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Oh god suddenly Gamestop changes

I haven't been here forever. I am so sorry. I will try to be more active. I still love you guys forever and ever.

But yeah REgrl4life exist and is alive.

Currently playing; Castlevania Mirrors of Fate HD, Dragon Age II

wow i'm...bad at this.

Hello again! I have been neglecting this site haven't I :/ Sorry guys...but, i"m a senior now new consoles coming, Konami press conference opened on another tab....YEAH!!



Hey guys

Been awhille hasn't it? Yes, I am still alive, but I have moved to other sites and miss all of you!! heres a few places to get ahold of me..

@sarahofmars on twitter

thanks guys!! i miss all of you! :D

Just letting you all know sup!

Been playing resident evil 6, and no matter the bed reviews (looking at you kevin) I LOVE IT!! Every story is wonderful and the story is also quiet insane xD

i do also like Jake C: alot...xD

Phew is it good to be back!

Hey guys!

Is it good to be back? YES! 2012 is off to start, I am a Junior in two weeks, school sucks, and I'm playing more games! How has everyone been? Anyone truly miss me? (Or forgot about me? XD) Great to hear from you all again.

Next time you see me, I'll be a member of the illuminati in te Secret World !!!!! :D

Why hallo~

Happy early Deus Ex day everyone!!! :D

Anywho, I'm playing some Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep again and remembering how friggen impossible that AND The 3rd Birthday was/is.

I also am still debating on the money issue for Resistance 3. I'm going to have enough for Gears (seeing as I'm trading in about 20 games and they're is a trade in deal for that)

Also I'm addicted to the Boondock Saints. Wrong? Nope!

Hey guys I need your help

So I have two things coming out in September I preordere. Resistance 3 and Gears 3 Collectors Edition. I'm not going to cancel the preorder, but I need a way to earn...oh, somewhere about $130 for both games that month. I will have no money by then because I'm getting the Deus Ex $70 addition, so With my allowance I'd have about only $40 if I'm lucky.

I want everyone to look at m Xbox and Ps3 games, and tell me which ones you think I should sell. I will sell some (I know that much) I just don't know which...also, I do have Twisted Metal that next month...*headdesk*

Thanks for all the help guys!

Feels bad

Hey guys!

I feel so horrible I haven't been on here in forever. I've gotten a lot of stuff, and will hopefully explain everything in this post.

I did get a car, since my permit test is about three weeks :D It's an 08 PT Cruiser, Saphire blue. I'm kinda hoping it's an autobot transformer in disguise...cause man I really wanna transformer for a car.

I also have my money saved up for Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition, and decided to replay the first game on my computer...much harder than I expected it is..I've barely gotten through the first area. *headdesk*

Also, Wizard World Chicago 2011 is coming up quickly, and I am going :3 Pictures will be posted after.

Games I've gotten-

-Alice Madness Returns

-InFamous 2

-Shadows of The Damned (a game that's on my list for game of year with Alice so far)

And for easter I did get a 3Ds, and I did buy The Merchinaries 3D for it...I love it :3