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The Colonial Marines botched mission

Well i was so excited when the day came very close that aliens colonial marines was about to be released. that day came i ripped into the packaging. the main menu was very cool the sephora getting close to a little spek in the distance being the sulaco this got me even more excited because marines where in the big tube running towards the sulaco and going inside. Now before all this i had watched some amazing footage of the game especialy the the demo video inside hadleys hope and the last stand inside a bunker being over run by aliens it was just like the film the turrets the brilliant alien AI. And power loaders with flame throwers. Can i just say something WHERE THE HELL WAS THIS IN THE FINISHED GAME. I mean really none of it was in the game the sequence where your character gives the finger none of it. i wont lie i still had some fun playing the game. But the AI was terrible just like previous alien games even the alien skins where off and not very next gen looking They barely crawled on the walls and ceilings spent most of the time on the ground. I do remember the game saying Aliens colonial marines not wayland PFC: colonial marines. alot of time spent killing humans. the only time i felt even the slightest bit on edge was the sewer level with the new breed of aliens called the boilers and being chased by the raven. Thats what really should of been in the whole game not brain dead aliens. I was expecting a really good fight with the queen but all i had to do was run flip a few switches watch the commader guy commit suicide saving the day and the end. Right now the one decent thing about the game was multiplayer i really enjoyed multiplayer was really fun and since other players where in control of the aliens i did feel on edge most of the time. But i feel some of the modes where stolen for example escape mode was just left 4 dead except in the alien universe. After playing the game i learned that the developers never had a hand in the creation of the game and was made by someone else i then truly understand by single player mode was basicly so terrible.

i kinda missed this place

And since i kinda did am gonna try and write about a game every so often i will pick a game and have a rant or what ever.


And that first game is gonna be Resident Evil 6.


First things first "WHY" lol.

The game series has major went downhill. Weskers son coming out the blue who would actually fall for weskers cat eyes hypnosis must of been a super power of his. But really is it capcoms way of having wesker around after killing him off have they realised they made a mistake. Whats with the campaign approach i thought that was rather odd. Dunno if they where looking to do something different maybe they couldnt decide who was the main character to made 9 of them well 10 of them when you unlock ADA. Am not gonna even start on this new C-virus. seriously a virus that can turn you into a lizard of sorts one of the types the napad just seemed like a slow bigger hunter so that concludes they cant come up with new enemies from scratch. Since the J,avo are just the same as the majini which all came from resident evil 4 enemies Los Iluminados. so that to me just says they have lost creativity with the enemies. More or less same enemy different virus or parasite. whilst still on this subject can they not name the enemies properly do they need to give them funny names. And the boss Mr simmons is just the exact same as William Birkin when he mutates into his final form. Oh and dont forget the giant snake only difference is the silly name and the invisibility. But it was good to have the old zombies back thats what i liked most about the game the old zombies but then they had them mutating into bloodshots (lickers that can stand and dont have tounges). there is always something i remember Ustanak the big guy that basically has the same function of the NEMESIS but is programed to capture his target not blow it up. there is tons of things i can say but i am gonna end it there i did enjoy the game but i do think they should end the series but i do think they killed Resident Evil when they killed wesker.

P.S Where the hell was Jill Valentine or Barry Burton

It has been so long

Well i have defenetly been away for a long long long long time been about 2 years i think. well am back and i am going to try and stay after missing 2 years lol. well how is going to welcome me back you all must remember who i am haha.

the joy of new stuff

i now have a brand new computer fastest computer i have ever had its great i was gonna call ma computer god but then i thought better and called my new fast computer zeuslol

now i have the router so no water is gonna get spilled on it now i gave my gran a wireless adapter surly she cant get water on that lol

so im back for good unless something else happens to the internet lol

never trust granparents with a router

because my gran decided to fry it with some water

thats why i have been off for such a long time we got a new one but it doesnt work for some reason strange i know but its true

only if my gran never spilled that cup of water

a few things

a few things have happened while ive been away

reason i have been away is because i have been practising for my car theory test I PASSED lol

i got my xbox sent away and got it back i can play games again lmao

and now i am about to start college next week

my xbox gave up life

well i now have 1 red light on the ring and its showing the error message E 74

i have never had a console that has failed on me ever but my xbox 360 managed to do it under a year