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Too many games?

With Batman, Dissidia, and Mana Khemia 2 coming out on the same day, then GH 5 coming out right after, and then more soon after that, I don't see how I will have time to play them all! What a..well..delightful? conundrum. "I'm sorry, i'm having fun, so i can't have more fun"

Scratch that..

only copy of Makai kingdom the store had, was one of the generic cheap boxes, so i passed. not like disgaea 2 will be over anytime soon.


My 4th ed core books finally shipped!

After several amazon delays, they shipped!



Burst limit!

is dropping tomorrow(shipping really) anyone picking it up?

i'm waiting until thursday, to pick it up with MGS4.

i'm such an idiot tho, I have COD4 and Oblivion coming this week too..

i don't know what to play first!

anyone have an idea on what I should do?

new union!

Just letting everyone know there is a new union!

The One Ring Union.

I'm a charter member, so everyone stop by!


everyone having a nice season? hope everyone gets what they asked for! mostly new games!

Bloggity Blog

I really don't like blogs.

but, i'm gonna blog until Rogue Galaxy is in my hands!

So, for like 4 more days, I should be able to make it

Anyone else want this game to hurry up already? Who has it pre-ordered?.