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Been awhile since my last blog entry

nothing really to say....i'm still alive, i think

I'm a bit pissed off right now though, i was busy doing something when almost all of my friends went together to see Saw IV. And now i have no one to see the damn movie with :(

my only friends who havent seen it dont want to...they're weak if you ask me

and i dont particularly feel like watching a crappy quality pirated version.

lets see, what else can i say....

oh, schools being a *****. damn ap i have no time to do anything anymore. But hey, i guess sleep isnt exactly "necessary"

I Saw Rush Hour 3 Today (i give it a 9 out of 10)

And i loved it, DO NOT BELIEVE THE CRITICS (for they know nothing...if they knew anything they would have a real job). the comedy was great and the action was just as i had expected from a Rush Hour movie.

the story could have been better, but WHO CARES! A good story wasnt what was trying to be accomplished.

Everyone in the theater was laughing regularly through the movie and they applauded at the end.

This was a total relief to me, i was worried that the movie might be a let down or a flop financially. I felt that the movie totally lived up to my expectations. To me, the Rush Hour movies are special. One of the first social things that my best friends and I did was see Rush Hour 1. Hell, we still quote rh1 & 2 on a regularly basis. Needless to say, we HAD to see RH3 (after a six year hiatus) the first day it came out. On the financial side of the coin, the showing I went to sold out and as i left the theater I noticed that all of the following showings were sold out too. I was afraid that people might have forgotten how great the Rush Hour movies were, but apparently not!

I highly recommend this movie. Expect to laugh (alot!) but dont be an idiot and get ure hopes up for an oscar winning plot line. Just like the other two, this movie can get a bit dumb....and thats the way its supposed to be. Dumb and entertaining

My Gamerscore Embarrasses Me

I've had xbl since I first got my 360 on christmas 05. I have 13 games and 3 xbla games. My gamerscore right now is 4005......this is pathetic. As a gamer, I view my gamerscore to be totally unacceptable. It actually embarrasses me! I've never included my gamertag in my forums sig until just a few days ago (I needed to use some kind of sig while I'm "renovating" my current sig).

I know, I know, gamer points mean nothing. They don't win you anything. Not to mention that having a high gamerscore can signify a lack of a social life. As a friend once said to me, "Your gamerscore is not reflective of your ability to score" ;) . But none of this changes the facts that I WANT a high gamerscore. I WANT to see a large number next to my gamertag.

It doesn't help that some of my friends are actually teasing me about having a low score (yes, many of my friends are dorks).

I've been looking at online guides on how to raise your gamerscore quickly and asking people for advice on various site forums. But the truth is, I AM NOT HARDCORE ENOUGH to want to play through crap games just to get an easy few thousand points. I'm not gonna suffer through cars and tmnt when I can be playing games that are more fun but dont just hand out points (games like shadowrun).

Ah well, I guess that I have all summer to break the 10k mark.

w/e Im going to sleep now:

RE out

Am i a gamer because im sadistic, or has gaming made me that way?

ive just come to the conclusion that i like violent games. No, not just violent....sick twisted torturous holy ****ing **** blood, gore, and entrails violent

this being y games like the darkness and manhunt 2 r calling out my name, begging me to hurt the people they contain. i love horror movies, death metal, the idea of a zombie Apocalypse (it would be cool. am i right, or am i right?), the histories of serial killers, and imagining my cheeseburgers once being a living cow that was cut down during its prime

but this leads me to ask myself, have i ALWAYS been this way. or has my character been molded by the violent games i played throughout my whole life. i mean, some of my fondest childhood memories involved cerebral bores, the bfg 9000, and jill sandwiches (tasty, but maybe a little too much mayo).

id like to think that people like jack thompson are wrong about gaming having a negative influence, and i am sure they a certain degree. i mean, im not killing people. hell, i even have friends and an active social life to boot (not to mention my all honors and ap classes). but i still cant help but look back over my life and think that i major part of WHO I AM (not just the sadistic part) stemmed from fictional video games. just look at my childhood "heroes" like mario, the doomguy, turok, james bond, etc.

ponder this, and let me know what u guys think in the comments section

peace out

The Halo 2 community game night was a lot of fun

for those of u who didnt know, yesterday was gamespot's Halo 2 community game night

it was a lot of fun playing with (and blasting the face off of) aaron thomas

i was able to stay for almost all of it, though i had to leave about 15 minutes before the end 

i cant wait for next week 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!!!! (oh, and emblem updates)

just stopping by here to wish all my american friends here on gs a happy thanksgiving

oh, and by the way, i just noticed that i have two  new emblems....

i got the wii one by simply watching an hour of the wii launch live.  im still pissed that i didnt get the ps3 one. i was supposed to of, but glitch spot was acting up again. I WATCHED THE PS3 LAUNCH LIVE FOR 2.5 ****ING HOURS!!! and nothing

and i got a new one today thats thanksgiving 06 related....but what exactly did i do to get it?