brawl and saved it into an sd card and went to this site Brawl Snapshot Decrypter [BETA] u dont need to download any software just browse and save the pic it gives u. awesome:D