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I saw you say controller support and I for a brief, fleeting moment became excited at the prospect of controlling Wii games on the gamepad using the gamepad controls.

I don't know why I set myself up for disappointment. Probably because I'm playing Xenoblade right now and wish it could be controlled with the gamepad.


I know it's a long-shot of an update request, but throw me a bone, Nintendo.

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The real story here is, without a doubt, Nintendo's turnaround. Not only did Mario Kart 8 pay off, but Tomodachi Life came from nowhere with a placement in the Top 10, which bodes well for 3DS's future in the next few months during its software drought. Though I doubt Nintendo can keep up the Wii U hardware numbers in the short-term, considering it has a few months to go until Smash Bros. and Bayonetta. (And Hyrule Warriors, I suppose, but who honestly sees that selling more than a handful of systems?)

As for the PS4 v. Xbox One war, I have no idea why it's playing out the way it is. It seems to me that it's not necessarily Sony doing something right that's causing PS4 to sell like hotcakes; more accurately, it seems like Microsoft is just doing a piss-poor job of marketing their new console. Which can still be remedied, but I do think the system war, moving forward, will be for second place -- Nintendo v. Microsoft.

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Why are they calling this "Bayonetta HD"? As if it wasn't HD last gen.

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@handssss: Yeah, remaking WindWaker was kind of a waste. Minus the better lighting, I can barely tell a difference.

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Anyone else surprised that Kirby made it into the Top 10? I never imagine Kirby games even grazing the best-seller list.

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What does Monolith Soft have against good character model design? These characters still look dead behind the eyes.

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So, so happy. Zelda's graphics look the way Skyward Sword SHOULD HAVE looked. Also, I don't think words can even express how excited I am that Nintendo's making a sequel to Canvas Curse. Easily one of my favorite DS games.

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Only on GameSpot would an 8 be considered a flop.

Anyway, played it at GameStop today. Totally worth a purchase. The tracks felt a lot more imaginative than Mario Kart 7's stale offerings (thank God), and the graphics are stunning. Only complaint is that the tracks seemed really shortlived.