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Amazing Tetris - Release

The pre-release version of my game Amazing Tetris is done. It is basically complete, except for the music. Only the menu theme is done, so I replaced everything else by license free music. Also a user manual is missing. I also haven't update my website yet. However, a trailer and the download can be found here:


I hope you enjoy!

Now THIS Is The Last Story! For Real!

Oh yes, it is! It is to be told this Friday already... in Europe, that is. Cool story. Another great game we're getting before USA. Seems like Nintendo is liking Europe lately. And we're even getting Pandora's Tower in April (although I'm not too interested in that game).

In other news: Next Wednesday will be my last day of school. Forever! Still two or more oral exams to go (even after school is done), but I'm pretty relieved that the hardest stuff is done by now.

Also our Computer Science project, a Tetris clone, is done now. I won't release it to the public until I've made a couple changes to it and fixed most of the bugs, but it turned out quite well.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

(The text is easier to read ingame since the screen is double the size)

It'll do fine as an application project for Games Academy. I'll start working on my application around the end of March/beginning of April. Also gotta look out for a job to pass the time until October (although I may also just dedicate the time to working on more projects if my parents won't mind).

That's about it. How are you doing? Keep visiting my website for updates and stuff. Once I'm satisfied with the game I'll put it up there.

2012 is Real!

2012 just began in Europe and I'm here to warn you. Doomsday is real! Enjoy the last few hours you got over in the west.

Now I gotta go to get some hunting done. See you eventually!

Who wants to SwapNotes?

Have I ever posted my 3DS friend code here? No? Well, I guess I should now.


Feel free to add me and send me your FC for some SwapNote fun.

In other news: Final exams in three weeks. YAY! I'm confident with English and Math, only History bothers me. As for Computer Science: That will be a certain A+.

Mario Kart 7 - A DIssapointment

I just got the new Mario Kart game this Friday and am dissapointed. This is a surprise since I liked most recent games by Nintendo. I loved both, Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land. This one, though... I don't know. It started out quite good. I like all the tracks and also the music, especially the new Rainbow Road theme. I also like the new kart abilities, especially the glider. However, Nintendo somehow accomplished it to make this game that tiny little bit more frustrating to make the game literally unplayable. Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii both had their frustrating moments. I don't know how many times I got hit by those stupid blue shells. I still had a lot of fun with them. As to Mario Kart 7: On top of having the same problems it also adds a lot of new ones.

  • Blue shells now are a combination of Mario Kart 64 and the later games. They hover over the track, hitting every driver in their way, until they reach the leading driver, then they do their typical spinning move and explode. That means they now aren't an annoyance for the the leading driver only, but also for everyone else. And they didn't get any less frequent.
  • Getting hit in a gliding section is a torture. Usually there is a long pit below. Getting hit means falling into the pit and being reset to the beginning of the gliding section. Since some of those sections are pretty long that can be very frustrating. There is no way to dodge blue shells or lightnings in those sections if you don't happen to have a star. On top of that now even red shells can fly through air. Flying sections were the only safe zones in previous Mario Kart games. Even when you got hit there you didn't fall down or lose speed. In Mario Kart 7 that safe zone is gone and instead turned into one of the most dangerous parts of the game.
  • Overall, the game just got a lot harder. 50 ccm and 100 ccm aren't much of a problem, but getting three stars in any of the 150 ccm cups is near to impossible without a lot of luck. Getting hit by an item in the last lap is equal to losing. I have no problem with challenging games. In fact, I prefer games that are challenging. However, in Mario Kart 7 I never had the feeling that a failure was my own fault. It were always stupid items at the wrong time that caused me to lose a game.

All of these problems are taken from single player mode, but I tried a few random online matches and those were even worse since I only faced superior players, while the problems from single player mode were still present and to be honest I'm not really a fan of online matches, anyways. They're too impersonal for me. I didn't get to try local multi player yet since I don't have any friends with a 3DS around, but I'm sure that one is just as fun as it always used to be. Local multi player is the only mode in which this "frustration" is actually a good thing since it leads to a lot of laughter. However, since I can't play multi player mode, single player is the most important factor to me and at least in my opinion the game failed horribly there. So if you're planning to get the game and don't have any friends with a 3DS around, you should think about it twice. I'm most likely going to sell the game again soon.

Xenoblade Chronicles

It is awesome. Great to live in Europe.

This blog post only excists because mav_destroyer is back and I have enough of a reason to post blogs here again.

New Website Design

I completely redid my website. I fixed all the bugs, made a new theme, completed the pages and added lots of stuff. I'm actually really proud of it this time. Check it out if you want to stay up-to-date with whatever I'm doing.


Regarding This Account

As you may have noticed, I am barely using my GS account anymore. There just isn't anything to attract me to this place anymore. From now on I will be posting any important updates regarding my life on my own website. Check it out and leave a comment if you feel like it.


That's all.