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From the less known and popular titles you should try: call of juarez (both), the cronicles of riddick (both), bionic commando, Dream fall, fahrenheit, just cause, marc ecko's getting up, necrovision, overlord, psi-ops, second sight, rogue trooper, rise of the argonauts, true crime, watchmen. Some of them i consider best games i ever played :) though others are pretty average, but pure fun to play.

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Well i've spent ~43 hours in my first playthrough, but i've done all the side quests (at least the ones i was able to find) and currently i'm replaying it again as a city elf warrior (was elf mage first time) and i'm nowhere near getting bored of it, because i have totally different party now and i'm making different choices, so game feels pretty different :)

i don't think that Dragon Age is so epic, tough :/ it's great, yes , but it's not epic and has really lot of place for improvements.

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both of course :) if i'd need to choose though, i'd probably go with dragon age 'cause i'm not really into fps that much.
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in my Documents / Eidos folder if you chosen default location during installation.
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tried a lot of mmorpgs and wow was the only one that didn't started sucking at some point.
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WoW and Left 4 Dead probably, i dont spend that much time playing wow now though 'cause i realized it's a waste of time :)