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Steam Trading Crack Game

Not a typo. And obviously the majority of cards cost way less the crack. I mean I'm guessing, havent ever seen it 'cept maybe Narc on Nes, was it on there.. dont remember. Any way my point is these cards must be laced with something. More potent than the magic in Mario's mushrooms. Some of these "I am not worthy" - to geeky for their shirts are climbing Steam levels like Wander climbing a Colossus. Collect an entire set of cards, around eight, give or take, for playing any of growing number of games purchased from the steam marketplace. Once you get your pocket full of stones, slang'em like UGK to pad your Steam wallet or buy cards, badges and XP for games you don't even own! What? Yeah. That brings me back to the super geeks (I'm jealous) of the digital trading card-tels and masters of the universe of monopoly based free marketing. Take a look around the houses of cards. You will find endless hoarding aspirations in the guise of cheaper than even dirt cards selling on Steam. Some free advice from this guy blogger here, who started writing before verifying his facts.. You can prolly get 99.99 percent of every (most) (some) card in every sets for less than that game you played for 90 seconds and failed to trade off for even a three cent trading card. No worries, we all bought those games, just weeks before free to play. But I digress, the moral here is do what I didn't do before writing this objectively subjective editorial.. If it's XP you want, or some sort of profile bling, don't start dropping your Steam'd greens until you have a fair price for EVERY card in that set you plan on claiming. The first seven cards in the set are the creamy delicious peanut butter left generously on the floor. But it's the last and final card in that set(s).. that's the banking card-tels ace card, wait that card smells like peanut but... SNAP! Don't be blind mice and get your necks snapped. Don't do it. Say, do sharks eat mice? You know, like card sharks.. Yes. Possibly. Let me know.

My reality? Virtual.

It's not the fame or glory. No, not the cool gadgets or the ridiculous sizes of wardrobes either. Its's not even the superpowers or respawns, adventures or karma(s). Nope. None 'em. So just what then does this puppet-master envy most about my [ego] and friends from beyond the glowing glass? The rest. Yes, the rest--the rest and the sleep. I mean, my PC's get more sleep than I do. Add it up, using game-time or actual Earth real-time hours and minutes. Sky, Dragonborn, Master Chief, they all get more sleep than their string man. Hello?? Sackboy? Quit jumping in the fire! Flipper, quit whiffing. Madden, shut the Fu tbol-up. They're clueless. And I need a bedroll, or power-outage. Maybe something to dislodge these eyelids.

1000th PS3 Trophy! Thank you, thank you. Sorry no autographs.

Just a quick drop to celebrate the unlocking of my PS3 trophy no. 1000! Thanks to Sony and its underlings that give my life meaning. Especially thanks to PlayStation Plus for all the free bling and extra storage. I want to thank my mom, I <3 you. Special thanks to Cole, Drake, Sly and Sackboy, among countless others, for doing my bidding. Without your quick and mostly accurate responses to my demanding thumbs, I could not have reached this fun and pointless milestone.