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seriously, i have 150mb/s internet and things on psn download pretty quickly, but this update is going stupid slow for me. its barely crawling

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I wish they would do server announcements or something if they are having issues. all 3 matches i found today (which took a long time) were laggy and dropped after a few moments

on reddit a bunch of other people were complaining about it too. it was perfect two days ago when I last played it. this was about 1.5 hours ago i'd say

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I'm currently downloading the 4/6 update and its taking forever. I'm wired into my fios modem and i get about 150 mb/s, but the damn update is going at like 1 MB ever couple of seconds...

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anyone else getting this? when I go to activate another players bloodstain spectre, nothing loads

it loads just fine in the hunters dream, but it doesnt load anywhere else

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like when theres no sound happening at all, i can still hear the white noise. i have the official xbox one over the ear headphones. anyone else get that?

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it says that i dont have enough space on my new 3ds to transfer over my dsiware titles so i'll have to redownload them

but what gives? my 3ds is 2gb and my 3ds if i'm not mistaken is supposed to be 4gb

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its still active, but everyone I know long since stopped playing it

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Anyone else get this. my downloads used to be very slow, so i switched from wifi to wired. now I'm wired directly into my modem and my internet test shows i get about 30 Mbs/s which is on par with my normal internet connection. however, when i watch something download, it can fluctuate from less to a meg per second to 4 MB/s. 3 or 4 is about what i get with steam downloads on my pc, so whats the deal with psn? is it just the net work itself or is there some settings i should be checking

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Probably a really dumb question, but my monitor has speakers built in, but they are terrible, so i keep them muted. that being said, now the only way i can hear anything on my ps4 is with headsets plugged into the controller

i'm looking for another way, like quality speakers I can use with my pc and ps4/xbone

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if i have my mouse plugged into my pc's front panel usb ports, windows can NOT restart. it gets to "starting windows" but gets stuck. i'm on an ssd, so once i try again with the usb wire pulled out it boots windows almost immediately