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Too many games?

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With Batman, Dissidia, and Mana Khemia 2 coming out on the same day, then GH 5 coming out right after, and then more soon after that, I don't see how I will have time to play them all! What a..well..delightful? conundrum. "I'm sorry, i'm having fun, so i can't have more fun"

Scratch that..

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only copy of Makai kingdom the store had, was one of the generic cheap boxes, so i passed. not like disgaea 2 will be over anytime soon.


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My 4th ed core books finally shipped!

After several amazon delays, they shipped!



I did it again...

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Bought Soul Nomad, and buying Disgaea 2, and Makai Kingdom this afternoon.


I have a problem!

Burst limit!

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is dropping tomorrow(shipping really) anyone picking it up?

i'm waiting until thursday, to pick it up with MGS4.

i'm such an idiot tho, I have COD4 and Oblivion coming this week too..

i don't know what to play first!

anyone have an idea on what I should do?

new union!

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Just letting everyone know there is a new union!

The One Ring Union.

I'm a charter member, so everyone stop by!


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everyone having a nice season? hope everyone gets what they asked for! mostly new games!

Bloggity Blog

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I really don't like blogs.

but, i'm gonna blog until Rogue Galaxy is in my hands!

So, for like 4 more days, I should be able to make it

Anyone else want this game to hurry up already? Who has it pre-ordered?.