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#8: So much for "save the best for last." More like save the worst! This was a pitiful excuse for an entry. When you compare this to everyone else's work...this is the ugly duckling. I mean, I saw nothing I could even critique! No scenery besides tons of trees and a couple rocks...and very plain, boring tiki huts...that's about it.

Team #8: Sorry, I don't like it. Too plain and simple buildings, and a poor use of rocks. The trees and terraforming looks ok though.

Team #8: In a way it reminded me of team 7's entry, going after the same concept I guess. I think it would have looked better, with taller, thinner buildings with more variation to the roof heights.


 Team 8 - I'm not sure what was going on here... we've got some Marnetmar's boulders, a waterfall, a LOT of trees, and a LOT of path. The ride itself was pretty much untouched as far as theming goes... and that's definetley the opposite of what the challenge was. This was, by far, my least favorite of the bunch. There was little effort involved, and sadly, it shows.

Team 8: Never liked that ride and didn't really care for it this time round either. I thought the build-up to it was mediocre and in need for a desperate make over

Team 8: The queue seemed pretty neat, but come on! This ride was easily the worst of them all. In majority, I blame the Phoenix. This was a bad ride choice, and should have been substituted for something much smaller. The bad tree placement and variety, anlong with the blocky waterfall and ugly bamboo rooves ruined this ride for me.


I'm just going to kill myself by guys

i guess i'm "Razzy"

according to someone it is cool to call me Razzy which is actually quite funny to me oh well i guess you can all Call me:


Razzy    from now on and My sig,my user image,my profile image all have to do with The legend of Razgriz from Ace Combat 5

curtisey of g-max for those

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