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And outposts, I have no idea how they are supposed to be a supply cache works! 

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I have searched all over the web and cannot find an explanation to how the "resource cache" at outposts work. What I mean is that if you fully search and make an outpos. Without taking all the supplies in it, the game says that it will provide you with those supplies for sometIme. However, I can leave the supplies and come back and a supply can read zero even tho I have outposts that hold that resource. Can someone please explain this function to me? 


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Just wanted to know what y'alls take is on the endings. I went back and played them all and I just want to know what everyone else thinks. NOTE: this is not the place to come and say the endings sucked

Im not quite sure what to think of the whole thing, like did walker make it all up? I think it all actually happened but some stuff im not quite sure. In one of the very first cutscenes walker says they are there to" leave the city then radio back outside the storm wall and go home"
So like Konrad said, they werent actually suppossed to go? And i dont understand walkers obsession with konrad either...

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about a week ago i went to play it, and i have the GOTY edition and it froze right after the little circle spins and then the bats start to fly away. SO i was like okay cool so i restarted and same thing happened and ive tried like probaly around 40 or 50 times and im about ready to call it quits and sell it! thankfully i beat it before this happened but ive tried signing out at the menu reinstalling dlc etc but NOTHING WORKS!!! does any one else have this problem? and if so maybe a solution?? Because according my local gamespot, this is happening to alot of people!