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yeah, thats not true. I'm level 20 now. the only change is you can start grinding for legendary gear by getting vanguard or crucible points and faction rep. nothing changes, the grind just opens up. i mean, theres the raid, but its insane and takes all day, so people with lives and jobs can't really get into it

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thats normal, i get that too, it goes away after its been on for a little bit

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I'm willing to trade a copy of xcom: eu and the slingshot dlc pack on stream for a demo key.

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@mastermetal777: yeah I can't tell if peter dinklage's performance is terrible, or if he's just trying to make due with such a crap script. though it might be a bit of both. "I've got a baaad feeling about this......lots of motion......oh nooo its TEH HIVE"


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@mattamomo said:

I have to say im struggling to get into the game at the minute.

I am level 5 and am at the bit where you have to survive a few waves of enemies from a ship outside.

I keep getting 10 minutes into it and then dying near the end which is so frustrating I have already lost interest.

Does the game implement more co op features as you level up?

I am a level 10 titan splitting time between story and crucible.

The game is built to played cooperatively. I found it lacking too until I started playing with some friends. Find some people playing on your friends list and start a Fireteam. It will make the missions much more bearable and fun.

thats the mark of a mediocre game. anything is made more fun with friends, almost regardless of how terrible. it needs to stand up on its own or be a full mmo, not this straddling the line crap

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I'm about where the beta ended...and to be frank, the game really isn't that great. On the surface its super polished, but its just ...lacking..something. for instance, none of the npc's actually chat with you, they just give you your quest reward and thats it. the only way to get lore is from that grimoire thing. you can't even chat with teammates in pvp! Its super annoying to get a fire team together cause most people have their fireteam match making set to friends only. communication is a huge bummer

then theres how almost every mission (so far) just involves getting dinklagebot to a location and guarding him until the mission ends. its just got so boring so fast

and as for pvp, i find it kind of eh. pretty unbalanced, imo

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Hi, I'm actually playing the game on pc, but since you guys have had the game longer i'll ask here. If i play on nightmare mode, am I going to have to ignore most of the side quests that pop up? I can't really judge just how tight on time that I am. if its too tight I guess i'll just do it as a second run and just explore the game on normal for my first time. I'm on chapter 2 now with like 4 days and 12 hours left

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So theres a few psp games i've been wanting to play that never got added to the digital store, so i can't just use my vita. that means umd is the only way to go at it

now, I have an original psp, but i always hated it because there was just something so messed up about the display. its like it has too low of a refresh rate or something? like when you move quickly you can see ghosting of the stuff in the game. its not just my psp either, all my friends with psps had the same issue

did sony ever fix this issue with later psp iterations? and i mean ones that could actually play umd, so not a psp go

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so my game is always running at 60 fps, but sometimes i still feel it lag like the framerate is dropping. and other times, though rarely, i experience a rubber banding effect

is this because the game is always online even when you're playing alone?

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you know what really sucks, i still cant sign in and i really wanted to buy persona 4 arena while it was on the flash sale :/